Theorizing Borders Through Analyses of Power Relationships

Theorizing Borders Through Analyses of Power Relationships


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ISBN-13: 9789052018799
Publisher: P.I.E-Peter Lang S.A., Editions Scientifiques Internationales
Publication date: 06/19/2013
Series: Regional Integration and Social Cohesion Series , #9
Pages: 339
Product dimensions: 5.91(w) x 8.66(h) x (d)

About the Author

Peter Gilles is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literatures at the University of Luxembourg.
Harlan Koff is Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Luxembourg. He is the founder and President of the Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC).
Carmen Maganda is a Research Associate in the Political Science Institute at the University of Luxembourg. She is Executive Director of the RISC Consortium and with Harlan Koff she edits the journal Regions & Cohesion.
Christian Schulz is Professor of European Sustainable Spatial Planning and Analysis at the University of Luxembourg.

Table of Contents

Contents: Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly: Power, Politics and Governance of Borderlands. The Structure and Agency of Power – Cathal McCall: Good Friday Governance on the Island of Ireland. The Cross-border Dimension – Daniel M. Sabet: Border Burden. Public Security in Mexican Border Communities and the Challenge of Polycentricity – Bettina Bruns/Judith Miggelbrink/Kristine Müller/Andreas Wust/Helga Zichner: Making a Living on the Edges of a Security Border. Everyday Tactics and Strategies at the Eastern Border of the European Union – Christian Schulz: Power Topographies in Cross-Border Spatial Development Policies – Julia Affolderbach: Negotiating Border Regions. Retail Development in Luxembourg and the Greater Region – Stephen P. Mumme/Oscar Ibañez: Power and Cooperation in Mexico-United States Water. Management Since NAFTA – Casey Walsh: Borders, Infrastructures and Power – Carmen Maganda: Water in the PITs. Power, Information and Transparency in Different Regional Contexts – Peter Auer: State Borders and Language Change. The (Non-)Effects of Political Border Permeability on Language – Anne Franziskus/Julia de Bres/Peter Gilles: ‘I learnt English - the wrong thing, eh’. Power, Interests and Language Practices among Cross-border Workers in Luxembourg – Göz Kaufmann: Group and Language Contact at the Brazilian-Argentinean and Brazilian-Uruguayan Borders – John Agnew: Thinking about Borders. Not Just on the Ground but Also in the Mind.

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