There Is Something Wrong With The World Today

There Is Something Wrong With The World Today

by Alastair Graeme Darrach



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There Is Something Wrong With The World Today by Alastair Graeme Darrach

On January 18, 2007, the Doomsday Clock moved another tick closer to Midnight. Although only a symbolic clock of our times, the wake-up call is very real. Our world is headed on a path of no return, not only to a global nuclear showdown, along with a complete meltdown of our environment, but is also tracking for the complete destruction of our social morality and our faith in God.

Our society has in less then a century started the complete physical destruction of the Earth. The Doomsday Clock is ticking faster to the Day of Judgement. The Apocalypse is quickly approaching us as the troops grow in Biblical numbers in the East.

The Day has been escalated even faster with the deterioration of our education, health and legal systems brought on by the liberal socialists of our times, along with our desires to exchange blood for oil. We are a society more concerned with sports, movie stars and sexual image then with fresh air, clean water and helping the hungry.

Terrorism and Right-Wing Extremists are the featured threat of the day but ignorance, greed and denial are our true enemies. The signs are clear but when will man look at himself in the mirror and confront the real enemy?

Warning: If you are a patriot that is offended easily and won't unwrap the flag that is covering your eyes to view where the world is headed, do not proceed any further. If you do not believe we have to change ourselves then you may wish to just sit back, light a cigarette, get a beer and watch a ballgame from your easy-boy chair.

For those good people that believe change can still take place, by looking at ourselves honestly in the mirror, read on.

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