This Can't Wait: Talking with Your Kids about Sex

This Can't Wait: Talking with Your Kids about Sex

by Scott Talley


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ISBN-13: 9780891120339
Publisher: Abilene Christian University Press
Publication date: 08/28/2000

Table of Contents

1We're Gonna Talk to Our Kids About What?27
Parental Sexuality28
The Journey31
Not All Bad News34
Myths About Sex Education36
For Further Thought42
2Where do They Hear all This Stuff?45
Who Is Teaching Our Kids46
Media Influence51
What's A Parent To Do?54
For Further Thought58
3Hey, Mom, Can I Ask You Something?61
Becoming Askable61
Are You An Askable Parent?63
Askable Parent Quiz64
Communicating With Our Children76
For Further Thought84
4Boundaries, Guidelines, Fences, Cows, and Kids87
Parenting Styles--Do I Have to Choose?88
Extremes Can Produce Negative Results90
Guidelines and Principles for Establishing Practical Limits91
A Final Word and a Letter102
For Further Thought106
5I Don't Know How to Handle a Sex Talk!109
Guidelines for Talking About Sex109
Here's What the Experts Say111
A Final Word125
For Further Thought126
6Babies, Preschoolers, and Sex129
Sex Education for Babies (Ages Birth-3 years)130
Sex Education for Preschoolers (Ages 2-5)137
Where Did I Come From?144
Typical Questions Asked by Preschoolers145
For Further Thought148
7The Carefree Years151
Early Elementary Years--Ages 6-9151
Sexual Play (Playing Doctor) Is Winding Down152
Dirty Words and Smutty Jokes Are Winding Up152
Male/Female Body Structure154
Sex Roles and Identity156
Boys and Girls159
Increased Awareness of Pregnancy and Intercourse161
Self-Esteem Plus Character and Morality164
Sexual Abuse and Molestation167
Typical Questions Asked by Early Elementary Children170
For Further Thought173
8You're Preparing Me for What?175
Preteen Years--Ages 10-12175
Help! Something Is Happening to My Body!179
Female Puberty179
Male Puberty185
Help Me! (What Parents Can Do)189
Masturbation: Curse, Sin, or Gift?194
Subjects That Should Be Discussed Prior to Puberty202
Final Word203
For Further Thought204
9Help, We've Got a Teenager207
Early Adolescence--Ages 13-15207
Worries, Concerns, Pressures, and Developmental Tasks of Early Adolescence208
Dad, Mom, and Teen211
Early Physical Development and Hurrying Children211
Peer Pressure216
Purposes, Guidelines, Limits, and Controls for Dating229
Date Rape237
How Do Adolescents Think?241
For Further Thought248
10They're Almost Gone251
Late Adolescence--Ages 16-19251
Romance, Love, Sex, and Intimacy252
Differences Between Love and Sex3256
How Far Is Too Far?257
The Gift262
Person or Object263
Where's Daddy?264
What If Pregnancy Occurs?267
Characteristics of a Sexually Healthy Adolescent273
Almost Gone276
For Further Thought279
11Additional Difficult Topics281
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)282
Birth Control--Contraception288
Single Parents and Sexuality307
Pornography and the Internet311
The Negative and Harmful Effects of Pornography314
What should parents do?316
For Further Thought321
12Final Thoughts325
The Church's Role325
Fear Versus Lordship332
A Spiritual Act335

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