There's a Witch in the Word Machine

There's a Witch in the Word Machine

by Jenni Fagan


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This new book, The Witch in the Word Machine, is a collection that underpins Jenni Fagan’s entire approach to words. Her spell poems are portraits of people, lovers and cities: Paris, New York, Edinburgh, Detroit, LA, and San Francisco. The excerpts of her Truth poem are a political response to great uncertainty in the world right now.

This collection is an exploration of words as spells, incantations, curse and solace.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781846974632
Publisher: Birlinn, Limited
Publication date: 09/06/2018
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.70(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jenni Fagan is an award-winning author, poet, screenwriter, essayist and a playwright, and was writer in residence at the University ofEdinburgh. In 2013 Jenni was the only Scottish writer to be on Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists list. She is the author of The Panopticon(2012), The Sunlight Pilgrims (2015) and her first poetry collection The Dead Queen of Bohemia was published by Polygon in 2016.

Table of Contents

There's a Witch in the Word Machine 1

Spell for Hope and Renewal 3

Natural Born Itinerant 4

Spell for One Who Dreams They are in a Vast Red Room 5

Backing Dancers of White Rabbits in Suits 6

Sunday Afternoon 7

Spell for the Futility of Longing 9

Spell for Waking in the Museum of the Lost Generation 11

Spell for Loneliness in Paris 13

Spell Written in a Square 15

An Old Fashioned Courtship 16

I Fall in Love All Day 17

Spell for One Who Feels as if They Will at Any Second Take Flight 18

My House is Not My House 19

Want 20

Gertrude and Alice 22

I 24

Spell for a Woman in Waiting 25

Do You Remember ? 29

The Bones of the Witch's Tree 30

Ode to Unconditional Love 32

Gringo's Whiskers 33

Hackney 35

Spell for Someone Eternally Restless 36

Living with Dharma 37

Tales of the Old Country 38

Spell for When You Cannot Breathe in Paris for a Day 40

Swan 41

Bangour Village Hospital 42

Spell for a Stomach that Cannot Keep Food 53

She is Not the Cat's Mother 54

Spell for God 56

Spell for Bellevue Street 57

You Know 58

Spell for Someone Who Had Not Dreamt of a Unicorn Lately 59

It's the Silence That Gets to You 60

Spell for Something to Covet 61

O.C.D. 62

Spell for Someone with a Feather Tattoo and Illicit Thoughts 64

Spell for Earthbound Angels 65

St Bert 67

I Want to Be the Kind of Woman 68

On Loving Men with Beards 70

We Are Edinburgh 75

I Do Know This 76

The First Time 77

Addict 78

Sentient Being 79

It Wasn't Nice the Way You Conducted the Orchestra 80

It Doesn't Always End Well 81

Responding to Life in a Secret Squirrel Universe 82

Death in Sednaya 83

Holding Yourself with Dignity 85

Spell for Angels in Paris 87

Acknowledgements 89

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