Thicker than Water

Thicker than Water

by Danae Ayusso, Millie McClain
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Thicker than Water by Danae Ayusso

Five years ago, Detective Colt Fury's world was turned upside down when his fiancée was viciously murdered and carved up by a serial killer known as "Pope". Once Pope seemingly disappeared after the fourth victim, Colt left the force and became a recluse in the mountains as he attempted to deal with the guilt and demons of the past. With the appearance of a fifth victim on the fifth anniversary of Pope's first kill, Colt is lured off of the mountain and back to the force so he can stop Pope once and for all.
Lieutenant Catalina Rossi is a notable NYPD Organized Crime Unit lieutenant with a reputation for being one of the toughest cops in NYC. When she and her partner chase a babbo into a dark alley, things take a turn for the worst. After that bloody and fatal night, Rossi finds herself on the run. Never staying in one place for too long, never getting too close to anyone, and assuming a new name and identity, she's content having to constantly look over her shoulder. But when she comes upon the body of a young woman carved up and put on display, her police instincts kick in and she finds herself in the middle of a homicide investigation that could expose her true identity and bring the Italian Mafia all the way to Montana.
Working together to catch Pope, Colt and Cat find themselves falling for each other. But will Cat survive to test the limits of their new found relationship or will Colt find himself burying yet another woman he loves?

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BN ID: 2940015969320
Publisher: Geeks on Ink
Publication date: 01/13/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Thicker than Water 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Gossupgurl29 More than 1 year ago
Nail biting, mind twisting mystery and suspense wrapped in wonderfully romantic package Genre: Crime/Thriller/RomanceAge/Content Level: Adult; mild sexual content, adult language and content                 From beginning to end this one had me glued to the story wanting more and more and itching to figure out exactly what was going on. Page after delicious page I devoured this book. It’s an absolute must read recommend for me to all romance, mystery, thiller, contemporary book lovers. From main characters in law enforcement to a serial killer on the loose to mafia ties and well developed romance, this one has it all.                Five years ago Detective Colt Fury’s world came crashing down around him. He had a rough past as it was with demons he had yet to deal with, but when a serial killer strikes in his Montana hometown and takes his fiancé, the one light in his dark world, he breaks. Turning his back on civilization, Colt turns in his badge, leaves the only people he has left who he considers family behind and turns himself into a shut-in at his late grandfather’s isolated cabin on a mountain. Never leaving the cabin, he lives off the land and secludes himself from the rest of the world. Until his worst nightmare comes back full force when Sheriff James Lake, a man he considers a brother, shows up at his cabin near the five year anniversary of his fiancé’s death with news of another body where the MO points straight to the serial killer that has haunted Colt’s nightmares for years and will alter his world forever.                Lieutenant Catalina Rossi is a NYPD officer with many accommodations and a reputation for being one of the toughest. She’s taken down not only more than her fair share of tough criminals, but a large number of dirty cops hitting the city’s main Five Families of organized crime where it hurts. She’s no stranger to the Five Families. She’s made enemies, one in particular that’s had it in for her on a personal level for year’s. When she and her partner, her best friend, follow a perp into a dark alley things take a turn for the worst. After Frankie, her partner, is shot and killed and she nearly dies herself, Rossi finds herself on the run. Never staying in one place for too long, never getting too close to anyone, covering all her tracks all the time, assuming a new name and identity, she’s content to stay that way. All’s going well until she stumbles upon the dead body of a young woman carved up and sprawled out for the world to see. Her detective instincts kicking in, she calls it in and sets to work securing the scene. It’s all good until the appearance of a mountain of a man detective who’s a bit too suspicious of her and she’s a bit too intrigued by. She finds herself increasingly more involved in the case and intrigued by Colt Fury, whom she suspects is the reason for Pope’s, the nickname given to the serial killer, drive to kill.                Colt and Cat find themselves working together to figure out the identity of the killer, and becoming increasingly attracted to the other. The romance between the two builds and becomes something much more than just simple attraction. Through their efforts to solve the case and stop any more bodies from turning up Cat and Colt face multiple threats and problems, but through it all they learn to face their own demons.                I fell in love with these two characters from the very beginning. They are well developed with good character growth. The secondary characters from Sheriff Lake and Colt’s grandmother, Emma, to the rookie cop, Mickie, and the FBI agent Salvati, all of the characters are well defined and relatable. The storyline is well played with a grab your attention opening that keeps you curious about Cat’s secrets until the very end. The mystery behind who the killer is keeps you guessing and second guessing yourself to the end as well. I found myself asking question after question through the entire book and becoming more and more involved in the story until the very end when all is answered in a surprising and shocking ending. Mystery, suspense, action and sweet romance all wrapped up in a well told, well written story make Thicker Than Water a keeper and a reread.
AvidReaderAN More than 1 year ago
From the streets of New York to the Big Sky Montana, we meet two ex cops hiding from the world. Cat from her past that is in New York, and Colt from the nightmares of his murdered fiance. Both of them are content to be left alone, but that changes when a serial killer known as Pope has killed again.  Colt was the primary on the Pope case, but after Vick's death he left it all behind. This new murder gets him of his mountain when his friend and Sheriff Jimmy tells him that a body has been found, and that there is something more to the person who found the body that meets the eye. Cat first meets Colt at the crime scene where she discovered the body. You can instantly tell there is something between Cat and Colt, but they to fight it in there own way for there on reasons.  I enjoyed watching them fall in love together. The conversations between them, and watching they way they grew into better people.  There is one thing I would like to point out for those who are unsure about reading this, but I will tell you that this story is original, and not predictable. The ending left me stunned on more then one occasion. So all in all read it and you won't be disappointed.
KittyKatKA More than 1 year ago
Danae Ayusso has once again had me at the edge of my seat with Thicker than Blood. It keeps you guessng until the very end and makes you feel like your living it instead of just reading it. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.