Thirsty: An Eastside Brewery Novel

Thirsty: An Eastside Brewery Novel

by Mia Hopkins

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ISBN-13: 9780525478638
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Series: Eastside Brewery , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 78,858
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Mia Hopkins writes lush romances starring fun, sexy characters who love to get down and dirty. She’s a sucker for working-class heroes, brainy heroines, and wisecracking best friends. She lives in Los Angeles with her roguish husband and waggish dog.

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Chapter 1

You want a hero.

Before we start, you should know—I’m not him.

I’m not your hero.

A hero is a Prince Charming, a firefighter, a cowboy. He’s handsome and perfect. He’s probably white. He has it together.

None of that is me.

For example, would a hero be standing barefoot and half-asleep on a sidewalk in his chones, holding all his belongings in a backpack? Because that’s what I’m doing right now. Staring at the scene in front of me.

“You lying, no good son of a b----!”

Regina tosses another drawer full of clothes out the second-story bedroom window. The clothes are followed by a wrestling trophy, which falls gently on a pile of T-shirts.

“You’re a liar!”

Next, a PlayStation controller, followed by a grip of games. Some land on the grass and others on the concrete driveway with an ugly crash.

“You wanna live with that puta? Fine! Go be with that whore! Go!”

The neighbors are coming out now. Some of them are holding coffee mugs. Kids in pajamas appear, pointing and laughing.

I might be the one standing here in my underwear, but luckily I’m not the one they’re looking at. I put my bag down and pull out a clean T-shirt and basketball shorts. I get dressed, right here in the street.

My buddy Spider stands on the lawn. He’s shouting up at his old lady like some kind of opposite-day Romeo. “Regina! Listen to me!”

“Go to hades.”

And down comes the PlayStation itself. It doesn’t land on the grass or on a soft pile of clothing, but on the driveway. It crashes nasty, parts flying, and all I can see are dollar signs, floating away like little butterflies.

Oof. Ice cold.


This goes on for a few minutes. Some of the kids are pulled back inside, some neighbors get in their cars and drive off. The neighborhood chismosas are all out, though—gossipy old ladies, grandmas and tias. And they’re not going anywhere until this plays out. They’re looking for a fresh scandal. This is good stuff.

I sit on the curb and get my socks and shoes on. I tie the laces, rub my face, and fold my arms. It’s August, so the cool morning air is already heating up.

Spider is wearing shorts and a wifebeater shirt. He’s halfway between pissed and heartbroken, his emotions swinging back and forth. Dumb. I told him not to sleep around on Regina. I told him that she knew, that she’d get fed up with him, but did he listen to me? Does anyone?

“Forget you, and your no-good friends,” she shouts.

I raise my eyebrows. Wait a second. Is she referring to me?

“Hey, that’s not fair,” I murmur.

I’ve been crashing on Spider and Regina’s couch since I got out of prison six months ago, but I’ve been a good houseguest. Regina’s even told me so. I clean their living room every day, bathroom and kitchen too. Regina and Spider have three kids and between the five of them, before I got there, the house looked like a hurricane hit a rat’s nest.

Every evening before I’d leave for work, she’d cook for all of us and I’d do the dishes without being asked. Once she even told me, “You’re gonna make a woman super happy someday, Ghost.”


Doubt it.

I look down at the sidewalk. Something is written there. I clear away a little of the grit with my hand. I see it, scratched into the surface. Old graffiti, sixty, seventy years old. A cross with three lines. Pachuco cross. Below it, four letters. ESHB, East Side Hollenbeck.

My grandfather’s gang. My father’s gang. My gang.

“Regina, don’t be this way!”

I look up. Spider is begging now. Begging, in front of everyone. He has it bad for this woman. Why he couldn’t keep his verga in his pants for her, I’ll never know. Like a lot of homeboys, he has a problem with the females, especially the ones who are hot for gangsters. In this neighborhood, there are a lot of those.


When she slams the window shut halfway through his speech, I know the conversation is over, at least for now. I get up, stretch, and yawn. I had been asleep for only a half hour when all this drama started up. I’ve been working all night. I’m so tired, I’m not even worked up. I should be. Now that Spider got us thrown out of his house, I’ve got nowhere to go.

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Thirsty: An Eastside Brewery Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strongly Thirsty is the book I had been looking to read! I didn't expect how raw and emotional I would feel from beginning to end. The characters were real, honest, and relatable (especially for those of us who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and felt like the odds of attaining happiness were stacked against us). The love story between Vanessa and Salvador might start out a little slow for some readers but the character development is worth the wait. The chemistry between Sal and Vanessa is incredibly sexy and the hot sex scenes will leave sweating for more! This books gets 5 chili peppers from me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The books was a great read and a wonderful surprise. The characters felt real and were full of depth, their relationship didn't feel rushed, and the supporting cast are just as intersting. The author does a really great job of capturing the feel of a inner city neighborhood and what it feels like to live on the wrong side of the tracks. She did her homework and it shows.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 12 months ago
Great characters, great voice, I practically read it in one sitting!
LeighKramer 12 months ago
Thirsty was as wonderful as I heard it was! In fact, it's easily one of the best contemporary romances I've read this year. This was my first time reading Mia Hopkins but I shall forever be a devoted reader of her work from here on out. Sal was such a captivating character and having only his POV as the narrator just plain worked. We meet him shortly after he was released from prison and watching him navigate his new life, which includes avoiding his old gang, working two part-time jobs, and trying to figure out where he belongs in the neighborhood, was gripping. I could see how hard Sal was working and how the odds were stacked against him, particularly as a Person of Color- the whole system is stacked against ex-cons but especially so for PoC. When Vanessa, his long-time crush, gives him a chance, I so badly wanted them to make it work. Vanessa was strong and determined and a great balance for Sal. She doesn't trust him at first and it was wonderful to see her wariness melt away over time. They were so good together but the pressures working against Sal were always lurking in the background and I had no idea what decisions he would make. In the author's note, she mentions she volunteers with former gang members and this experience is clear. The story veers away from stereotypes and I was really impressed with the Latinx representation (although, to be clear, I'm saying this as a white woman. I will defer to Latinx reviewers in this regard.) I loved how the neighborhood was portrayed. There's such a strong sense of place and community and belonging. Vanessa and Sal stay where they grew up because this is where their friends and family are and it's a vibrant place, even if it has problems. I also appreciated the juxtaposition between Sal's friends, those he had before prison and after, and those who would use him or bring him down. Sal has hard choices to make but he also has a lot of love and support in his life beyond Vanessa and this was so moving to see. The character growth was tremendous and you'd better believe the ending made me tear up. I loved this one so much!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must say this book is very steamy & very well written! Thanks Mia for an amazing book that got me hooked, I couldn't stop reading it.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This is a new to me author but not the last one I read. Sal Rosas is newly paroled and now homeless thanks to his homie getting kicked out of his girls' home when Vanessa's grandmother takes pity on him and makes him a deal. He can stay in the garage for 2 months while cleaning it out. This works out since he is only there during the day to sleep and gone at night working. This a well written and brings to life the Eastside of L.A. and trials of trying to stay out of the gang. Will Sal be able stay away from the gang or will they bring him back in? He has a good thing going with Vanessa but she will not put up with him going back with the gang. This was a good one and I look forward to more from this author. **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
Tina-N-Tennessee More than 1 year ago
Thirsty is a fantastic read. It is a completely different storyline than I have read before and I loved it. It's a story of a latino gang member named Ghost, who is newly released from prison and trying to walk the straight and narrow. He wants to leave behind his old ways, but once in the gang, always in the gang. There is no escaping. Ghost reconnects with a woman he has always had eyes for, but she wants nothing to do with him or his lifestyle. The story is very well written. It drew me in and I couldn't put it down. It is an absolute Must Read !!!
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
This book is raw and real with a ton of heat. This book doesn't sugar coat when it comes to Sal's life. It's honest on the life he has lived and the struggle he has to keep himself on the path to being clean. While reading this I could feel the emotions pouring off these characters. Mia Hopkins did such a great job of creating such a vivid picture in this book. I had images in my head of what the book would look like. I was rooting for Sal the whole time because I so wanted him to get a new start because life has knocked him down so much. When he made a accomplishments I felt like a proud parent reading them. I can't wait for the next book because it's going to be good.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
The first novel in the Eastside Brewery series follows Salvador Rosas and his rise from the ashes of his past. Mia Hopkins completely blew my expectations with Sal and his story is one you can't miss! Sal has spent the last five years in prison and is working to clean up his life. Working two night jobs to save up for an apartment and avoiding contact with his gang, Eastside Hollenbeck, he struggles everyday to keep the past in the past and the future fixed firmly in his mind. An older woman in the neighborhood takes mercy on him and offers him a place to live, which puts him closer to his one true desire, Vanessa Velasco. As their relationship grows, Sal is shown that there is more to life than the gang and the anxiety that plagues can be overcome. I like that Thirsty doesn't romanticize gang life, but instead shows a troubled youth rising above that lifestyle to live an honest life and find passion in something meaningful. It wasn't easy for Sal, but he found things more important than risking his life for the whims of others. I was surprised that the story was written in only his perspective, but I found that I quite liked it that way. Sal has the kind of voice that you don't want to interrupt. He's honest about his flaws and when he realizes that it's okay to care deeply for others and show it he seems all the more real. I found a striking similarity between Sal and the Fuentes brothers from Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry series, so I felt a little nostalgic while reading Thirsty. Mia Hopkins did a superb job creating this character and building his life in a way that readers can understand. I made it through all the drama and tension of story with my heart intact, but the ending actually left me surprised and salivating for more! *ARC provided in consideration for review*
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
vanessa wasn't always a good girl, but she learned her lesson young. so when her grandmother brings salvador rosas into their home as thirsty opens, she's less than pleased. sal is a former gang member, ex-con who is trying to make a new life for himself after five years in prison. sal isn't a good guy. but he's not a bad guy either. he's done bad things. made poor choices. even though some might say he never had a choice at all. making a new life for yourself in the old neighborhood isn't easy. the people who you left behind want to bring you down to their level, even as you try to rise above. vanessa has been rising above for years, but now that she's got sal in her home, in her life, the temptation is there. sal doesn't have the practice of resisting. he's known deprivation. he knows what it is to have no control. being on the outside, not having a routine, it's terrifying. how is it possible that he'll stand strong? he's been aware of vanessa for a long time. for a long time, he wondered why she picked someone else, someone who was no better than he was when she could have had anyone. she was so good. and he was so bad. but they are so good together. the chemistry between them. their shared history. i loved the slow burn of this romance until it ignites. and then it's all fire. i love these characters and loved all the touches of latino culture. part of me prefers the successful latino stories. the stories of middle and upper-class latinos, partly because part of me feels the stereotypes in play in the latinos from the wrong side of the tracks, the ones in gangs, all west side storied. but these stereotypes chafe because they don't reflect me as a latina. that isn't to say it's not authentic. and so at the end of the day, i just have to celebrate that these characters are latino. and that culturally things are represented authentically, even if it isn't a mirror to my experience as a latina, it is still a reflection. **thirsty will publish on march 13, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Gritty and raw, this book was an intense read that was so much more than just a romance. It started a bit slow for me and took a bit to get into, but once it did I was transported right into the barrio with Sal. I’ve read other books by this author and have always been impressed with her ability to write the emotions into the page, but this book took that to another level. Perhaps it was that the emotions this book deals with aren’t all those of the heart, but also included getting inside Sal’s head and feeling what his life is like, not just reading it off the page. He is trying hard not to let his past with the gang shape his future, but is not convinced that he is truly worthy or capable of finding what he terms “something real.” This book had a lot of edge to it, but it also had a lot of heart and romance. There was such chemistry between Sal and Vanessa and their heat was off the chart, but there was also a tenderness between the two that was sweet. Despite all Sal’s hard edges, he’s able to show his softer, sweeter side when it comes to Vanessa…as well as to her daughter and her mother. As the beginning of a new series we get introduced to lots of characters and the details of the world that is being built. Being immersed in a culture and world that was not familiar to me made this book slow to start, but once I got through that I really felt as if I was part of the world the author created. I really enjoy the author’s writing style and love how she is able to make you feel right along with her characters – something I have found in all the books by Mia Hopkins that I have read. The characters are real and watching Sal find who he was and begin to see that he was worthy and capable of “something real” was great. Mia Hopkins has definitely pulled me into this new series – so bring on the next book! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from NetGalley.
ReadingLlama More than 1 year ago
OK, wow. How in the world did I get lucky enough to read two such different but equally amazing books in a row? This is a unique sort of romance book, considering it’s first-person POV from Sal’s point of view. Sal “Ghost” Rosas has been in prison for five years for car theft, and after his release he goes back to his old neighborhood. He’s sleeping on one of his old gang friend’s couches, working two overnight cleaning jobs, generally keeping his nose clean and saving up money to rent an apartment for when his brother gets out of prison in a few months. While he’s been in a gang for most of his life (as has the rest of his family) he’s overall a good guy – he crashes on his friend’s couch, and when his friend cheats on his wife and leaves her, Sal still keeps coming around to help clean the place up and takes his friend’s wife and her kids to the church carnival. He works hard – he leaves in the dark, commutes via series of trains and buses, and comes home before dawn. He’s also brutally honest with himself about his chances of making anything of himself, with his conviction and the fact that once you’re a gang member, you’re always a gang member – as his own father learned. While he earned his nickname in the gang for other reasons, Sal’s pretty much a ghost now, working a job that nobody really notices, not really making an impression on anyone around him – “[u]nderpaid, often exploited, ignored, dismissed.” Vanessa is the girl everyone thought was going to get away from East LA – until she got pregnant by another gang member and had to give up her dreams of going away to college. Instead, she went to the local community college while living with her grandma and raising her daughter. She’s hardworking and stubborn, but still loving and sweet with her daughter and grandma. Sal’s noticed her since they were in school together, but thought he never had a chance with her. When her grandma offers Sal a place to stay in return for clearing out their old garage, it almost seems too good to be true. Of course, you can probably guess what happens next! Sal is buried under so many expectations of what he’s supposed to be – tatted ex-felon from the eastside – that it’s hard for him to be who he really wants to be. Vanessa helps him learn to say no to things that don’t fit his vision for his life, rather than just going along with whatever will get him attention, and grateful for it. Their relationship is good for Vanessa because it gives her something to focus on for herself – not for her job, or her daughter, or her grandma – oh, and lots of seriously steamy sex. Watching the two of them work out how a relationship would work was sweet and oh so fulfilling. As for cons – the book ends on a serious bombshell. Not exactly a cliffhanger, but holy crap, I want to read the next book NOW. I also wish Ms. Hopkins would’ve went into Sal’s mental health issues more. Otherwise – I pretty much loved the whole thing! Overall, this is an intense, delightful romance. Highly recommended! I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Erani_Kole More than 1 year ago
*voluntarily and honestly reviewed the copy I received from NetGalley* 4.5 for me. I liked this, a lot. It's more inner monologue about Ghost's road to a better life. I usually prefer dialogue but for whatever reason, this one really sucked me in. I liked the way he was so raw and honest, how he dealt with things I could really relate to. I think a lot of people would be able to relate, as well. The story was sweet but suspenseful, a romance with second chances, and best of all, it kept me reading til the end. It's a definite recommend for those who enjoy these second chances and people overcoming their hardships.
Jolie More than 1 year ago
I love a book with an anti-hero. Sometimes I need to read something a little darker than the other books I have read. Something that is more true to life than the romances that I love to read. I got it with Thirsty. I will warn you guys, Thirsty gets off to a very slow start. But it is worth sticking around for. Oh, so worth it. The author lays the groundwork for Sal and Vanessa’s romance in those first few chapters. More importantly, she explains how Vanessa is connected to Sal. Sal was trying to rebuild his life after going to jail for 5 years. Trying to stay away from the gang that he was born into is hard. Even harder is trying to keep away from Vanessa. Vanessa is his unwilling landlady who is also the widow of a fallen gang member. Can he stay out of trouble and the gang? Or will he go right back into the lifestyle that he was born into? Will Vanessa and his love survive? Or will it become a casualty? I loved that the author made Sal imperfect. I loved that he acknowledged that he did wrong in the past and he was trying to move past it. His anxiety attacks and the resulting self-harm made my heart hurt for him. I also like that he was a quiet guy. He didn’t have much to say. I thought that he did make a good try at trying to stay away from the gang. It was hard for him, seeing that he was living in the neighborhood that they ran. But I had to give him credit because he tried so hard to stay away. I thought Vanessa was kind of witch with a b in the beginning of the book. But I got to thinking about it and you know what, I don’t blame her. She was trying to keep her daughter and grandmother out of the gang. So when Sal shows up in her garage, I don’t blame her for blowing a fuse. He also brought back memories of her husband, good and bad. As the story went on, though, you could see her defenses going away. The only thing that she asked of Sal when they got together, was that he stays out of trouble. The sexual tension and sex in Thirsty were through the roof hot. Sal was a horny guy from page one. I knew that the sex was going to be good when the scene with Sal masturbating in the shower was hot. I wasn’t disappointed when they had sex. What got me, and what I liked, is that Vanessa and Sal were into kinky stuff. I don’t see enough of the kinky stuff written in romance books. I loved it. I didn’t see the romance between Sal and Vanessa at first. It was all sex, which was fine with me. The night of the carnival was when the romance part of the book hit me. Sal was heads over heels for Vanessa. But it was rocky because of Sal’s gang association. When certain events happened in the book, I didn’t blame Sal for leaving or Vanessa for kicking him out. Besides the plotline where Sal is trying to rebuild his life, there are a couple other major ones. There is the plotline with Sal’s father, who died when Sal was in jail. He was greenlighted by the head of the gang. But there is a twist in that plot that surprised me. There is also the plot with the gang and Sal’s relationships with different members. Both of those plotlines were not resolved at the end of the book. They were both left open. The end of the book was sweet. I loved seeing how far Sal had come from the beginning of the book. Not going to lie, I did have some happy tears towards the end of the book. The epilogue, though, was fantastic.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) This is a second chance story and it was nice, nice in the sense that Salvador gets to correct his past mistakes. Sal is learning to live a life not belonging to a gang and he meets and is captivated by Vanessa. Vaness is single mother working to bring up her daughter and she is not interested in getting with aman who was once in a gang, however Sale starts breaking down her walls and my friends it was explosive. I also truly enjoyed the secondary characters. So grab a copy and Enjoy!
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Salvador “Ghost” Rosas is trying hard to turn his life around, he's been given a second chance of sorts, and is ready to leave gang life behind, but it's not ready to let go of him! When his former boss calls and tells him it's time to get back to doing what he is good at and expected of him all he wants is to be left alone to explore his new life. And that's not the only thing he is trying to avoid, there's a certain sexy landlord wanting his time and attention too, question is can he keep them both at bay? Vanessa Velasco knows what it is like to be burned by love, she found it once, but sadly it was taken away from her and she found herself a single mother in the end. Now she lives a very guarded life, not only because of her broken heart, but also because of living in a gang riddled neighborhood, the same one that took the life of the man she loved. So, learning that her new tenant is mixed up with the gang leaves her more than a little hesitant about letting him get too close to her and her family, but he surprises her and shows her that he is trying to let that side of his life go, and has hopes of becoming a better man. And before long she finds herself looking at him in a new light... Thirsty is pleasurable and wickedly erotic tale that is sure to command your attention, squeeze your heart, and spawn a few blushes!! This is a first time read for me and I'm happy to report that it left me with good vibes, the writing style was easy to follow, the characters were well drawn, and the story line was plausible, and stirred up a good case of the feels... overall I'd say it left a good first impression! I enjoyed getting a glimpse into these characters troubled lives, they both had a tough road ahead of them, and it was quite a treat to watch them maneuver through things and watch their relationship progress and flourish into something so beautiful. Highly recommend you take a chance on this one, it's a second chance story that is sure to inspire and warm your heart! I requested an advanced copy of this title through NetGalley, and voluntarily read and reviewed
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Join a gang and you commit for life – Salvador “Sal” Rosas knows this when he gets out of jail. To his homies he is Ghost for a number of reasons. When he gets out of jail after five years he spends six months working hard and strictly keeps the rules of his parole. He knows the gang can call him back at any moment but he hopes against hope that they won’t. Vanessa Velasco is the woman Ghost used to dream about when in high school then later when in prison. He has wanted her for a long time so when the opportunity arises to live in her garage…he snaps it up. Vanessa is a contradiction in some ways…bright girl that fell for a bad boy, got pregnant, was widowed, became a bookkeeper and is studying to be a CPA. She wants nothing to do with gang members but is attracted to Sal. Sal is offered opportunities that might lead him away from the gang…maybe. He might end up with Vanessa…if he plays his cards right. He might make something of himself…eventually. But, can he? He has brothers getting out of prison to worry about and plan for but…can he steer them away from the gang his family has been immersed in for decades? Perhaps more will be learned as future books are written. This is a book about family, values, commitments, change, becoming the person you are meant to be, growth, community and being true to self. It is a book of gangs, is violent, is steamy and it is intriguing. Did I enjoy it? Yes Will I read more books in the series? Yes Thank you to NetGalley, Loveswept and Barclay Publicity for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4 Stars
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
Sal “Ghost” has been out of prison for a few months after a 5-year stint and he doesn’t want to go back. Sal wants to get out of the gang life that he was born into. He’s trying to save money so he can get an apartment for him and his younger brother (for when he gets out of prison), so he rents a garage from an old lady in the neighbourhood. Vanessa was the girl that was gonna get out of the neighbourhood ... until she fell for a gangbanger and got pregnant. When he was killed, a pregnant Vanessa moved back in with her grandmother. Now she has another gangbanger living in her garage and she’s falling for him. Sal and Vanessa start a hot and heavy relationship, but just for the 2 months he’ll be living in her garage. The book title and series title are very deceiving from the actual story ... don’t get me wrong, the story was very good, just not what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be more about a brewery. This is a raw and gritty story about gang life and it’s expectations. My heart went out to Sal for trying to be a better man and not get caught up in what was expected of him from a life that was decided the generation before him. And Vanessa trying to make a better life for her daughter, but finding it very hard to get away from the past. The twist at the end was a shocker and I can’t wait for the next book. I received an ARC courtesy of Random House - Loveswept through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Mia Hopkins is a new author for me and I must say I really enjoyed her work and she's gained a new fan. She has a nice writing style that took me out of my world in the burbs and brought the barrio to life for me. I loved her characters and I was intrigued by the struggles they face on a daily basis. As a member of the neighborhood gang, Sal was caught and convicted for auto theft. He's served his time and has been released on parole but being back in the barrio has him facing everything that pushed him into that life before. When he finds himself homeless, a kind old woman in the barrio offers him a place to stay. She knows he's working hard to stay straight, keep his head down, and save enough money for a place of his own. Her kindness is what brings Vanessa into his life. She's faced her own hard times but she's fighting hard to make a better life. To Sal Vanessa is everything good in life. She's everything he ever wanted but knew he didn't deserve. Now though if he can stay out of the clutches of his old gang maybe he can have the life he's always dreamed of. This was a fantastic read and one I highly recommend.
CRISSYM More than 1 year ago
Thirsty was an okay read for me. I enjoyed the beginning of the book with a few laughs but as the story went on I was losing interest in the story. Maybe because the story seemed to move at a slower pace than what I expected. I liked the characters: Salvador, Chinita, Vanessa, Brianna, Regina, Alan, Barry and even Eddie, although he showed up closer to the end of the book. I didn't believe in the beginning that Sal thought of Vanessa constantly when they barely knew each other as teenagers. However, I did feel the chemistry between them as adults and there were definitely some steamy moments between the two. This book ends with a huge cliffhanger and although I liked the characters, the story itself was just an okay read for me so I'm unsure if I will read the next book in this series.
kahea46 More than 1 year ago
***4 Stars*** So it went like this “Ohhhh the cover” then “Oooohhhh, beer?” then “Oh, gangsters?” Mmmm, Yes. Please *hit request* And I thoroughly enjoyed it. It took a different direction than what I had expected, but I really liked it. It’s got all the goodness of a romance, the heat, the connection that goes soul deep, but there is so much more going on than just that. It’s about getting back on your feet and believing that there is more to you than where you come from, if only you let yourself believe it. I loved Sal. He’s working really hard to do the right thing and stay on the right side of the law for more reasons than the simple desire to NOT go back to prison. But along with that determination, there was also an honesty that made it easy to connect with him and see just how golden his heart was, even if he couldn’t see it. Vanessa was a little spitfire. Hardworking, sassy, stubborn, but also compassionate, caring and honest. She was a lot of fun and I loved how she didn’t mince words. She let you know what was what and was more than capable of standing her ground when needed. Sal and Vanessa’s journey was interesting one with how everything started between them, but it actually worked in their favor because they were probably more open and honest about who they were than if things had started differently. The smexy was off the charts! But the way they connected and how they saw each other simply made the chemistry between them burn brighter. Some issues arise, which come as no surprise, but how everything worked out in the end for them was perfect! This is my first read by Mia Hopkins and I really enjoyed it. The writing was engaging and I really enjoyed the solo 1st person POV. I loved how gang life was shown in the book and how it affected everyone who lived around it. The secondary characters brought a lot of depth to the story and definitely kept things interesting. Alan was fun, but Chinita stole the show for me. That woman has moxie. And with that little mystery popping up at the end...all I can say is I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series! ~ Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley & voluntarily reviewed ~
3MnMs More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by Mia Hopkins and I'm now a fan. I love Chinita and her evil wiener dog. Sal is an ex con with gang ties and Vanessa is his soul mate. I love how the book is told in Sal's point of view. You get a a great feel for who he really is. This book is a great read. Favorite quote: Vanessa to Sal ~ "It's like you woke me up after I'd been asleep for five years. Every part of me, awake and alive. But now, without you, I'm twice as lonely as I was before. As if being happy for a short time only magnified my loneliness instead of weakening it."