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There's Something Going On Upstairs: Learning to Laugh My Way through a Cancerous Brain Tumor, One Chemo Cycle at a Time

There's Something Going On Upstairs: Learning to Laugh My Way through a Cancerous Brain Tumor, One Chemo Cycle at a Time

by Kelly Ann Rodenberg


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Inhale courage, exhale fear.

With a next-to-nonexistent medical file, Kelly Fosso Rodenberg thought she must have a pinched nerve when her left hand started losing strength and agility. However, the neurologist examining her suspected there was “something going on upstairs,” and brain scans revealed the existence of a golf ball-sized, malignant tumor nestled above her right ear. Rather than hosting a bunco party that fateful evening, Kelly and her husband were scrambling to make life-and-death decisions for a disease about which they knew absolutely nothing.

Despite the dire statistics associated with her Glioblastoma—Grade 4 diagnosis, Kelly chooses to focus on hope, humor, and happiness. Sure, life with a fast-growing, terminal brain tumor can be tough, but this farm girl is even tougher. Having experienced both sides of the coin—as caregiver for her husband during his battle with a rare medical condition, and now as caregivee in her own hot mess express—Kelly is all about sharing her experiences in hopes of helping and encouraging others.

There’s Something Going On Upstairs is an uplifting story of faith and perseverance, richly informative and inspiring for anyone dealing with a personal crisis. Can the diagnosis of a cancerous brain tumor actually be a gift? Let Kelly count the ways.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578562889
Publisher: Kelly A. Rodenberg
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Kelly Fosso Rodenberg is a life-long Minnesotan. She grew up on farms near Raymond and Pennock in the west central part of the state, and she currently resides in Chaska, a small city close to Minneapolis-St. Paul. Overly organized, detail-oriented, and calendar-driven, she excelled as an executive administration assistant at companies including W.R. Maleckar, UnitedHealthcare, and DTN before her medical condition forced her into "early retirement." Now she is learning to navigate life with a brain tumor, focusing on the good vs. bad, the joy vs. sorrow. Kelly is passionate about motivating every cancer warrior, survivor, caregiver, and well-intentioned soul out there. A share of the proceeds from her memoir will benefit brain tumor research.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note ix

Prologue xi

1. Backspace Bonanza 1

2. This Is Your Time to Shine 7

3. Soil and Water 10

4. Jumping Ship 14

5. A Couple of Case Studies 20

6. Go Time 24

7. There’s No Place Like Home 30

8. Head Hardware 33

9. Home for the (Early) Holidays 39

10. My Church Pew Analogy 43

11. Head-Shave Day 47

12. Attacking the Floor 49

13. Winter in Minnesota 51

14. Normal around Here Is Just a Setting on the Dryer 55

15. The Canary in the Corner 63

16. Choose to Live Life Anyway 66

17. The Room of Common Denominators 68

18. Fifty Shades of Gray 74

19. So What’s Your Prognosis? 81

20. Taking It All in Stride 84

21. Precious, Precious Moments 86

22. Atta Girl, Alexa 89

23. Putting the Pieces Together 95

24. Platelet Mambo: How Low Can You Go? 97

25. Emotional Mess Express 99

26. We Are Stronger Together 101

27. The Here and Now 106

Epilogue 113

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