Theoretical Morphology: Approaches in Modern Linguistics

Theoretical Morphology: Approaches in Modern Linguistics


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Theoretical Morphology: Approaches in Modern Linguistics by Michael Theodore Hammond

Theoretical Morphology provides a comprehensive and coherent treatment of contemporary morphological research and theory. A variety of theoretical paradigms are reviewed and illustrated by specific topics of debate within the field. The twenty-one chapters are divided into sections on inflection, function, historical/area studies, mapping to other components, and morphophonology.

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ISBN-13: 9780123220455
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 08/01/1988
Pages: 394

Table of Contents

M. Hammond and M. Noonan, Morphology in the Generative Paradigm. Inflection:
S.R. Anderson, Inflection.
R. de Bleser and J. Bayer, On the Role of Inflectional Morphology in Agrammatism.
A. Carstairs, Nonconcatenative Inflection and Paradigm Economy.
D.M. Perlmutter, The Split Morphology Hypothesis: Evidence from Yiddish.
J.P. Stemberger and B. MacWhinney, Are Inflected Forms Stored in the Lexicon?
J.L. Bybee, Morphology as Lexical Organization.
W.U. Dressler, Preferences vs. Strict Universals in Morphology: Word-Based Rules.
G. Sanders, Zero Derivation and the Overt Analogue Criterion.
Historical/Areal Studies:
M. Aronoff and S.N. Sridhar, Prefixation in Kannada.
B.D. Joseph and R.D. Janda, The How and Why of Diachronic Morphologization and Demorphologization.
M. Mithun, Lexical Categories and the Evolution of Number Marking.
D. Stein, On the Mechanisms of Morphological Change.
Mapping to Other Components:
A. Marantz, Clitics, Morphological Merger, and the Mapping to Phonological Structure.
J.M. Sadock, The Autolexical Classification of Lexemes.
R. Sproat, On Anaphoric Islandhood.
S. Davis, On the Nature of Internal Reduplication.
G.K. Iverson and D.W. Wheeler, Blocking and the Elsewhere Condition.
J. Levin, Bidirectional Foot Construction as a Window on Level Ordering.
D. Pulleyblank, Tone and the Morphemic Tier Hypothesis.
K. Rice, Continuant Voicing in Slave (Northern Athapaskan): The Cyclic Application of Default Rules.

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