There's a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments and the Healing Power of Humor

There's a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments and the Healing Power of Humor

There's a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments and the Healing Power of Humor

There's a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments and the Healing Power of Humor


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Be informed and inspired, delighted and supported, encouraged and entertained by stories and prayers from the unique perspectives of clergywomen. "In ministry, we constantly balance the sacred and the ordinary, juggling the two as expertly as we manage a chalice and a [baby] bottle. Even as we do things as simple as light the candles, set the table, break the bread and pour the wine, we invite people into a holy moment…. The women [in this book] not only have a wellspring of deep wisdom, but they also have the ability to dish out their knowledge with side-aching humor…. I am thrilled that their great wisdom and intelligence will be bound into the pages that I can turn to, lend and appreciate for years to come." ―from the Foreword by Rev. Carol Howard Merritt Learn―and laugh―with these women of the church, bound together by a deep commitment to ministry, as they reveal what it really means to be a woman in the pulpit. Over fifty clergywomen representing fourteen denominations share the details of their intimidating balancing act―juggling the isolating expectations of perfection from their congregations and the shared human realities of everyday life. Intended for laypeople, women hearing a call to ministry and clergy of all denominations, these stories and prayers will resonate with, challenge, encourage and amuse anyone who has a passion for their work and faith. Contributors: Rev. Jemma Allen • Rev. Denise Anderson • Rev. Stephanie Anthony • Rev. Amber Belldene • Rev. Beth Birkholz • Rev. Laurie Brock • Rev. Jennifer Garrison Brownell • Rev. Hilary Campbell • Rev. Erin Counihan • Rev. Julie Craig • Rev. Robin Craig • Rev. Liz Crumlish • Rev. Martha Daniels • Rev. Stacey Simpson Duke • Rev. Jan Edmiston • Rev. Ruth Everhart • Rev. Amy Fetterman • Rev. Marci Auld Glass • Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg • Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan • Rev. Cheryl Harader • Rev. Joanna Harader • Gillian Hoyer • Rev. Rosalind C. Hughes • Rev. Sara Irwin • Rev. Kathryn Z. Johnston • Rev. Deborah Lewis • Rev. Jennifer Burns Lewis • Rev. Catherine MacDonald • Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan • Suzy Garrison Meyer • Rev. Karla Miller • Rev. Sarah E. Howe Miller, PhD • Rev. Holly S. Morrison • Rev. Katie Mulligan • Rev. Dr. Teri McDowell Ott • Rev. Katya Ouchakof • Rev. Kerri Parker • Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey • Rev. Teri Peterson • Rev. Patricia J. Raube • Rev. Diane M. Roth • Rev. Anna Scherer • Rev. Julia Seymour • Rev. Monica Thompson Smith • Rev. Martha Spong • Rev. Sally-Lodge Teel • Rev. Sharon M. Temple • Rev. Michelle L. Torigian • Rev. Deb Vaughn • Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell • Rev. Julie Woods

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ISBN-13: 9781594736032
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/02/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 379,518
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About the Author

Rev. Martha Spong, a United Church of Christ pastor, is director of RevGalBlogPals, a social media ministry making community for clergywomen across lines of denomination, generation, nation and orientation since 2005. A longtime blogger, she leads workshops on creative approaches to scripture for worship and writes sermon resources and curriculum for the Christian Century, Lectionary Homiletics, the Abingdon Creative Preaching Annual and The Present Word.

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, a Presbyterian (USA) minister, sought-after speaker and Christian Century blogger, is author of the award-winning Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation and cohost of the God Complex Radio podcast.

Table of Contents

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt

Fierce and Fabulous for Jesus: God's Calling and Our Identity
Rev. Ruth Everhart
Couldn't You Wait Until I'm Dead?
Rev. Patricia J. Raube
The Accidental Leader
Rev. Robin Craig
Worn In
Rev. Dr. Teri McDowell Ott
I Sit at My Desk: A Prayer
Rev. Julia Seymour
Finding My Voice
Rev. Hilary Campbell
High Heels in the Pulpit
Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg
Rev. Katie Mulligan
Leaving Well
Rev. Amy Fetterman
Rev. Kathryn Z. Johnston
Come Down and Help, Please
Rev. Sally-Lodge Teel

A Taste of Heaven and a Splash of Glory: Sharing the Sacraments
Drop by Precious Drop
Suzy Garrison Meyer
Of Water and the Body
Rev. Joanna Harader
Rev. Julie Woods
A Touch on Her Head
Rev. Martha Spong
Through the Eyes of a Child
Rev. Catherine MacDonald
A Prayer at Table
Rev. Karla Miller
By Water and the Word
Rev. Jennifer Burns Lewis
Open Table, No Reservations
Rev. Julia Seymour
God Gives Us Life
Rev. Jemma Allen
Rev. Monica Thompson Smith
Three Sisters
Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan
The Worst Communion Ever
Rev. Martha Spong

Ashes to Angels: Ministry and Death
The Weight of Ash
Rev. Deborah Lewis
Before the Resurrection
Rev. Joanna Harader
From the Pen of the Hospital Chaplain
Rev. Liz Crumlish
The Moses Basket
Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan
Old Man’s Hand
Rev. Martha Spong
One Saving Grace
Rev. Anna Scherer
A Million Little Deaths: A Prayer
Rev. Karla Miller
Life Disrupted
Rev. Deb Vaughn
Of Facebook and Angels
Rev. Julia Seymour

They Don’t Teach That in Seminary: What We Learned Through Experience
The Pastor’s View
Rev. Diane M. Roth
What They Will Remember
Rev. Jan Edmiston
Locks, Doors, a Walk-in Safe, and the Keys to the Kingdom
Rev. Jennifer Garrison Brownell
The Good Samaritan Test
Rev. Sharon M. Temple
Only Four Letters
Gillian Hoyer
A Prayer for the Plunger
Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg
The Eruption of Story
Rev. Kerri Parker
Blessed Bedbugs
Rev. Rosalind C. Hughes
Possessive Voice
Rev. Cheryl Harader
To Laugh at Myself
Rev. Liz Crumlish
Don’t Call Me "Reverend"
Rev. Denise Anderson
I’m Here Because God Cares
Rev. Erin Counihan

It’s Complicated: Being Pastor/Partner/Parent/Person
Always the Pastor, Never the Bride
Rev. Michelle L. Torigian
Preaching Ahead of Yourself
Rev. Robin Craig
How Does That Work?
Rev. Beth Birkholz
I Rise Before the Sun
Rev. Stacey Simpson Duke
Out Standing in Her Field: A Pastoral (De)Composition
Rev. Holly S. Morrison
Why Is My Pillow Hot? A Prayer
Rev. Julia Seymour
A Vegetarian in the Church
Rev. Teri Peterson
Rev. Patricia J. Raube
I Pray with My Eyes Open
Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell
The Parson
Rev. Katherine Willis Pershey
Our Pheeto
Rev. Martha Spong

Outside Over There: Moving in the World Beyond Our Churches
What Are You Looking For?
Rev. Sarah E. Howe Miller, PhD
Soccer and Starbucks
Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg
The Body of Christ Shimmies
Rev. Marci Auld Glass
At the Barn
Rev. Laurie Brock
No Masks
Rev. Martha Daniels
Out of the Pool
Rev. Katya Ouchakof
Saint Paul versus Danielle Steele
Rev. Amber Belldene
I Am Grateful: A Prayer
Rev. Karla Miller
Learning in the Shipyard
Rev. Liz Crumlish
Who I Am Is Not What I Did
Rev. Julie Craig
The Priest I Want to Be
Rev. Sara Irwin
For Some Reason
Rev. Stephanie Anthony
Running with Patience
Rev. Julia Seymour


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