Thirty Days Later: Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time

Thirty Days Later: Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time


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Hang on to the edge of your seat with this exciting anthology of Steampunk flash fiction, featuring pairs of stories thirty days apart. Filled with rayguns and corsets, ghosts and gamblers, dragons and airships, Thirty Days Later features stories of intrigue and deceit, of comeuppance and conspiracy, of myths and monsters, of defectors and dilettantes, of time travel and time relentlessly passing. Join us in a nail-biting exploration of the churning worlds of gears, steam, action, and adventure!

Join us for fantastical stories from authors including Harry Turtledove, Kirsten Weiss, Katherine Morse and David Drake, Anthony Francis, Lillian Csernica, Steve DeWinter, and Sharon E. Cathcart as we journey through time and genre.

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ISBN-13: 9781942480105
Publisher: Thinking Ink, LLC
Publication date: 05/13/2016
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

THIRTY DAYS LATER: STEAMING FORWARD: 30 ADVENTURES IN TIME DEDICATION A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS PART !: THE STORY BEGINS "A Linear Mystery" by T.E. MacArthur - 1 "Ghost and the Birdman" by AJ Sikes - 9 "Visitor from the East" by Harry Turtledove - 17 "The Compassionate Moon" by David L. Drake & Katherine L. Morse - 25 "The Fall of the Falcon" by Anthony Francis - 31 "The Engraved Chest" by Kirsten Weiss - 39 "The Clockwork Writer, Part I" by Steve DeWinter - 49 "The Light of the Moon" by Michael Tierney - 55 "Airship" by Janice Thompson - 63 "Adelaide's Trial" by BJ Sikes - 65 "Courting Adventure" by Emily Thompson - 71 "Two Days in June, Part I" by Sharon E. Cathcart - 81 "From the Ground" by Justin Andrew Hoke - 91 "Putting on Airs" by Lillian Csernica - 93 "Wild Card" by Dover Whitecliff - 105 PART II: THIRTY DAYS LATER "Minotaur in the Mist" by T.E. MacArthur - 117 "Ghost Bets the House" by AJ Sikes - 127 "Peace is Better" by Harry Turtledove - 135 "The Traitor Moon" by Katherine L. Morse & David Drake - 143 "The Rise of the Dragonfly" by Anthony Francis - 151 "The Honorable Eddy" by Kirsten Weiss - 163 "The Clockwork Writer, Part II" by Steve DeWinter - 171 "The Shadows of the Moon" by Michael Tierney - 175 "Dragon" by Janice Thompson - 183 "Adelaide's Triumph" by BJ Sikes - 185 "Adventure Realized" by Emily Thompson - 193 "Two Days in June, Part II" by Sharon E. Cathcart - 201 "From the Sky" by Justin Andrew Hoke - 205 "Blown Sky High" by Lillian Csernica - 207 "Straight Flush" by Dover Whitecliff - 215 ABOUT THE AUTHORS -227

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