There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer: And Other Stories

There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer: And Other Stories

by Pam Moore
There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer: And Other Stories

There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer: And Other Stories

by Pam Moore


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About a year ago, in the spirit of trust and cooperation, in azombielike rosemary-mint- shampoo-induced-trance, I told my hairdresser shecould do whatever she wanted. I ended up with bangs for the first time since 1991. And you know what? ‑ They were cute! ‑ They were fun!‑ They totally wentwith my face and my new chin length hair! WHY HAD I BEEN AVOIDING BANGS SINCE THE SEVENTH GRADE!?!

No sooner had I experienced the thrill of lathering my newlyshortened locks and the first post-shower shake of my new hair when I realizedall the ramifications of my new coif...

Pam Moore moved halfway across the country (after giving away many possessions), found a new job (it didn't last), finished two Ironman races (and lived), dated (looking for the proverbial Jewish doctor), met her WASP husband (at a bar), settled down (bought a house), and had two children (at home).

And wrote about it all.

This collection of personal essays and reflections covers the ups and downs of life, the joys and fears of parenting, and how hard it is to have bangs (it really is).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996923620
Publisher: Pamela Moore
Publication date: 06/01/2016
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Pam Moore started writing in 2007 because she had just completed her first Ironman triathlon, and every triathlete had a blog except her. Also, her friends said she was funny and should start, and she was like, "No, really I'm not that funny, the blog wouldn't be that great, whatever," but secretly hoped her writing would become wildly popular. Unfortunately, no one has yet stopped her in the grocery store because of her fame.

Since she started writing, she moved from Rhode Island to Boulder, Colorado, with everything she could fit in her Jetta, the promise of a sort-of job, and the hope that everything would turn out alright. A couple of weeks later, she met her husband, Dan, which she is pretty sure was because she said "I want a boyfriend" out loud four times because her mom said "if you really want something, you should say it out loud four times," which was definitely true because Elizabeth Gilbert said it on Oprah (mom + Elizabeth Gilbert + Oprah = Wisdom Trifecta).

In between completing one more Ironman triathlon, running her fifth and sixth marathons, doing lots of other running and multisport training and racing, Pam and Dan got married, adopted backyard chickens, and had their first baby in 2012 (Sweet Pea) and another baby in 2014 (Lady Bug). Both girls were born at home, which inspired her to begin working on a book about home birth. Currently, she works part-time as a freelance writer, teaches indoor cycling classes, and has had the honor of co-producing Boulder's Listen To Your Mother Show in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Meanwhile, she is still chipping away at her goals of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and writing a book on home birth.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joelle Wisler
1 I, Like, Totally LOVE Derek Jeter
2 How to Move
3 How I Procrastinated, I Mean, Got Ready for My Bike Ride
4 A Three-Hour Tour...
5 All I Want for Christmas...
6 Bearly Prepared
7 Just Gu It Already
8 R.I.P.
9 Pam vs. Shower
11 Nu(vi) Love
12 Extreme Bed Making
13 "So East Coast"
14 Are You Going to Eat That?
15 Near-Death Experience
16 IronBoyfriend
17 Pam Goes to the Dentist
18 How I Almost Had a Nervous Breakdown on Vacation
19 Nuvi Love Lost
21 What You Don't Know Could Hurt... Errr, Really Gross You Out
22 Growing Up
23 And on the Eighth Day...
24 Regressing
25 Working from Home Means...
26 Feel-Good Project
27 Found This Week
28 Wishbone Waster
29 The Facts Ma'am, Just the Facts
30 The Case of the Missing iPod
31 The End of an Era
32 Creepy McCreeperson (a.k.a. Creep Depot)
33 Agnostic Maybe Starting to Think There Could Be a God
34 Thank You for the Lovely Fire Extinguisher(s)
35 I Get Lost and Dan Bails Me Out: Part Who-Even-Can-Count-That-High
36 The Blogs Are Scaring Me
37 Dear Dog Owners
38 Farewell, Friend
39 The Yoga Scene
40 How I Make It Look So Easy
41 It's Happening
42 Note to Self: Learn to Read
43 Dos and Don'ts for Working from Home
44 He Said, She Said
45 Dear Guardian Angel
46 Pregnancy Top Six List
47 Birth Report: Sweet Pea
48 Wanted: More Arms
49 New Mom Goes to Great Lengths for Alone Time
50 Notes from a Terminal Night Person
51 If It Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck...Then It's Probably a Duck (Where Duck = Voicemail)
52 The Unofficial YAY! List of Cool Things about a Five-Hour Flight Delay with a Baby
53 What If They Say My Duck Is Wet Because It's Wet?
54 True Story: I Met My Husband at a Bar
55 Home Alone
56 There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer
57 A Day in the Life
58 What's the Deal with Park Etiquette?
59 Getting Back to My Roots: A Tale of Triumph in the Face of Adversity
60 Home Is Where the Mom Is
61 Fat Talk: I'm Totally Quitting...Tomorrow
62 I Hit a Turning Point in My Life When...
63 In My Next Life...
64 Mission Impossible: Waking Up
65 If You Ever Plan to Live with Me, You Need to Know This
66 Reflections
67 Just a Basement
68 Letting Go
69 Why Real Parents Don't Round: Air Travel With a Toddler
70 Traveling with My Toddler: Heaven Is Having My Lap to Myself
71 Why I Chose Home Birth
72 A Primer for Making Small Talk with Pregnant Ladies
73 No, I'm Not Pregnant with Triplets, but Thanks for Asking
74 The Bizarro World Golden Rule
75 It Gets Easier
76 Sweet Reunion
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