This Art: A Copper Canyon Ares Poetica Anthology

This Art: A Copper Canyon Ares Poetica Anthology

by Michael Wiegers

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ISBN-13: 9781619321168
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Publication date: 06/01/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 838 KB

Table of Contents

Art Class3
"Once I got a postcard"4
Always on the Train5
On the Subject of Poetry6
Geo-Bestiary #X7
The Allure of Forms8
365 Poems9
Voices (an excerpt)12
What We Need Words For14
Georgi Borisov in Paris15
Speech Alone16
Ars Poetica17
Thoughts on a Night Journey19
The Purchase20
You Can Start the Poetry Now, Or: News from Crazy Horse21
The Useful23
Love Poem24
These Poems, She Said25
Writing Class28
Why do poets write?30
In Hiding31
A Woman Writer Does Laundry32
"To write more"33
Learning a Dead Language34
By the Rivers38
After Our War40
August 22, 193941
What Issa Heard45
Drinking Alone on a Spring Night46
Word Drunk47
A Physics of Sudden Light49
Writing the Poem51
Homage to the Word-Hoard52
The Book of Questions #XXI54
From My Notebook55
Theory and Practice in Poetry58
Loading a Boar60
Imperfect Poetry and Meaningless Poetry61
To No One in Particular62
Ars Poetica: A Stone Soup64
The Impossible Indispensability of the Ars Poetica66
Who I Write For68
Still Another Day #xxviii71
Dedicated to You72
Sounds of the Resurrected Dead Man's Footsteps (#2)74
Poetic Voice76
I Can't Write a Poem about Class Rage77
Comment on this: in the real scheme of things, poetry is marginal79
Ars Poetica80
Somebody Consoles Me with a Poem82
Some Part of the Lyric84
A Tao of Poetry (an excerpt)85
On Exploration86
Ars Poetica88
Poetry Reading at the Varna Ruins89
Instructions to Be Left Behind90
Poem without Music92
Parable of the Voices94
Recording the Spirit Voices95
Ars Poetica97
Going Back to the Convent98
Early Spring East of Town103
I Know How Every Poet104
Braided Creek (an excerpt)105
An Introduction to My Anthology106
They Say107
For the Seventh Day108
Singing Aloud110
Poetry Reading111
The Meaning of Life112
The Story of the End of the Story117
Poetry is verdant118
Revisionist Poem--Octavio Paz119
Do Not Speak Keresan to a Mescalero Apache120
Because the Eye Is a Flower Whose Root Is the Hand121
Night Seasons122
Our Mother Talks about Metaphor124
The Moon Is a Diamond125
Ars Poetica126
And It Came to Pass127
The Ambassador129
What Keeps130
The Word Between the World and God131
Erasing Stars132
Morning Star133
Daily ritual134
At Seventy-five: Rereading an Old Book136
Stories Are Made of Mistakes137
Daddy Out Hitch-Hiking At 3:00 a.m.140
On This Side of the River141
The Magician-Made Tree (an excerpt)143
Homage to Life: Jules Supervielle146
The Snow and the Plum--I148
The Snow and the Plum--II148
Country Scene149
The Last Poem in the World150
About the Poets153
About the Editor165

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