There's A New World Coming

There's A New World Coming

by Hal Lindsey
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There's A New World Coming by Hal Lindsey

Throughout the centuries, many people have sought to predict the course of human events. But none have compared to the incredible accuracy of the ancient Hebrew prophets.

The time has come for us to wake up and realize where we are on God’s timetable. These predicted calamities aren’t going to happen to just anybody. They may well happen to your closest friends, or children, or family, or—you!

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ISBN-13: 9780890814406
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 07/01/1984
Edition description: Updated
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 225,446
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Hal Lindsey has written 18 books, with total sales of more than 35 million worldwide, including The Late Great Planet Earth,The Messiah, and There’s a New World Coming. An international speaker and coanchor of a weekly television news show (“The International Intelligence Briefing”), Lindsey graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a degree in New Testament and early Greek literature.

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There's a New World Coming: An In-Depth Analysis of the Book of Revelation 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was in my early 20's when I got this book as I was trying so desperatly to understand the book of Revelations. Through all my years this book and the things that Hal wrote in it, has stayed with me and now you see how his writings are in this time. It is a must read and will help many people who really want to learn about the Book of Revelations. Great read.Linda Bohnke
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hal plainly explains the truth about end time prophecy in this book. It's the BEST yet for anyone who needs to learn the truth before it's too late! It is outlined perfectly and I believe one of the best books he ever wrote. I buy it often and give it to new believers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hal Lindseyism is my term for the kind of Shlock theology that goes on in fundamentalist circles. Every age of Christendom thinks they are in the end times and that the Antichrist is some man living at their time, and pinning the tail on the Antichrist is one of Christianity's favorite pastimes. Everybody knows that the book of Revalations uses symbolism that is ripped from the book of Daniel and other Eschatological rantings, but few have the knowledge of the cultures and time in which the book was written to understand. Because John the Revelator never intended his symbolism to be hard to understand, and for people who lived at the time the book was written they'd have no trouble indeed understanding it. This isn't the time and place to break down this religious fantasy for what it is, a book that president Thomas Jefferson referred to as the work of a madman. Yet, John wasn't mad, just ripping off other books of like nature and using their wacky symbolism. Actually John the alleged author makes it clear exactly what he is talking about. The wicked city symbolised as Babylon sits on seven mountains. Well, anybody familiar with Rome knows that the city of Rome sits on seven hills, and that this evil beast, the one whose name adds up to 666 is one of the particular Roman Emperors. Clues within the book can narrow it down to a particular Emperor and no other. That's all the book of Revelation is: A book of hope for persecuted Christians wondering what's taking Jesus so long to return and is nothing but a rant against the Roman Empire, predicting God's judgment with a serious of gruesome plagues, a final battle, and then Jesus' return and reign of all the Globe. It's great fantasy, but Jesus never came back in the time this book was written or soon after. In fact, he never has come back and it's almost 2000 years later and the 'Bride' of Christ is stubbornly sitting at the altar expecting her 'groom' to appear. To hide the fact that she's guilty of self deception, she keeps reinterpretting the history of her time with the symbolism of a book that described the events of the late first century C.E. Hal Lindsey interprets the book of Revelation in terms so stretched, so absurd, so plainly infantile and facile that it staggers the imagination that this drivel is taught as if the book of Revelation says it when it doesn't. Gog and Magog are not Russia and China, just Lindsey and his pals say so. Gog and Magog in fact are simply a man from a particular country known at that time as Lydia. His nation no longer exists. It takes some real stretch of the imagination to find locusts with stingers in their tails and with hair like women and make them Apache helicopters, or the fact that John the Revelator describes Armageddon as being fought on horseback as actually referring to tanks and that the smoke of the burning weapons means that the tanks will be made of wood! Wooden tanks? I suppose airplanes made of plywood will be next...but he never did explain the 'hair like women' thing. In fact, he can't explain it because he doesn't know anything at all about what happened in the world then or now. But what Hal Lindsey is a genius at is making a fast buck. He is filthy rich thanks to his brilliant imagination as the self-appointed interpreter of God's mysteries and explicating Christian fantasies and absurdities. The majority of Biblical scholars know that the book of Revelation deals with the Roman Empire and events of ancient times, not our times, but their voices are silenced in the voices of rabid fundamentalists trying to frighten everybody into believing their nonsense. Lindsey, LaHaye, and their ilk are making millions twisting the Bible to conform to their fantasies. And when nothing they predict ever comes to pass, they'll not care one iota, as they'll be living in a Mansion, having a personal Yacht, and private Jet and will have travelled the world. Frankly, I always find it amusin