Theurgy and Numbers: Purification, Liberation, and Salvation of the Soul

Theurgy and Numbers: Purification, Liberation, and Salvation of the Soul

by Frederick J. Veldman


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''As a writer I thought that magical arts were language driven. I mean, we call them 'spells.' We have 'Words of Power,' mantras, chants, and invocations. But with mathematics we have something else entirely. If I write down I saw three bluebonnets blooming today, you know exactly how many (even if you don't have the pleasure of knowing that it is the state flower of Texas). In fact, you can know the number even if you do not know English. In fact, you can know the number even if every single human perishes and you are some visiting alien from Tau Ceti. This would be true as your ability to grasp the Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus or the quadratic formula or )amusingly enough) Goedel's Incompleteness Theorems. Mathematics is where the mind can grasp the stuff of the Cosmos. We need only think of the terrible flash seen on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, or the beauties of the Mandelbrot set, or watch children play at cutting a Moebius, to understand that math is at he secret heat of the physical world. And that math is the key to 'wonderworking'.'' -- Don Web

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About the Author

Frederick J. Veldman is a writer living in Aliwal North, South Africa. He has a Ph.D . in the natural sciences, with over 28 publications in scientific journals, and a further 30 publications in popular journals, of which 10 appeared in journals that cater specifically for the Left Hand Path. He has extensive practical experience working with Numbers, within the context of the Left Hand Path, for almost five years. As a Theurgist, Veldman believes that each of us can develop the ability to become creators of the universe, together with our gods.

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