Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book

Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book

Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book

Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book


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Now in paperback, the latest book in the New York Times bestselling, one-million-copy-plus Younger Next Year franchise. The book that tells every reader how to lose weight, discover new vitality, and get in the best shape of your life. The book with the no-nonsense, no-BS, no-shortcuts approach. The book that shows that there’s a revolution in aging going on. The book that is the how-to of that revolution.

Chris Crowley, the memorable patient and coauthor of Younger Next Year, partners with Jen Sacheck, a nutritionist and fitness expert from Tufts University, and in lively, alternating chapters they spell out a weight-loss plan that will have readers losing up to 25 pounds in the first six months—and, much more significantly, keeping it off next year, and the year after, and so on, for life. The message is straightforward and based on the most up-to-date nutritional science: resist the added-fat, added-sugar concoctions created by the food industry; skip the supplements; pile on fruits and vegetables to your heart’s content, but it’s OK to eat lean meats, too; and don’t drink your calories. And exercise! With its simple, fully illustrated program of 25 “sacred exercises,” here is everything the reader needs to build muscle, protect joints, add mobility, and put off 70% of the normal problems associated with aging and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury.

“Clear, concise, well-balanced nutritious diet plan. Realistic exercise . . . [and] the combo of the authors—nutrition scientist and witty writer—makes this an easy-to-read volume with loads of timely, science-based information.”
—Madelyn Fernstrom, Diet and Nutrition Editor, TODAY and

“Chock-full of easy recipes, meal plans, and exercise diagrams.”
The Wall Street Journal

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761177463
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Publication date: 12/31/2013
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 443,848
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Chris Crowley, a former litigator (Davis Polk & Wardwell), is the coauthor, with Henry S. Lodge, of the Younger Next Year books, and the coauthor, with Jen Sacheck, PhD, of Thinner This Year. Though in his eighties, he fully lives the life, skiing black diamonds and routinely doing thirty-mile bike rides. He and his wife live in Connecticut and New York City.

Jen Sacheck, Ph.D., is a nutritionist and exercise physiologist at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science
and Policy at Tufts University. Dr. Sacheck lives in Concord, Massachusetts.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Third Act 1

The Promise: Plan A

The Promise: Plan B

Key Point: Eat Less!

"Up the Revolution!"

Younger Next Year

Finding Jen

"How Come I'm Fat?"

"Who Are You People?"

Does This Really Matter?

The War Zone

A Program for You

Chapter 2 The Mountain of Slop and Despair 17

Welcome to the Tar Pit

Back to You and Your Third Act

The Old Woman of Bogota

The Upside

The Context of Your Effort

The Mountain of Slop and Despair

Chapter 3 Where I'm Coming From and Where You're Going 24

Why I'm So Passionate

Who Are You?

Why Exercise Is the Key Component for Weight Loss: The 101 Version

What's Food Got to Do with It?

Good Eating with Exercise

Junk Food Is Addictive

Setting a Realistic Weight Goal

Where Does All the Energy Go?

It's Worth It!

Chapter 4 Going Deep 39

Chapter 5 The Good Stuff: What Happens Inside When You Eat the Right "Mix" 47

How We Use Carbs and Fat



The Metabolism of Fats

Energy Storage


Chapter 6 A Day in the Life: Bash Bish Falls 56

What We Ate

Back to the Mighty Spin

Black Ice

Two More Meals

Chapter 7 The Bad Stuff: What Happens When You Eat Junk 69

The Big Bad Five

The Consequences of All Bad All the Time

Concept 1: "Runaway Fats," Sugar, and Insulin Resistance

Concept 2: Fats and Heart Disease

Inflammation: The Common Thread

Diets and Other Fads

Final Thoughts

Chapter 8 A Day in the Life: A New Relationship with Vegetables 87

A Quick Row on Twin Lakes

A New Relationship with Vegetables

Dinner: What to Do with a Kid's Birthday Party

Chapter 9 The Thinner This Year Eating Plan 95

Eat Significantly Fewer Calories

Eliminate Dead Food

Keep Your System Going with Steady Fuel

Make Vegetables and Fruit Account for 50 Percent by Volume of Your Diet

Make the Other 50 Percent Count

Don't Drink Your Calories

A Long List of Great Things to Eat

Two Weeks and Fourteen Good Meals

Chapter 10 What Do You Say We Drop a Couple of Pounds? 124

The Conceptual Framework: Small Changes Over Time

How We Got Fat

Know Yourself: Set Rational Goals

The 7 Percent Solution


Now What?

Eating: Gradual Changes in the Early Weeks

Sink the Carriers!

The Bad Carbs Fallacy

Stupid Eating Tricks

Make Up Your Mind

Chapter 11 Nutrients: They Make the Body Work 133

The Myth of Perfect Foods

Nutrients and Metabolism

Nutrients as "Structure"

What Key Nutrients Do

Supplements: A Few Good Ones and a Lot of Expensive Junk!

Supplements with Special Consideration

The Balanced Diet of Good Food

Chapter 12 A Day in the Life: In the Land of Dreamy Dreams 152

The Rapture of the Creep

In the Land of Dreamy Dreams

Doubling Down

Two More Meals

Chapter 13 Exercise: The Magic Bullet 158

Exercise Changes Your Fundamental Physiology for a Much Better You

Exercise Is Key for Weight Loss-and a Thinner, Healthier You

Chapter 14 A Day in the Life: Intervals, "Periodization," and Kedges 167

Interval Day 2: A Walk in the Snow

Interval Day 3: Playing with Girls

Chapter 15 Sports Nutrition 177

Are You Slow-Twitch or Fast-Twitch?

The Metabolic Pathways

The Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold

Metabolic Realities

When and What to Do with Fuel

Do You Chow Down After a Workout?

Hydration Is Key

Exercise and Free Radicals

Other Nutrients Important to Exercise

Chapter 16 Aerobic Exercise: The Secret of the Good Life 191

Putting Exercise into Practice: Meet Bill Fabrocini and Riggs Klika

Why Aerobics?

A Teeny Bit Boring

Recovery Rate

Chapter 17 The How-To of Aerobic Exercise 200

Two Views of Aerobics

Long and Slow: The Details

The Workout

The Mythical "Fat-Burning Zone"

Mix It Up and Enjoy It

The Endurance Zone

The Rich Hours

Going Hard for Fitness

The "Hockey Stick": Moving the Lactate or Anaerobic Threshold


Two Great Rules of Interval Training

A Formal Interval Regimen

Four Interval Days

Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch: Alive in the Hills

Chapter 18 Muscle as the Grand Negotiator of Body Signals 218

Muscles Send Signals

The Tide of Aging

Muscle Gulps Up Sugar

Muscle Over Insulin

Healthy Muscle Burns More Fat

Healthy Muscle Is Anti-Inflammatory

The Biggest Payoff of All

Just a Little More Good News

Chapter 19 The Astonishing Importance of Strength Training 226

A Personal Note

Quality of Life

We Live in Glass Boxes

Chapter 20 Train Movements, Not Muscles: Whole-Body Movement and the Three Little Pigs 233

The New Model

Life and Movement in Three Dimensions

Signaling in Three Dimensions

A Special Blessing for Those Who Rot!


Boomers and the Shrinking Margin for Error in Movement

The Three Little Pigs and the Importance of Posture

Geologic Forces

Built Like a Brick House

What Is Good Posture?


Things Going Wrong

Critical Lesson: Do Not Bend, Lift, and Twist with Your Back

Last One: Heads-Up!

Don't Slouch!

A Word to Athletes: Good Posture Is Stronger

Chapter 21 The Warm-Up, or "Preparation for Movement" 247

No Special Toys Required

One Size Does Not Fit All

The Warm-Up: A Quick Intro

General Rules

On Your Back

On Your Stomach

Side Lie

On All Fours



Chapter 22 A Day in the Life: A Cold Day in Hell 269


Lunges Count

The Day Five Miracle

What We Ate

Chapter 23 The Twenty-Five Sacred Exercises 274

Why Range of Motion Matters

General Rules for All Exercises

Don't Make Yourself Nuts

A Word About Intensity and Difficulty

Don't Try to Do All of These from the Get-Go

The Twenty-Five Sacred Exercises

The Weight Loss Side of Strength Training

The Rhythm of These Sessions

What About Static Stretching?

Chapter 24 The Third Element in the Third Act: General Grant, Scott Fitzgerald, and the Need to "Care, Connect, and Commit" 317

The Limbic Brain

Orienting Idea: Relationships Trump Jobs

Walter, the Homicide Cop

Wetting the Felt… Being You

You're Not on Vacation

Living More Than One Life

The Other Side of Your Brain

Get Over

Yourself, At Least Your False Self' Take Control

The Gifts of Women


Your Lines Out Early

Keeping Your Lines Out All Your Life

Ranie and the

Great Kedge

Full House

The Old Girl on 57th Street with the Four-Footed


The Recap: The Three-Legged Stool

Chapter 25 A Day in the Life: Victory Lap 333

Appendix A Jen's Rules 339

Appendix B Other Stuff 340

Index 343

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