Third Eye: Tools For Awakening

Third Eye: Tools For Awakening

by Emma Baur


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Third Eye: Tools For Awakening by Emma Baur

This book is about a journey. It's about walking down a path toward a hidden door. And behind that door lies a great secret. Many claim to know what lies behind that door. But those stories vary a bit. Some say it opens up increased intelligence. Others say it gives psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and precognition. Others say that when you open that door, you will see visions, images from the past or future. Some claim to be able to leave their physical bodies and explore the spiritual astral realm. Overall, the summary of what lies behind that gateway is called "enlightenment", which is best described as entering into your higher consciousness.

Beyond your higher self, it is said that this door leads to a connection to the Universe or Universal Consciousness. Thus, it leads you to become one with this highest or source consciousness. Some describe this as becoming a god, or god-like, or simply as god (being now one with this sentience).

It's a trip. It's a journey. It's not to be taken lightly. But walking down this path to this mysterious and hidden doorway is the way to a kind of treasure that lies nowhere else in all the world. And it's right here - within you!

Opening this door is called the Awakening of your Third Eye.

This book provides 25 tips (25 tools and techniques) to help you on your journey toward opening this door.

Some of the specific tips and techniques include the Thoh Technique and the May Technique, which are specific techniques using mantras. There is a specific technique where you Clear Your Mind and achieve the same result. This book also covers issues of what to study and where to look for information. There is a discussion of meditation groups and their benefits. There are practical tips regarding what food to eat and what food to stay away from. There are discussions regarding color association that assist and energize the sixth chakra. There is yet another technique of Visualization and Rubbing or Massaging the appropriate location for effective results. Other visualization technique include the Pine Cone Visualization, the Ball of Fire Visualization, and Door and Gateway Visualizations. There is also a discussion of magnetism and its effectiveness in assisting the awakening of your Third Eye.

Finally, this book discusses the general benefits, as well as some potential short term negative effects, when your Third Eye is awakened.

Here's a preview of some of the tips that you are going to learn about

Tip #3: Fuel The Fire

The Kundalini Fire is said to be the cosmic force or energy that lies behind all spiritual development. It's described in the Star Wars movies when they speak of "The Force". It is the basic essence of all that exists. It's the foundational energy that you want to harness, manage and even manipulate.

Tip #6: Be Worthy - Serve!

Why? Why serve other people? For our purposes here, it's all about preparing you mind and spirit. It's about believing and loving. And it's about connecting to the greater good. You are one little being. On the other side of that door is the vast Universe. So what are you thinking about on a daily basis? You? Your littleness? Or them. All of them. All the vastness? Do you see?

Tip #7: Find Your Spot.

Get away. Get alone. Get away from everything. To help your mind and spirit, there should be a place that makes you feel good. More importantly, it should be a place that eliminates distractions and prevents discomfort to your body and soul. It should be worry and stress-free.

Tip #21 - The 478 Breathing Technique.

This is a breathing technique tip. It's meant to help you transition to an altered state of consciousness, or trance state, very quickly.

And much much more ...

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