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Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage / Edition 3

Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage / Edition 3

by Mark F. Beck

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ISBN-10: 1562535366

ISBN-13: 9781562535360

Pub. Date: 03/11/1999

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Comprehensive and engaging, this exciting new edition sets itself apart as the original and classic introductory massage text. Now in gorgeous full color and filled with hundreds of photos of procedures and techniques, Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Fourth Edition, truly is the book to have. This highly respected bestseller covers everything from the


Comprehensive and engaging, this exciting new edition sets itself apart as the original and classic introductory massage text. Now in gorgeous full color and filled with hundreds of photos of procedures and techniques, Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Fourth Edition, truly is the book to have. This highly respected bestseller covers everything from the history of massage to massage modalities to practical information on how to have a successful, fulfilling career in massage. It provides you with a solid understanding of the body and its functions, including a thorough but uncomplicated chapter on anatomy and physiology. You will learn massage techniques and therapeutic skills, including sports massage, prenatal massage, medical massage, hydrotherapy, lymph massage, massage in a spa setting, and much more. Thoughtfully revised, this is the foundational book for the study of massage therapy.

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Cengage Learning
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Older Edition
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7.82(w) x 9.16(h) x 1.03(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authorxxv
Contributors & Reviewersxxvi
How to Use Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, 4th editionxxviii
Part IThe History and Advancement of Therapeutic Massage
Chapter 1Historical Overview of Massage3
Massage in Ancient Times4
The Development of Modern Massage Techniques9
The Decline of Massage in the Twentieth Century11
Contemporary Developments in Massage11
A Massage Renaissance in the United States12
Massage Systems16
Chapter 2Requirements for the Practice of Therapeutic Massage21
Scope of Practice21
Licenses: They Are the Law26
Educational Requirements27
Health Requirements for Practitioners28
Reasons License May Be Revoked, Suspended, or Canceled28
Certification versus License28
Chapter 3Professional Ethics for Massage Practitioners31
The Therapeutic Relationship38
Ethical Touch44
Ethical Business Practices50
Communication Skills53
Building a Professional Image54
Your Business Name55
Part IIHuman Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 4Overview59
Definition of Anatomy and Physiology59
Relationship of Anatomy and Physiology to Massage and Bodywork60
Physiological Changes During Disease61
The Role of Therapeutic Massage in Stress, Pain, and the Pain-Spasm-Pain Cycle63
Healing Mechanisms of the Body64
The Wellness Model65
Medical and Anatomical Terminology66
Chapter 5Human Anatomy and Physiology71
Levels of Complexity of Living Matter73
The Anatomical Position of the Body87
Anatomical Terms and Meanings88
Body Cavities and Organs89
The Regions of the Human Body90
The Structure of the Human Body91
System 1The Integumentary System-The Skin96
System 2The Skeletal System111
The Skeleton as a Whole114
System 3The Muscular System131
System 4The Circulatory System200
The Lymph-Vascular System219
Immune System224
System 5The Nervous System234
System 6The Endocrine System261
System 7The Respiratory System269
System 8The Digestive system274
System 9The Excretory System279
System 10The Human Reproductive System283
Part IIIMassage Practice
Chapter 6Effects, Benefits, Indications, and Contraindications of Massage293
Effects and Benefits of Massage294
Conditions Generally Relieved by Massage302
Contraindications for Massage302
Massage During Pregnancy310
Massage for the Critically Ill312
Precautions for Working with HIV-Infected Individuals313
Massaging People with Cancer317
Endangerment Sites331
Chapter 7Equipment and Products333
Your Place of Business334
The Massage Room336
Chapter 8Sanitary and Safety Practices347
Paths of Disease and Infection348
Maintaining Sanitary Conditions352
Summary of Precautions357
Safety Practices and Procedures for Massage Therapists358
Chapter 9The Consultation363
Making the First Appointment364
The Consultation364
Explain Procedures and State Policies366
Determining the Client's Needs and Expectations368
Intake and Medical History Forms368
Body Diagrams370
Preliminary Assessment371
Develop a Treatment Plan371
Informed Consent372
Client Files373
SOAP Charting373
Updating Records376
Chapter 10Classification of Massage Movements379
Understanding Massage Movements381
Description of the Basic Massage Movements381
Application of Massage Strokes382
Percussion Movements402
Joint Movements404
Rhythm and Pressure in Massage410
Chapter 11Application of Massage Technique413
Building Strength and Flexibility of the Hands414
Body Mechanics417
Posture and Stances419
Exercises for Strength, Balance, and Body Control421
Professional Rules to Remember427
Chapter 12Procedures for Complete Body Massages429
Preparing the Client for the Massage430
Assisting the Client on and off the Table430
Positioning the Client on the Massage Table431
Draping Procedures434
Methods of Draping435
Contact with the Client and Quality of Touch446
Maintaining Contact with the Client447
Procedure for a General Body Massage451
Procedure for Professional Body Massage467
Chapter 13Therapeutic Procedure517
Client Intake for Therapeutic Massage519
Assessment Techniques520
Soft Tissue Barriers532
Palpation Skills534
Acute and Chronic Conditions538
Use Assessment Information to Plan Sessions540
Massage Techniques to Address Soft Tissue Dysfunction544
Review Outcome in Relation to Intent of Session552
Chapter 14Hydrotherapy555
The Use of Electrical Modalities555
The Use and Effects of Heat and Cold Applications556
Application of Heat557
Application of Cold560
Contrast Heat and Cold564
Whirlpool Bath570
Relaxing Neutral Tub Bath571
Russian Bath572
Chapter 15Massage in the Spa Setting, by Steve Capellini575
A Brief History of Spa577
Massage in the Spa Industry-Forming Realistic Expectations585
Massage Practice in the Spa Setting586
Spa Massage591
Stone Massage595
Spa Modalities598
Body Wraps606
Spa Company Policies and Philosophy627
Specialized Spa Equipment628
Customer Service628
Employment Opportunities in the Spa Industry633
Advancing Your Spa Career636
Chapter 16Athletic/Sports Massage641
Purpose of Athletic Massage642
Applications for Athletic Massage650
General Problem Areas and Suggested Massage662
General Procedure for Pre- or Post-Event Massage669
Chapter 17Massage in Medicine677
Massage in Medicine Throughout History677
Alternative and Complementary Medicine679
Chiropractic and Massage683
Integrative Medicine684
Hospital-Based Massage687
Massage as a Therapeutic Aid in Nursing Practice689
Massage as Medicine691
Insurance Reimbursement for Massage693
Chapter 18Other Therapeutic Modalities709
Prenatal Massage710
Lymph Massage713
Procedure for a Lymph Massage723
Craniosacral Therapy735
Deep Tissue Massage737
Neurophysiological Therapies738
Trigger-Point Therapy739
Neuromuscular Therapy747
Muscle Energy Technique750
Passive Positioning Techniques759
Incorporating Positional Release Techniques in the Massage Practice763
Energetic Manipulation767
Organ Meridians-Yin and Yang771
Stress Therapy and Relaxation Massage777
Chair Massage779
Other Somatic Therapies782
Part IVMassage Business Administration
Chapter 19Business Practices787
Attitude/Self-Image/Public Image788
Business Planning789
Beginning in Business790
Types of Business Operations793
Start-Up Costs and Needs795
Business Location796
Buying an Established Business797
Licenses and Permits797
Protecting Your Business798
Planning the Physical Layout of a Business799
Office Management801
Business Ethics for the Massage Practitioner801
Setting Your Fees802
Your Business Telephone803
Basics of Bookkeeping804
Business Law824
Hiring Employees825
Appendix IBasic Pharmacology for Massage Therapists, by Faye N. Schenkman833
Appendix IIAnswers to Questions for Discussion and Review897

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