Things That Are

Things That Are

by Amy Leach
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Things That Are 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
EthanNorton More than 1 year ago
Amy Leach is a wonderful and very unique writer. Her book, Things That Are, is a must read that is extremely hard to put down. I love her use of animals in her book. She takes animals like panda bears, beavers, and goats and explains their behaviors on a very deep and comical level. To me, at first she sounds like the nonsense thoughts that I have right before I go to sleep. But then, after you read more and think more about her words, you see the genius and the research needed to write her essays. I really liked her essay, “Radical Bears and the Forest Delicious”. It is about panda bears and their addiction to bamboo. She compares them to monks who leave their lives of having the finer things to a more humble life. She says that panda bears must have been told to find enlightenment; they have to give up their life of eating tasting things and only eat tough bamboo. Her words that she uses and the things she says are hilarious and paint a picture in your head. I also enjoyed her essay, “Goats and Bygone Goats”. In it she talks about early explorers and how they would drop goats off on different islands they would find and then the goats would eat all of the food and cause the turtles that used to live on the island to die of starvation. She then talks about introducing predators to eat the goats and the predators to eat the predators and how the circle would continue. The way she describes it is hilarious. Overall it is a hilarious book that I would recommend to anyone.