They Ride White Horses: The End of the Search for Significance

They Ride White Horses: The End of the Search for Significance

by David Graham


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From the author of the song “In Moments Like These”…

A true story full of strong medicine for the eighty percent who have struggled with their self-worth and identity.

“The rider embodied confidence.… His countenance portrayed tremendous authority and complete peace.… I knew he was a prince. The only question that came to mind, shouted out with sorrow from deep inside me, was: Why can’t I be him?”

David Graham’s life took a sudden and unpleasant turn on a late winter day in 1982. Suffering an emotional collapse, the businessman and former pastor was thrown headlong into a fear-filled existence of confusion and introspection.

As David begged God to free him from anxiety, his life was about to be turned upside down again; this time by a dynamic new understanding of his place of importance and honor as one of God’s sons. A startling vision, a vivid dream, and an intimate, three-day encounter with the Holy Spirit convinced David of his inherent worth and freed him to truly live.

With warmth, wit, and wisdom, David tells his compelling story against the backdrop of the creation of the first children in Eden, his own beloved family, and Scripture.

They Ride White Horses is a message of healing and hope for all people—men and women, young and old—who have searched for true validation, that which only comes from the perfect, loving heavenly Father.

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ISBN-13: 9781936417261
Publisher: Pilot Communications Group
Publication date: 07/15/2011
Series: Studies in Christian History and Thought Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

David Graham is a former pastor, businessman, and founding director of Youth With A Mission Montana. He has taught throughout North America about our inherent significance and validation as the sons and daughters of Father God, the ultimate parent. David has also authored numerous worships songs including "In Moments Like These," which is still sung around the world.

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My father is an extraordinary man. As a child, when my dad walked through the door at the end of each day, my world became perfect. When he was there, I knew everything would be all right. When he spoke to me, they were words of comfort and wisdom. If I had a question, I knew he had the answer. The man who was my dad was one of strength and decisiveness, impervious to any weakness. That was the only dad I knew.

I was oblivious to his personal struggle, to the battle waged inside of him as he wrestled with his identity, self-esteem, and insecurities. I was unaware of the fear that crept up on him and the attacks he faced in his days. What an incredible gift to have parents who can be who they need to be for their children; who rise to the challenge to nurture and love in spite of experiencing pain. My father’s arms felt strong, his words seemed assured. The little girl only saw the hero, the warrior, but never knew until adulthood how determinedly her dad fought to overcome.

The journey my dad has traveled is detailed in this book. Through his brokenness and weakness came revelation and understanding of God as his Father in a most incredible way. Throughout these chapters, my dad encounters the Spirit. The Spirit counsels and teaches him about a simple truth, which, like so many other people, he was missing. His view of God became intimate, and what he learned would be the key to combating the immobilizing fear and insecurity that had plagued him.

I was a fortunate child to have had a father who made me feel precious. Greater still was the influence my dad’s revelation had on my life as I grew to believe I was even more precious in my heavenly Father’s eyes. What a gift I was given. What a gift available to all!

As you read this book, know how precious and significant you are as a daughter, as a son of your heavenly Father who is, as my dad says, “the ultimate parent.” My prayer is that Dad’s testimony will inspire you to grab hold of God’s immeasurable love for you and to claim that which is yours: an abundant inheritance.

Kimberly Graham Bridwell

Table of Contents

Dedication 7

Acknowledgements 9

Foreword Kimberly Graham Bridwell 13

Introduction 15

Part I What Is Going On Here?

1.A Victim of Fear 19

Part II As It Was in the Beginning

2 A New Father 27

3 To Life! 31

4 Mirrors 39

Part III The Way Back

5 So What on Earth's the Matter? 49

6 The Phenomenal Exchange 55

7 The Spirit of Sonship 59

8 Holy Kid! 67

9 Perfect and In Process 73

10 The Things That Shape Us 79

Part IV A Remarkable Recovery

11 Encounter in the Desert 89

12 The City of the King 95

13 The Great Transition 99

Part V Principles for Well-Being

14 The Holy Spirit and the Orange Naugahyde Chair 109

15 Soul Talk 115

16 An Electric Rainbow 123

17 A Loving Order 127

18 Never Fear Man 131

19 Relax ... and Live Your Life! 137

20 Praise 141

21 Warfare 145

Wallet Wisdom From the Fascinating Person in the Orange Naugahyde Chair 147

Part VI A New Purpose

22 Give Your Life Away 151

23 The Great Value of Others 155

24 The Second Highest Law and a Downtown Bar 159

25 Letting Go 167

26 The Reward 175

27 It's Your Time! 181

Epilogue: Full Circle 185

About the Author 189

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“Powerful … Extraordinarily moving … A life changing story.” ¯Robin Lee Graham, author of New York Times® Bestseller Dove

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