Theories of Personality / Edition 5

Theories of Personality / Edition 5

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Theories of Personality / Edition 5

Accurate and authoritative,Theories of Personality by Jess and Gregory Feist presents 23 leading theories of personality in a thorough,interesting and logical manner. The book begins with an introductory chapter designed to acquaint students with the meaning of personality and provide them with a solid foundation for understanding the nature of theory and its crucial contributions to science. The next seventeen chapters present twenty three major theories with a fresh approach and a more complete view encompassing,a biographical sketch of each theorist,related research and applications to real life. When appropriate,the authors point out ways in which the theorists life experiences may have helped shape her or his theory.

Feist & Feist's Theories of Personality organizes personality theories into four major approaches. First it presents the psychodynamic theories of Sigmund Freud,Carl Jung,Alfred Adler,Melanie Klein,Margaret Mahler,Otto Kernberg,Heinz Kohut,John Bowlby,Karen Horney,Erich Fromm,Harry Stack Sullivan and Erik Erikson. Next,it discusses the learning theories of B. F. Skinner,Albert Bandura,Walter Mischel,and Julian Rotter. The third major approach includes the dispositional theories of Raymond B. Cattell,Hans Eysenck,and Gordon Allport. The next section includes the humanistic/existential theories of George Kelly,Carl Rogers,Abraham H. Maslow,and Rollo May. The book concludes with a final word on theorists of personality,a summary of their concepts of humanity and an overall evaluation of their theories.

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ISBN-13: 9780072316797
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 05/29/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 608
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction
1 Introduction to Personality Theory
Part II Psychodynamic Theories
2 Freud: Psychoanalysis
3 Adler: Individual Psychology
4 Jung: Analytical Psychology
5 Klein: Object Relations Theory
6 Horney: Psychoanalytic Social Theory
7 Fromm: Humanistic Psychoanalysis
8 Sullivan: Interpersonal Theory
9 Erikson: Post-Freudian Theory
Part III Learning Theories
10 Skinner: Behavioral Analysis
11 Bandura: Social Cognitive Theory
12 Rotter and Mischel: Cognitive Social Learning Theory
Part IV Dispositional Theories
13 Cattell and Eysenck: Trait and Factor Theories
14 Allport: Psychology of the Individual
Part V Humanistic/Existential Theories
15 Kelly: Psychology of Personal Constructs
16 Rogers: Person-Centered Theories
17 Maslow: Holistic-Dynamic Theory
18 May: Existential Psychology
Part VI Conclusions
19 A Final Word

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