Theologian of Resistance: The Life and Thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Theologian of Resistance: The Life and Thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Since Dietrich Bonhoeffer's death in 1945, executed by the Nazis as a political dissident, he has continued to fascinate and compel readers as a theologian, witness, and martyr. Bonhoeffer's theological brilliance, committed discipleship, ecumenical insight, and courageous participation in the struggle against fascism have profoundly shaped contemporary Christian understanding and action. In John W. de Gruchy's estimate, had Bonhoeffer lived “he might have dominated the theological scene in the second half of the twentieth century in succession to Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann, and Paul Tillich. As it was, he became the paradigmatic martyr-theologian” for our time. In this new biography, Christiane Dietz masterfully portrays the interconnectedness of Bonhoeffer's life and thought, theology and politics, discipleship, witness, and resistance, tracing the path from his childhood to his imprisonment and execution. Brief, lucid, and imminently accessible, Tietz's new account brings Bonhoeffer's story and work to life in a vivid retelling, unfolding his important and widely read texts, and including new, previously unseen pictures.

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ISBN-13: 9781506408453
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 09/01/2016
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Christiane Tietz is professor of systematic theology at the University of Zurich and chairperson of the German language section of the International Bonhoeffer Society. She has published widely on Bonhoeffer.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Chapter 1 From Breslau to Berlin, 1906-1923 1

Family Influences 1

Childhood and Youth in Berlin 3

The Decision to Study Theology 4

Chapter 2 The Return from Tubingen to Berlin, 1923-1927 7

Two Semesters at Tübingen 7

A Journey to Italy 8

Theological Berlin 9

The Community of Saints 10

"What Is Better: School or Vacation?" 12

Chapter 3 Wider Horizons, 1928-1931 13

Bonhoeffer's Time as Vicar in Barcelona 13

Assistantship in Berlin 18

A Student in New York 19

Chapter 4 Beginnings, 1931-1932 25

Bonhoeffer's Encounter with Karl Barth 25

First Ecumenical Engagement 26

First Pastorate 28

First Lectures at the University 30

"For the First Time, I Came to the Bible" 33

Chapter 5 The Beginning Church Struggle, 1933 35

Hitler Takes Power 35

The Situation of the Church 36

Chapter 6 Pastor in London, 1933-1935 45

The "Calm of the Parish Ministry" 45

"The Disloyal Clergy Abroad" 47

Bonhoeffer's Peace Speech in Fanø 49

Return to Germany 52

Chapter 7 Director of a Preachers' Seminary, 1935-1937 55

Brotherly Life 55

Discipleship 60

Pressures on the Confessing Church 64

Chapter 8 The Path into Illegality, 1937-1940 69

The New Form of Seminary 69

Life Together 71

The Crisis of the Confessing Church 73

A Way Out in the United States? 77

Chapter 9 The Conspiracy Period, 1940-1943 81

Preparations for a Coup 81

Ethics 83

"Dear Miss von Wedemeyer" 88

Chapter 10 Prisoner in Tegel, 1943-1945 93

Locked Up 93

Resistance and Submission 97

Love Letters from Cell 92 105

The Final Months 110

Epilogue: A Modern Saint? 111

The Reception of BonhoefFer after 1945 111

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Today 118

Chronology 123

Bibliography 131

Index 135

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