T.H.E.O.N.I. Way

T.H.E.O.N.I. Way

by Theoni Moraitis


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ISBN-13: 9781450275569
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/10/2011
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

First Chapter

T.H.E.O.N.I. Way

A Collection of Original Inspirational Messages
By Theoni Moraitis

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Theoni Moraitis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-7556-9

Chapter One

Root Chakra – Belief Systems

Your connection to Mother Earth and the belief systems set by societies and generations e.g. Religion, family and social traditions; your survival centre

"Evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form". This type of constant change is the reason belief systems all over the world seem to be taking new and different appearances. To belong to a family, peer group, social group or lover etc. is something everybody strives or wishes for. When you attain this sense of belonging, you become comfortable and accept what is reinforced upon you. This goes back to your parents teaching and conditioning you and their parents before that who taught and conditioned them and theirs before that etc. However, when this feeling becomes a resistance of what society or you initially believed was true, then your belief system is being challenged. Your physical body will inform you so pay attention. It is time for what I like to term as your "stretch before you leap".

Jennifer, a divorced forty two year old South African mother of two teenagers, was sad and confused when she came to see me. Her physical symptoms of discomfort were in different sections of her body and I chose to start the healing with her lower parts (Root Chakra). Jennifer's belief system consisted of a strict religious background which left her feeling she had limited choices in life. From her parenting to her sexuality, she lived by the rules conditioned into her. Her career was about to launch internationally and she was in love with a man who lived in another country.

The belief system passed on to her kept her stuck in guilt and resentment and the ripple effects of that flowed into all her energy centres. This meant that the experience she needed was to UN-learn that entirety she was taught and conditioned with, and so began her discovery and setting of a belief system of her own morals, values, and emotional truths. Currently Jennifer is travelling and her career has taken off successfully with the corporate world of life coaching, she is in a relationship with the man she is in love with and her children adore her and support her choices.

• The Universe has no time limitations; it only knows divine timing ... every second of every minute.

• What are you feeling right now? Acknowledge it truthfully. Lower frequency energies/emotions; keep you in non-sense arguments, misunderstandings and assumptions. Let go of your need to be right. Let go of judgment. Feel the freedom of acceptance in what IS. Feed and nurture your Self first. Self approval is an energy that keeps you LIGHT.

• Stability and security are belief systems that keep you limited and fixed. Ground your Self by simply reminding your Self that you are connected to Mother Earth, Gaia. Feel her presence in all you see. Hear her wisdom in the words you speak.

• Opinions come from personal belief systems. Choices come from free will. You can choose to express your personal opinion out of your own free will; just like you can choose to take someone else's opinion personally. Be aware though, that in doing so, you make theirs, your personal belief system.

• Make nurturing obvious with love, acceptance and security by expanding your awareness of possibilities. Habits, old patterns, are from your past reactions that formed your current protection/wall. Examine them. Are these old patterns now limiting your growth, your life?

• Eliminate power struggles; it's your Ego's desire to win. An attitude of harmony will benefit your endeavors. Spread the energy of JOY. This empowers everyone around you to find the good in themselves. Self - awareness encourages understanding and clarity. Relax, enjoy, awaken your sense of humour, BE light in spirit, play, laugh, have FUN. Synchronicity is the Universe's orchestra of perfect timing.

• There is symbolism present in all of Mother Nature. Wisdom comes from looking deep inside you and far away from you. Enhance your personal freedom. Are your belief systems limiting you? Are you following conditions set by a majority? Resisting the choice to take action only prolongs the inevitable change. When you feel 'unbalanced', take a look at what you have eliminated. Your object of power is your physical body. Your energy levels are linked to your emotions. When love is present, you are in service of your Self and others.

• Deep rooted fears disguise themselves over time. These are the feelings of despair and anxiety that you believe are from a source of truth. The illusion created by a need to survive. Be willing to dig deeper for the original growth point. Love is all the help you need. Change how you feel about your Self and feel the difference in energy immediately. Reality BEcomes unmasked and your authentic Self flows to the surface with ease.

• At what level of communication are you receiving information? Look at your strengths and appreciate them so that what you perceive to be your weaknesses can be dealt with. The energy you use to translate what you feel/hear/see, is the strongest link to your belief system's weakest point. You have the power to change that by simply choosing differently. Your intention followed by action strengthens your bond with your Self.

• Self examination is the foundation of acceptance and forgiveness. BE willing to observe your outdated habits/ patterns/style before criticizing others. Genuine and positive fixed beliefs can be your source of beginnings. Choose to let go what you knowingly acknowledge has served and completed its time with you. Clutching onto an expired idea/issue leads to desperate actions and leaves you feeling resentful. Accept the expiry date and let go with the energy of love.

• Outside influences can result in confusion and misunderstandings. Clarity on information that you receive, must be interpreted with discernment, whether emotional or mental. Identify any under lying low energy that is transported with the message. Your inner guidance will inform you with a subtle nudge that enters through your solar plexus. Decipher what is true for you and what belongs to another. Now see with your mind's eye, which you intuitively already know, what your choice is. To believe your Self or to make an 'out' source your truth.

Chapter Two

Sacral Chakra — Relationships; Creativity & Security

Your relationship with your Self, others, money & material things

The moon is linked to your emotional structure. In astrology it is also associated with the maternal instincts of nurturing and security. Considering that whether you are facing an issue regarding money or finances, your work colleague, your life partner, even your home, you experience a relationship with them. How you encounter your emotions related to the security of any of the above partnerships, including the one with your Self, will determine the results of your life's happenings. Just like the moon governs the ocean's tides, so too does your sacral chakra govern your emotional attachments with all your different relationships.

When thirty year old Naseem came to see me for a Reiki treatment, intuitively I picked up on his weak energy in the sacral chakra. While directing healing energy, it was revealed that he had been molested when he was a young child. His current situation facing the challenges in all his relationships was confirmed to me by his chronic lower back pain. First acknowledging the abuse and then dealing with the emotions attached to that, Naseem was able to gain the confidence he needed to deal with his personal relationships as well as his financial matters.

• The potential for healing is unmarked. Begin with the energy of gratitude. Listing what is of importance to you, takes you on a journey shaped like a pyramid. Your awareness BEcomes an action where your attention is drawn to your most sacred point. What do you fill the gaps with? Are your intentions true? BEcome still. Meditate. Slow your activities down so that your ability to make positive choices for your Self, overrides your boredom/fear and half - truths. Practice makes perfect.

• Your reputation develops through the choices you make. With traditional actions, come traditional consequences and implications. Summon your own power by directing positive energy into the situation. Power brings responsibility. Your capacity to accept this, magically transforms your reputation.

• Any area of your life that is currently BEing challenged is happening BEcause there is healing to BE done and indicates that positive participation on your part is required. Define the essence of YOU and your limits with trust and commitment. Admit your weaknesses and feel your sacredness blossom. Celebrate partnerships by working toward an ideal goal together. Avoid thinking that knowledge makes perfection; allow the natural progression of partnerships to grow with experience.

• In the absence of mind/mental games, friendship is revealed & valued. A foundation is built and based on mutual respect. Each moment you visualise, each thought you speak, every emotion you feel, is your power to manifest the relationship you wish to have. Cultivate honesty through observation. Begin with your Self. When it feels easy and natural for you, then miracles are inspired and how you relate to your Self and others BEcomes divine.

• You can only change your Self, not others. When you are overwhelmed by the complexity of human life, remember that love is a healer. Detach from your low frequency attitude by having faith that you are supported by a benevolent Universe. BEcome involved with the fragile beauty of the relationship with your Self and others.

• Letting go of fear, urges the strength within you to break free from restrictions. Reflecting on your past enables you to see what IS real and true and what is false and illusions. Profound healing takes place when emotions you thought you dealt with, come up again. BE free from emotional baggage. Shine your light. Choose to BE in the company of like minded people. Encourage and restore balance by spreading love.

• As long as your choice is to remain attached to people, things and emotions which keep you stuck to lower frequencies, you will be emotionally manipulated. Instead, let your endeavors BE blessings by choosing to cut the strings that keep you struggling. BEcome curious about your Self and explore the radiance of who you are. BEcome your own source of delight. Honour who you are. Celebrate and rejoice in every possible event and transition of your life.

• Claim time daily to contemplate and review your life. BEcome aware of your emotions. Find in your heart your own value and return with generosity all that is rewarded to you daily. Welcome freedom in your life through practicing the Self- discipline of creativity. From surrender; grace, power and wisdom grow. Flow with the vitality of your life by simply trusting your inner guidance.

• Sharing your story and philosophies with others, accentuates your positivity. To create the kind of relationships that you imagine, takes risk. Even the most perfect plan needs the touch of Divine energy. Sometimes opportunities meet you in unusual ways.

• The past is where it belongs. In the past. Explore your present possibilities; simply have faith that a new path is better! Extend your awareness to what it is that you are projecting. The qualities you admire in others, you possess too. The same goes for the qualities you don't like. What are you reflecting? The closeness in your relationship is healthy as long as you don't claim each other's space; this depletes the freedom to move.

• Guilt based decisions will only manifest untruths, yours and others. Expand your understanding, not in your mind, but from your Soul. Manifest miracles by following the guidance in your heart.

• Magical transformation happens when you love and accept your partner instead of criticize. Trying to change something which is beyond your control leads to projecting fears. Yours and theirs. Acceptance allows for transformation. Love transcends space and time.

• When you "lose" your original source of vitality, what substitute are you willing to accept? The discovery of true freedom is experienced when you've had enough of both. Your gift is TIME. NOW. Your willingness to heal your Self. Is it because this divine gift is free that you believe it doesn't work?

• When you acknowledge what it is that has you "captive", then you are no longer the victim of it. You now BEcome open to the possibility that you can choose to respond differently. This is what it means to take OWNership of your actions. Detach from REactions. BE in your truth. Stay in your Power.

• That which you resist shall persist. Trust your intuition & release the lower vibrations which are holding you back from serving Your Greatness to the Universe. Surrender your "troubles" into the ocean of Love. Invite tolerance and forgiveness, inner peace and harmony; allow these energies to vibrate through you today.

• Your Soul's Eternal Dance is like the Tree of Life in the Enchanted Forest ... the message of Peace can be fed through emotional cleansing ... there is a hidden gift when you choose the path of least resistance.

• Manifestation IS the success of here and now. The paradox IS in the opposites that restrict you in thought and action. Finding the balance IS in embracing events between proportion and consequences, finite minds and an Infinite Universe.

• Conflict within stems from Self criticism. Commit to positive change and take action with your original intention in mind. Accepting who you are, will assist you to apply inspiration. Allow your imagination to be the seeds that are sown for a positive outcome.

• Record your own inner journal. Investigate your thought patterns. It's time to let go of low energy habits. Create a life of wonder full opportunities and action them with integrity. Be open to see things differently. Ideas outside your comfort zone will come at you, challenge your integrity and repeat one question; what is YOUR choice? Refer to your intuition/ gut feel, apply faith and trust, and observe as the Universe supports you. All ways.

• Permitting restrictions to be placed upon your belief system is to place unnecessary wounds into your body. Your vitality depends on what your "intake" of fuel is. Discard these unpleasantries by replacing them with a loving and nurturing energy source. Reward your truth by respecting another's. Create harmony within and learn to seal off what you KNOW does not belong to you.

• Money is another form of energy that is fuelled by integrity. Your intention to have it; give it; receive it or deny it, decides whether your money energy has a strong or weak link to your belief system. Heal your intention behind your link to money energy and you spread that healing into the Universe. If it's of a low vibrating frequency for example, desperation or greed, then low you will attract. Be aware that what you perceive to be real creates your reality. Choose a loving and positive high vibration. Deny the negative influence of others. Encourage prosperity.

• Energy moves and shifts and takes shape. With time, feelings change or take a different shape to its original form. Depending on the type, love based energy or fear based energy, that feeling creates an entity of its own. What you feed that entity with manifests and is the deciding factor of its shape and/or form. You choose to name that feeling/form/ shape, according to your awareness of what IS. Consider this, an entity that is fear based vibrates at a low and slow frequency, unlike one that is love based, which moves at a higher frequency. That subtle movement from fear to love, instantly changes the energy of the entity. Just move.


Excerpted from T.H.E.O.N.I. Way by Theoni Moraitis Copyright © 2010 by Theoni Moraitis. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter One Root Chakra - Belief Systems....................1
Chapter Two Sacral Chakra - Relationships; Creativity & Security....................17
Chapter Three Solar Plexus Chakra - Your Will; Information & Fear Centre....................45
Chapter Four Heart Chakra - Love; Trust & Forgiveness....................79
Chapter Five Thymus Chakra - Acceptance & Receiving....................117
Chapter Six Throat Chakra - Truth; Choice & Expression....................135
Chapter Seven Brow Chakra - Paradox; Mirror & Intuition....................190
Chapter Eight Crown Chakra - Freedom; Transformation & Integrity....................232

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