Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Hadronic Few-Body Systems: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Few-Body Physics, Rome, October 7-11, 1986

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Hadronic Few-Body Systems: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Few-Body Physics, Rome, October 7-11, 1986

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986)

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ISBN-13: 9783709188996
Publisher: Springer Vienna
Publication date: 01/28/2012
Series: Few-Body Systems , #1
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986
Pages: 627
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Session I “Theoretical Frameworks in Few-Body Physics”.- The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction.- Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction Above Pion Threshold.- Skyrme Solitons, Effective Lagrangians, and Static Properties of Baryons.- Resonating-Group Method and Pauli Repulsion of Clusters.- Meson-Theoretical Models of Three-Nucleon Forces.- Faddeev Equations for Bound and Scattering States.- Integral-Equation Approach to Few-Body Collision Problems.- Coulomb Effects on Few-Body Scattering States.- Recent Developments in Hyperspherical Harmonic Method.- Panel Session “Reports on Progress in Realistic Calculations for Three- and Four-Nucleon Systems”.- Three-Body Calculations at Los Alamos.- Few-Body Calculations at Sendai.- High-Order Perturbation Theory with Three-Body Forces in the Faddeev Scheme.- Few-Body Calculations at Sapporo.- Variational Monte Carlo Calculations of Few-Body Nuclei.- Hyperspherical Calculations for Four-Nucleon Systems.- Discussion on Realistic Calculations for Three- and Four-Nucleon Systems.- Session II “Nucleon-Deuteron Scattering”.- The Nucleon-Deuteron Interaction.- Predictions of Meson-Theoretical Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions for Nucleon-Deuteron Scattering Observables.- Coulomb-Modified Faddeev Calculations of Low-Energy p-d Observables.- Session III “Few-Body Clusters and Reactions”.- An Algebraic Approach to Multichannel Scattering by Negative-Energy Weinberg States.- Faddeev-Yakubovsky Calculation of 4-Alpha Particle System with Realistic Alpha-Alpha Interactions.- Alpha-Deuteron Break-Up Calculations with Coulomb Interaction.- Symmetry Breaking in Nuclear Reactions: Asymmetry in ? + d ? 3He + 3H.- Three-Body Calculation of 9Be.- Session IV “Polarization Effects”.- Polarization Effects in Photo- and Electrodisintegration of the Deuteron.- Polarized Radiative Capture Experiments and the D-State of 4He and 3He.- The Two-Nucleon Ground State.- Session V “Final State Interaction, Meson-Exchange Currents, Scaling”.- On the Theory of Exchange Currents.- Photo- and Electrodisintegration of the Few-Body Systems.- y-Scaling.- Continuum Calculations.- Continuum-State Calculations for the Reaction 3He(e, e?p)d.- Panel Session “Reports on Progress in Electron Scattering Experiments”.- 1. Latest Experimental Resultss.- Electron Scattering and Few-Nucleon Systems.- Recent Studies of Two- and Three-Nucleon Elastic Form Factors.- Few-Body Studies at Bates: Recent Past and Near Future.- Proton and Deuteron Form Factors at Large-Momentum Transfer.- Electrodisintegration of Few-Body Systems at SLAC and the y-Scaling Approach.- High-Momentum Components and Many-Body Effects in 3He(e, e?p) and 3He(e, e?) Experiments.- Electrodisintegration of 3He Studied with the Proton Knockout Reaction (e, e?p).- Photodisintegration of Light Nuclei with the LADON Photon Beam.- 2. Research Programs.- Future Experimental Developments for Few-Body Physics at NIKHEF-K.- Future Experimental Developments for Few-Body Physics at Mainz.- Forward and Backward Deuteron Photodisintegration Cross Section and a Tagged Photon-Beam from Bremsstrahlung on an Argon Jet Target.- Future Experimental Developments in Few-Body Physics at Bonn.- Session VI “Relativistic and Quark Effects”.- Relativistic Equations.- Relativistic Calculations in Few-Body Systems.- Relativistic Faddeev Calculations of INN Systems.- Quarks in Nucleons and Nuclei.- The Nucleon Form Factor in QCD.- The NN Interaction and the Structure of Few-Nucleon Systems Within QCB.- On Description of Nucleon and Pion Form Factors in Quantum Chromodynamics.- Session VII “Hadronic Probes of Few-Nucleon System”.- Hadronic Probes of Few-Nucleon Systems.- Pion Interaction with Few-Body Systems Experiments at SIN.- Antinucleon-Nucleus Experiments.- Session VIII “Highlights of Recent Few-Body Conferences”.- Highlights of the International Symposium on the Three-Body Force in the Three-Nucleon System.- Highlights at Few Body XI.- Session IX “Future Experimental Developments”.- The CEBAF Project and Its Few-Body Research Program.- Monochromatic and Polarized Gamma Ray Beams for the Study of Few-Body Interactions.- The TRIUMF Kaon-Factory Proposal.- The EHF Project and Its Research Program.- List of Participants.- Electronic Mail Directory.

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