Thirty Days Hath...

Thirty Days Hath...

by Chautona Havig


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Adric Garrison didn't ask for it, wouldn't have chosen it, but still found himself living what seemed more like a bad TV reality show than a new life in Fairbury. Shortly after his arrival, brother-in-law and local minister Tom Allen sets him up on a year's worth of month- long blind dates. Fairbury's new "most eligible bachelor" is now dreaming of permanent bachelorhood. Will he call it quits, or will one of his "girls of the month" change his mind?

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ISBN-13: 9781477544204
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/20/2012
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Chautona lives and writes in California's Mojave Desert with her husband Kevin, nine children, and three grandchildren. When not lost in another world with her imaginary friends, she home educates her children, enjoys a variety of hobbies, and glances longingly at her trusty laptop, Roger.

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Thirty Days Hath... 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
thall5 5 months ago
Thirty Days Hath Forced into a year of dates with twelve eligible women, was not Adric Garrison’s idea of fun, more like dread and torture, but at the insistency of his sister and bother-in-law, he reluctantly agrees to give it a try. This fun Christian version of The Bachelor, Thirty Days Hath, was an enjoyable story of a man spending an entire year with twelve available women in hopes of finding a woman he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. This story was full of laughs as each woman brought new challenges to the table. I actually felt sorry for Adric as the process went on as I myself was thinking this is never going to work out for him, but then a new one would show up and give me hope again. I especially loved how the author threw in a few twists in the end adding to the excitement of the story. If you are looking for a fun, light story to read, give this book a shot! I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, but was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion of this book.
5643437 7 months ago
Several years ago I made the discovery of an amazing author who was able to capture my heart, my imagination, and my desire to read all in one incredible book. From the time I started reading my first book by Chautona Havig, I was hooked. So when I was given the chance to review “Thirty Days”, I knew I had to do this. Imagine being a Christian and trying to discover the one God created for you. But then, add the idea of a Christian version of The Bachelor (kind-of), only with the added involvement of preachers and only one person at a time. Then add in the crazy idea of spending one month immersed in getting to know that one person under the supervision of a chaperone. That is the premise of this book. I found the idea intriguing. With the help of Adric’s sister and her husband, twelve women are selected to see if in the course of a month they can win his heart. With he addition of chaperones, everything is kept within proper boundaries. Some of the women I have to say I was glad to see leave, like the pink Cadillac driving, Mary Kay selling initial subject. She was much too-overbearing for my taste. But as the story progresses, other ladies enter the scene, but can one win his heart, that is the question you will have to read the book to find out. You see, I hate spoilers and therefore, and therefore I hate being the one to spoil a book for anyone. I will leave you with this, Chautona Havig does a marvelous job of taking the idea of “The Bachelor” and giving it the perfect Christian spin to make a book that is impossible to put down until you know how it ends. So check it out for yourself.
Ourpugs 8 months ago
Thirty days Hath This kinda like the Bachelor series but the Christian version. Adria is meeting a different girl each month. Each one had filled out a questionnaire form. So many different personalities. While reading the book you may find your favorite girl may be different from his, I found the book interesting and fun. I did get tired of reading the questionnaire answers after a few of them. I am not going to say which girl was my favorite. The idea was having a month to get to know each one was definitely a different one. Which one will he choose? I received a complimentary copy of the book from Celebrate Lit. I was not required to write an positive review. This is my own opinion.
Deana0326 8 months ago
I must say this is such a different type of book that I've read from the author. It is definitely unique as the author takes on a controversial show such as The Bachelor and tweeks it to fit a Christian prospective. Adric is a bachelor and has taken on a very unusual task. There are twelve women he has chosen to spend a month with and try to find true love. I liked that each woman had one month one on one with Adric and that there was a chaperone every time. As I started reading I began to realize a few things. Each woman was different but similar. They each had their little quirks but some of them were just so wrong for him. The chatterbox woman needed to be thrown out the door immediately. I was rooting for one woman in particular and won't say who it is. The author does give us a glimpse into flaws we all have and how none of us are perfect. Adric found himself looking inward at himself and knew he had some work to do. There is nothing better than having to face the hard facts. I appreciate how the author delves into insecurity, trust issues, communication skills and learning to love yourself. If you really look at the story deeper, the author supplies great questions we all need to answer with truthfulness. I liked the book because it was more than finding a mate. It was really finding yourself and making a better you inside and out. I didn't like the last part of the story where it got a bit dark. I thought it took away from the story and wished it had been left out. I'm not surprised who Adric ended up with, but it wasn't my choice for him. I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
Erin_Slocum 8 months ago
My thoughts: I recently read my first book by Chautona Havig. It was Meddlin Madeline Dead Letter. Instantly I was hooked on her books and have read the other three in that series. Before I could check the library for all the rest of her books I realized I was on the tour for this one and immediately it was my next read. This book is amazing! It did not read super fast so I did read it through several nursing baby sessions. And I will admit to holding the sleeping baby just so I could keep reading. But the characters were great and you just never knew what was coming next. I mean is he going to fall for the first girl and then cancel the rest? How will he know if he wants to quit or continue? What if he gets a really really bad gal? I mean, you'd think he wouldn't because this is two pastors working together on putting people together. But still. And he does. Whoopee does he. He gets a doozie of a gal. I really don't want to give away the book because you need to read it. But he gets a girl who leaves within a few days, a gal that makes him laugh and enjoy life so much, a girl who holds herself back after showing someone he could fall in love with, a girl that never shows up, and a stalker. For real. A stalker. Like makes her own key to his house kind of thing. Of course, I think my favorite part is when Adric is rocking the sleeping baby. There is just something about a man rocking a sleeping baby. Swoon. Be still my heart. Great read. Get a copy now. And then read more of her books. She's binge worthy guys. I don't binge on tv shows or netflix, I binge books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago