Thinking about Development

Thinking about Development

by Paul Patrick Streeten



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ISBN-13: 9780521482769
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 09/29/1995
Series: Raffaele Mattioli Lectures Series
Pages: 425
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Table of Contents

Lecture 1The Evolution of Development Thought5
2.Does It Pay To Be Late?7
3.The Three-Ring Circus9
5.Population Growth16
6.Human Development18
7.Poverty: Concepts and Measurement28
2.The Need for a Multi-pronged Attack64
3.Export Crops Versus Food for Domestic Consumption67
4.Distribution of Food Within the Family73
5.Engel's and Bennett's Laws74
6.International Trade in Food76
7.Food Aid77
8.The Limits of Food Supply82
Lecture 2Global Institutions for an Interdependent World85
1.Dominance: The Condition for an International Order?85
2.Utopia: The Global Solution90
3.Improving International Institutions95
4.The Need for Institutional Innovation97
a.Mobilizing Surpluses: An International Investment Trust98
b.Towards a World Central Bank105
c.An International Debt Facility109
d.Commodity Price Stabilization112
e.Global Energy Policy114
f.An Industrial Investment Board115
g.Global Taxation115
h.A Global Competition Policy117
i.Monitoring Buffer Institutions for Aid118
j.A Technological Agency118
k.A Global Health Agency118
l.International Migration119
m.A Global Environmental Protection Agency119
5.Desirable and Feasible?120
6.Orwellian Blocks121
7.Coordination among Oligarchs125
8.Global Balkanization126
AppendixInstitutions for "Sustainable" Development128
2.Threats to the Environment of Developing Countries130
3.Economic Growth Versus Environment?135
4.Human, Sustainable Development: Policy Issues138
5.Global Institutions for Sustainable Development141
Lecture 3The Judo Trick: The Role of Direct Private Foreign Investment in Developing Countries145
2.A New Form of Partnership149
3.The Judo Trick or Crowding In: The Role of Micro-Enterprises154
4.Foreign Investment and Macroeconomic Policies172
5.Regional Integration and Foreign Investment176
6.Export Processing Zones176
7.Government Intervention and Performance Requirements181
8.Transnational Corporations and Basic Needs182
AppendixGains and Losses from Trade in Services186
1.Gains and Losses to Countries from Trade in Services186
2.Costs and Benefits Within Countries193
Lecture 4Markets and States: Against Minimalism and Dichotomy195
2.Gunnar Myrdal's Contribution197
3.How to Make Markets People-Friendly200
4.The Civil Society209
5.The Loss of Some Distinctions211
6.Against Dichotomy: The Unimportance of the Private-Public Distinction212
7.Theories of the State214
8.An Alternative Window220
9.Rhetoric and Practice222
10.Problems of the Transition223
11.Neoclassical Political Economy224
12.Normative Political Economy227
13.Donor Conditionality, Pricism and State Minimalism229
14.Concluding Remarks231
Lecture 5The Political Economy of Reform235
2.Beyond Statistics236
3.Successful Restructuring of Social Services240
4.Normative Political, Economy Again242
5.Common Interests245
6.Mutual Interests and Compensation247
7.Some Country Experiences251
8.Interest Conflicts within Ruling Groups254
9.Empowerment and Participation257
10.Success Stories262
11.Guardians of Rationality and Trustees for the Poor267
12.The Political Economy of Phasing the Transition269
13.The Politics of Aid270
14.International Support272
15.The Struggle for Human Progress276
Jagdish Bhagwati281
Stuart Holland289
Paolo Sylos Labini305
Michael Lipton311
Siro Lombardini335
Comments on the discussion341
Paul Patrick Streeten
Biography of Paul Patrick Streeten347
1.Biographical Note349

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