They Wore No Medals

They Wore No Medals

by Marvel B. Deliman


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They Wore No Medals

On December 6, 1921, Americans were still deluding themselves that we could stay out of the war. The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought hopelessness and despair, especially along the Pacific Coast. Many feared that the Japs would bomb the coast. After the battles of Coral Sea and Midway, the Americans took hearts.

The book is partly historical, so the progress of the war, particularly in the Pacific, dictates the plot.

The characters are fictitious, but their adventures are based on real happenings. The heroine, Marie Dumont, has many girlfriends. One of them has a husband who came home from the war with one leg, and refused a prosthetic device. Another girl's husband was disfigured, and a third girl learned that her husband was left sterile because he'd had malaria so many times.

The main thing on people's minds was the safety of loved ones. Other problems were food rationing, gas rationing, and other shortages. They planted Victory gardens, carpooled, and rode bikes. Many women went to work in aircraft plants and other plants, in "Rosie the Riveter" type jobs.

Despite everything, romance blossomed. Marie loved a handsome young actor, but learned he was AWOL from the army and sold black market products. She turned to another man.

Lynne's father was born in Poland and changed his name to Benson since coming to America. His brother disappeared when Hilter's troops overran Poland. Benson's young son enlisted in the army and was killed, fighting with Eisenhower's men in Normandy.

Toward the end of the war, Marie marries and has a baby girl, Leann, then a baby boy, Lyle.

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