This Earl of Mine: A Bow Street Bachelors Novel

This Earl of Mine: A Bow Street Bachelors Novel

by Kate Bateman

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"Bateman's scintillating first Bow Street Bachelors Regency is full of intense emotions and dramatic twists. Intelligent, affable characters make this fast-paced novel shine, especially for fans of clever women and the men who sincerely admire them. Future installments will be eagerly anticipated by Regency readers." -- Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

Introducing the Bow Street Bachelors—men who work undercover for London’s first official police force—and the women they serve to protect. . .and wed?


Shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed is done with men who covet her purse more than her person. Even worse than the ton’s lecherous fortune hunters, however, is the cruel cousin determined to force Georgie into marriage. If only she could find a way to be . . . widowed? Georgie hatches a madcap scheme to wed a condemned criminal before he’s set to be executed. All she has to do is find an eligible bachelor in prison to marry her, and she’ll be free. What could possibly go wrong?


Benedict William Henry Wylde, scapegrace second son of the late Earl of Morcott and well-known rake, is in Newgate prison undercover, working for Bow Street. Georgie doesn’t realize who he is when she marries him—and she most certainly never expects to bump into her very-much-alive, and very handsome, husband of convenience at a society gathering weeks later. Soon Wylde finds himself courting his own wife, hoping to win her heart since he already has her hand. But how can this seductive rogue convince brazen, beautiful Georgie that he wants to be together…until actual death do they part?

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ISBN-13: 9781250305961
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: Bow Street Bachelors , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,368
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Kate Bateman, (also writing as K. C. Bateman), is the #1 bestselling author of historical romances, including her RITA® nominated Renaissance romp, The Devil To Pay, and the novels in the Secrets&Spies series To Steal a Heart, A Raven’s Heart, and A Counterfeit Heart. When not writing novels that feature feisty, intelligent heroines and sexy, snarky heroes you want to both strangle and kiss, Kate works as a fine art appraiser and on-screen antiques expert for several popular TV shows in the UK. She splits her time between Illinois and her native England. Follow her on Twitter to learn more.

Kate Bateman, (also writing as K. C. Bateman), is the #1 bestselling author of Regency, Victorian, and Renaissance historical romances, including the Secrets&Spies series: To Steal a Heart, A Raven’s Heart and A Counterfeit Heart. All her books feature her favorite feisty, intelligent heroines (badasses in bodices!), wickedly inappropriate banter, and sexy, snarky heroes you want to both strangle and kiss.

Kate wrote her first historical romance in response to a $1 bet with her husband who rashly claimed she'd 'never finish the thing.' She gleefully proved him wrong. When not traveling to exotic locations 'for research', she leads a not-so-secret double life as a fine art appraiser and on-screen antiques expert for several TV shows in the UK, each of which has up to 2.5 million viewers. She splits her time between Illinois and her native England, and writes despite three inexhaustible children and that number-loving husband who still owes her that dollar.

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This Earl of Mine 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
gaele 17 days ago
Georgiana Caversteed is a wealthy woman in her own right, but should she marry any of the suitors more interested in her fortune than herself, she’ll lose all of the control of her late father’s shipping business: one that she has been successfully running for the last few years. She’s decided that as a married woman she’ll have nothing – but as a widow – she can proceed with her life and run her business, and not take a chance that her actions will damage her younger sister’s chances or reputation. To that end, she concocts a plan with the help of her father’s right-hand man, now hers. She will marry a convict from Newgate, one scheduled to be hanged. The marriage will be proper and carefully orchestrated – and with her new status, she can claim he’s away sailing on one of her father’s ships – and still maintain her life as she wants it. With everything arranged and sorted, she’s presented with an alternative to her original choice: Ben Wylde, and the two are married. Ben is a second son and his brother, the Earl, is struggling to keep the family estates running after their father ran up untold debts. With little to look forward to in terms of allowances or money, Ben joined the military and distinguished himself. When he left, he and his two best friends opened a new sort of gaming hell – one that admits anyone able to pay the price of membership and settle their debts. Ben’s the only one of the group without his own fortune, in fact he sends all he can spare to his brother to help him manage the estate. Because of their connections in society and their skill after warfare, Ben and his friends are also working for the Crown and their efforts are to find and root out continued support for Napoleon in England. But the marriage, with little choice, is something intriguing -made more so by the woman he finds attractive – even if he’s determined never to marry or allow himself to be hurt. The mystery here and the character’s motivations for this marriage of convenience is truly the highlight – Ben needs Georgiana’s ships and business sense, she needs his name to continue her life – while neither expected that, beneath the frustration of things not going as ‘originally’ planned, there is an attraction that is not simply physical. Georgiana is bright and logical, with a head for business that belies what many would think of her sex in the time. And Ben is, despite his protestations, one who wants love and security, especially after Waterloo, and having Georgiana on his side will help with his spying and ‘second job”. With great conversations, a slow burn of romance that pops up unexpectedly after long focus on the ‘mission’, and the characters of Ben and Georgiana being perfect matches for one another, this is an interesting start to a new series. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
MalkaShayna 10 hours ago
A delightful read, written with a humorous voice, with endearing characters and a intriguing plot. I read an ARC from and this is my unbiased and voluntary review. Similar to the old Doublemint gum commercial, this has two romances going on, doubling the pleasure to the reader. Georgiana Caversteed is her father's daughter. She inherited his fine business sense, inquisitive mind and sense of adventure. He started teaching her about their shipping business when she was still a young girl and since his untimely death, she has run Caversteed Shipping and increased their wealth. However, it is fortune hunters that she fears, especially her cousin Josiah, who has gambled away his inheritance and wants to control hers. She comes up with a scheme to marry a condemned man, makinge her a widow. The plan goes awry, when the man dies first and the jailer instead offers her a man who has been condemned to be deported, Ben Wylde, ex rifle-brigade, penniless veteran of waterloo. She does not trust her cousin to wait for another condemned man, so reluctantly agrees. Benedict William Henry Wylde, second son of the late Earl of Morcott, decorated war hero and now working for Bow Street and part owner of the Tricorn Club, is in NewGate prison undercover, tracking down a rumor of an attempt to rescue Napoleon from St Helen. He is forced to go along with the farce, expecting to undo it, once he is free. With the marriage certificate in hand, she tells her mother, sister and cousin that she married a sailor. On her twenty-fifth birthday, she finally feels secure, until Benedict Wylde confronts her at a ball. Having concluded that the marriage can not legally be put aside, they decide that he will court her, have a public wedding and then go their separate ways. But as best laid plans often go astray, they both find themselves drawn to each other, despite the constant humorous interruptions, they have similar philosophies of life and Georgie finally gets a real adventure. They get a HEA, which neither ever expected.
Lavern714 1 days ago
Georgiana Caversteed goes to Newgate to find a husband. Yes, that's right. She's looking to avoid the advances of her overeager, penniless cousin. She thinks if she marries someone who is about to be hanged, she can live out her days as a widow, continue to run the very lucrative shipping company her father taught her to run and not be bothered by societal conventions. Newgate is fresh out of men about to be hanged, though, so she has to settle for a prisoner destined for the next ship to Australia. However, he's not really a prisoner, he's Benedict Wylde, a spy working for the crown. As soon as he is able after his release, Ben meets with Georgie and tries to get out of the marriage, but it turns out to be harder than he thought. So, they hatch a plan to have a fake courtship and part ways to live separate lives after the wedding. Somewhere along the way, though, they fall in love! I haven't read a historical romance that was this much fun in a long time. There are swords, pistols, knives, an escape in a submarine and a kidnapping! Georgie continues to be her practical self through all of it. Her expectations to be included in all of Ben's adventures made this book very enjoyable! I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author for my reading enjoyment!
ReneeElizabeth 5 days ago
What an absolutely dazzling read. This Earl of Mine basically sums up everything that I love about historical romance. Charming and witty with a dash of danger. Characters that make you fall in love with them. I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series.
KindleLady 5 days ago
What a fun story! I loved the main characters, Georgie and Benedict, they had a wonderful banter between them and weren't caught up in constant angst about their unusual relationship. The supporting characters showed promise too. This is my first book by this author, and I look forward to reading more of this series, and her other books. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book and give my honest opinion.
CathyGeha 6 days ago
This Earl of Mine by Kate Bateman Bow Street Bachelors #1 Reading the book description I was taken back to reading a book my father shared with me – a book in which a woman in need of a husband also went to a prison to find a condemned man to marry. The two books diverged from there though neither husband actually bit the dust by the end of the book they starred in. Both men were definitely more than the bride expected and both were fallen in love with by their wives before the end of the stories. In this book we have wealthy Georgiana “Georgie” Caversteed being hounded by despicable cousin Josiah. He wants her money and isn’t planning to take no for an answer. Thus, the reason for the marriage of convenience. Georgie has plenty of money but no desire to wed the men in the ton that she has met already. There was a frisson of interest when Georgie met Benedict “Ben” Wylde but she realized that it was NOT real since...he was a dirty prisoner...until she experienced the same feeling when she ran into Benedict at a ball the next time. This book had the two falling for one another slowly while they also spent time trying to solve a case Benedict and his friends were working on for Bow Street. There is a side story of Georgie’s sister Juliet and Simeon and the lead into the idea that either Seb or Alex, Benedict’s friends, will get their stories in books to come. The book did not stand out to me as something new or different but it was an enjoyable way to spend the day. Did I enjoy this book? Yes Would I read more in the series? Yes Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Paperbacks for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
Horsebranchjess 7 days ago
This Earl of Mine is a marriage of convenience romance to true love story. Georgiana Caversteed is a very wealthy woman and every man she meets wants one thing, her purse strings. In pursuit of her freedom, Georgiana marries a prisoner bound for deportation only Ben Wylde is an undercover spy for the crown and not going anywhere. Georgiana and Ben's vows are binding and they make an arrangement to make the best of a situation. The couple work well together even in the pursuit of stopping traitors and the HEA comes as no surprise. With a strong female heroine and swoon worthy hero, the story is totally predictable but sweet just the same and a wonderful pick me up for down days. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
Lindsey_Gray11 7 days ago
While on a mission for Bow Street, Benedict is somewhat forced to marry heiress, Georgiana Caversteed. Georgie just wants a husband in name only to save her from her lecherous cousin, Josiah. When Benedict and Georgie see each other across a crowded ballroom, the gameplan is demolished. I was so excited to dig into another Kate Bateman novel! She did not disappoint me with the sweeping romance between Ben and Georgie. I love how she flipped the script with a wealthy woman and a penniless, yet valiant young man. Of course, there is the dastardly villain to contend with on the pair’s road to wedded bliss. Cousin Josiah is about as disgusting as any money-grabber could be. He never fathomed that Georgie would do something so devious as to sneak out and marry another. His plan to hold all of the Caversteed fortunes is halted, but not forgotten. As Georgie and Ben get to know one another, the desire for a true marriage becomes almost overwhelming. With a lovestruck younger sister, a hellish cousin, and a rake of a husband, Georgie has her hands full all while trying to run a shipping empire. While Ben initially thinks the best way to proceed is divorce, the determined and kind Georgie turns his entire belief system upside down. While Bateman wove her love story, she kept me guessing at every turn. I hope she has even more love and secrets to share as the series continues. I received This Earl of Mine for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
FadedPages 7 days ago
5/5 stars I loved this start to a new romance series that was filled with bits of adventure and the most unique meet cute! ***Thank you so much to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for granting me this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis In order to escape from marrying her creepy cousin, Georgiana Caversteed, heiress to a shipping fortune, propositions a man on death row in Newgate prison. Unfortunately for her, Benedict Wylde did not die as planned since he was truly there working undercover as a spy. Did I mention their marriage of convenience is legit and cannot be easily annulled? Pacing & Points of View The overall pacing for this story was lightning fast! I read this one in a day and I loved reading both Georgie's and Ben's point of view. Characters I absolutely loved reading about Georgie, Ben and several of the other characters. The sizzling tension and sparks between Georgie and Ben had me from the very beginning! I was hooked completely from the start with their meet cute which was more meet crazy/dangerous and couldn't stop reading all the way through until the end. Georgiana was such a strong-minded business woman for her time and I loved how she got a little nerdy when it came time to talk anything maritime. Ben had a very strong presence in the story and I loved how devoted he was to his family and friends. I really enjoyed reading the bits of comradery between Ben and his two brothers in arms from the war, Alex and Seb. Hopefully, those two are in the next few books! Another side character worth mentioning is Georgiana's sister Juliet. She was such a ditz and her actual Romeo & Juliet side romance made me laugh here and there. Overall Overall I loved this story filled with banter, a bit of action and adventure, and plenty of romance! I can't recommend this one enough to those that want a good story with their historical romance. I truly cannot wait to read the rest of the series in the future!
FanniAnn 7 days ago
Wow, i just love a really good historical novel and this one sure does fit that description, from the beginning i was lost in my imagination enjoying every page. I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
SarkuraCherryBlossom 11 days ago
Title: This Earl Of Mine Series: The Bow Street Bachelors #1 Author: Kate Bateman Genre: Historical Romance Pages: 336 St.Martin's Paperbacks October 29,2019 Rating: 5 The first book in a new Regency romance series, an heiress and a rogue accidentally end up in a secret marriage of convenience. In a desperate bid to keep her fortune out of her cousin's hands, shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed marries a condemned criminal in Newgate prison. The scoundrel's first kiss is shockingly heated, but Georgie never expects to see her husband again. Until she spots him across a crowded ballroom. Notorious rogue Benedict Wylde never expected a wife. He was in Newgate undercover, working for Bow Street. To keep their marriage of convenience a secret, Wylde courts Georgie in public, but the more time they spend together, the more their attraction sparks. Could an heiress with the world at her feet find happiness with a penniless rake? Kate Bateman's This Earl of Mine is a delightful start to the Bow Street Bachelors series, with witty banter, dynamic characters, and swoon-worthy romance My thoughts Would I recommend it? yes Will I be reading the rest of this series? yes Would I read more by this author? yes I have to say that thanks to St.Martin's Press I've found a new historical romance series to read and love , because out of all the romance genres I read that is one of my all time favorite ones to get lost in to . As well as finding a new author, the characters come off strong , as well as independent and smart,and while the story is a bit far- fetched ,that's one of the things I love about historical romance and this story because its made to get lost in and not think about how your day was or what you have to. There was times that the characters made me smile and fell more in love with them as the story went on, with that said I want to say thank you to Netgalley as well as St.Martin's Press for letting read and review it exchange for my honest opinion and I can't wait to read the next one when it comes out.
Robin_Snyder 11 days ago
What do you do when you have a large inheritance coming your way, a cousin trying to put you into a compromising position so you have to marry him and no male in your family to protect you? You marry a condemned man in Newgate, of course. It will be so easy, marry and become a widow within a week and move on to run your deceased fathers shipping business. Totally easy. Well except Georgie married someone pretending to be an inmate and then her plan goes up in smoke when she realizes he is the second son of an impoverished house. Benedict Wylde’s father gambled away their entire fortune and left the estate penniless and in debt when he died. Back from the war, Ben is helping his brother with any money he can earn to keep it all afloat. As such he was undercover in Newgate, trying to unravel a plot to free Napoleon from his island prison. He was not expecting an heiress to come in and marry him. She is pretty though, smart and possibly a little wild. Benedict can’t wait until she finds out that she not only did she not marry a condemned man but one who is part owner in a gentleman’s club on Bow Street. Ben and Georgie suit each other nicely. He sees the woman she is and how she was made to run the shipping company her father started. She’s only ever been pursued for her money, but as he gets to know Georgie, he decides this marriage of convenience might not be such a bad thing, he is definitely attracted to her. Now he just has to convince her that he wants her and not her fortune. To lessen the scandal, the couple agree that Ben will court Georgiana in public for the season, with a proposal at the end, then they will go their separate ways. Well, this is a romance, so we all know that really isn’t going to happen but it is fun to play along for a while. Both main characters are extremely likable and have a nice banter about them. The side plot of trying to find the Napoleon sympathizers and a stolen submarine was a little bit fun and added some side notes to the story. I did feel a little like I got a history lesson on shipping while reading this and some of the details felt thrown in instead of weaved into the story, but that is a small complaint. Overall this was a fun marriage of strangers to lover’s tale and a nice set up for a few more books involving the trio of war heroes turned gentleman club owners. It has some nice dialogue and moments, I would have liked a smidge more humor and possibly less attempted sexual assault, there are other ways to build tension. The romance aspect was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. “Juliet thinks Mr Pettigrew is extremely talented.” He sent her a droll glance. “Yes, but I bet Juliet also thinks rainbows are made from magical fairy dust and that dragons live in Scotland,” he muttered. “Who’s to say she’s not right about the dragons?” “Basic common sense? Complete lack of empirical evidence? Zero credible sightings for hundreds of years?” “It’s rather ironic, don’t you think, that someone is planning to rescue the French emperor with a British-made submarine designed by an American?”
Anonymous 11 days ago
A great start to a new series. I'm always disappointed when an author creates a strong female heroine who then does something completely stupid... This book avoids that scenario. Georgiana is that strong female character with a well matched hero. This book also has an interesting original "meet" that I've not seen similarly done before. Kudos to Kate Bateman for originality. I thoroughly enjoyed This Earl is Mine and look forward to the next in the series.
Darlene491 11 days ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This Earl Of Mine, by Kate Bateman, is available at booksellers on 10-29-19. The first in a new series, The Bow Street Bachelors, it sets the tone for stories to come. While I enjoyed this book from start to finish, I'm only giving 3 stars. Everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the plot, it became comical. The characters are witty, even secondary ones have bon mots. Almost everyone has a job, that's refreshing, and there are still stereotypical historical romance characters interspersed throughout the story. What is enjoyably different is also the most unbelievable. A dominate female running a large company and none of the men balk? Georgie Caversteed is an ace at her job but everyone acts as if it's no big deal. Suitors may not like it but she's still invited to ton events. It was a long time before money overshadowed a lack of title, no matter how much money it was. Georgie is a very likeable lady, always 2 steps ahead with a plan, even if it's really out there. She's too 20th century to be in a historical story but she's just great. Ben Wyled, former soldier & broke civilian, is believable. Ben Wylde, broke & owning a share of a club is not. He's also not an Earl until after the HEA and right before "the end". The title is a stretch. He's spying for the crown, which lots of characters do, but it's very involved, not just information. He was incarcerated in Newgate prison to ferret out members of a gang. Way too 20th century for me. I like him though, he's fun, adventurous, never boring, just ton enough to be invited out, he's single and handsome too. I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading To Catch An Earl in June of 2020. Happy reading. #Netgalley #KateBateman #StMartin"sPaperbacks #ThisEarlOfMine #TheBowStreetBachelors
pinkcowlandreads 11 days ago
When you are an heiress with more money than all your suitors combined, how do you choose a groom? The answer to that question is to dive into the depths of Newgate prison and buy yourself a husband on the night before he is hanged. A widows life is where it is at! Only there is one small problem… what if there are no condemned criminals available on the night you have decided to take your husband? … What is instead you end up married to one of Londons most notorious rogues? And lastly, what if he’s penniless to boot??? Shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed has done just that, now she and her scapegrace husband, Benedict Wylde need to come up with a. Plan to save face and each of them get what they want in the. She wants independence and freedom from all the fortune hunters, while Ben just needs some cash to help his debt ridden brother, the Earl of Morcott? Will this unlikely pair survive the rest of the season and find their own happiness? This was fun read and an interesting way to push the two characters together. I loved their interactions and watching them grow together. I received a complimentary copy of this book from St. Martin's Press through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. #ThisEarlOfMine #KateBateman #NetGalley #pinkcowlandreads
Kasey_Baril 13 days ago
**Disclaimer: I was given an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.** I normally don't gravitate to historical romances with cliche book covers, but OH. MY. GOD. Where have I been? Is this my new favorite genre? I read this eARC in one sitting and loved every minute of it. Kate Bateman writes a slew of relatable characters with sly/witty dialogue, and on top of it, her ~smutty~ scenes aren't cringe-worthy like similar books can be. The secondary plot/mystery was kinda meh, but it still provided excitement~
Loy3 14 days ago
This is a very good story. Georgina needs a husband to keep her independence and fortune out of the hands of her greedy relative. She heads to Newgate prison and marries what she thinks is a convicted felon. Benedict is the second son of an Earl and undercover at the prison. They bump into each other at society gathering weeks later. the romance and adventure begin. Benedict woos her and there is some adventure and excitement. This was a good regency romance. The story was fresh and well written I really enjoyed it. I voluntarily reviewed this book.
DebbieLTD 14 days ago
Great, fast read. Georgiana is a wealthy heiress who is being sought after by eligible men simply for her wealth, the most persistent being her cousin. In order to maintain control of her money and property, she decides to go to the local prison and marry a criminal about to be executed. Then she will be a widow and can control her own fortune. But, marrying Benedict Wylde doesn't go as planned, and soon Georgie is faced with the hard truth that her husband is not only alive, but handsome and full of adventure. Can the two find a way to join their very different worlds and live happily ever after, or will they be forced to deny their attraction? Enjoyed this book, kept me engaged from cover to cover. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
moonfox1234 14 days ago
I was of two minds about this book. There were things I liked and things that I didn't. As for the good: I enjoyed the characters. Georgie and Ben were both likable. Together I thought they made a very fun couple. Now for the bad: The plot required the reader to completely ignore reality. A storyline that had zero plausability is going to be a big turn-off for readers that are knowledgable about the era and are all about the details and facts. I do not consider myself anywhere near an expert but, while the author may have thought this story would come across as cute, it was simply too far fetched for me to buy. If these things do not bother you, it is not a awful read. For me though it was just OK.
CarissaR 14 days ago
loved, loVED, LOVED!!!!! I've been seeing Kate pop up so much in my fb groups and on top of learning about her awesome work background, I'm especially intrigued! This is my first full length read of hers and I can't say enough of how awesome this read was. The imagery Kate painted was perfect, especially the first chapters and the first meeting of Ben and Georgiana! I suggest going in blind because with the way how the story flowed, its a book you don't want to put down. I would put this as if you loved The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne, then you'll love this one too. It just had a similar feel for both of them in my opinion. I can't wait for the next one in this series! I received this book at my request and have voluntarily left this unbiased review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
EileenAW 15 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Georgie and Benedict’s story in This Earl of Mine by Kate Bateman, book one in her Bow Street Bachelors series. This fantastic Regency romance of an heiress and a rogue accidentally ending up in a secret marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes. Desperate to keep her fortune away from her cousin, shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed resorts to marry a condemned criminal in Newgate prison. Georgie is surprised at the heat from the kiss she shared with her scoundrel of a husband. Georgie never expects to see her husband again, so imagine her shock when she spies him across a crowded ballroom. Notorious rogue Benedict Wylde never expected to have a wife, especially while undercover in Newgate, working for Bow Street. In order to keep their marriage of convenience a secret, Benedict courts Georgie in public; but the more time they spend together, the more they enjoy each other’s company. They could have invented electricity considering the way sparks flew between them. Now if only this heiress, who could own the world, find love and happiness with a penniless rake. Ms. Bateman wrote a wonderful story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, witty banter, endearing character, and a swoon worthy romance giving Georgie and Benedict a chance at love, happiness, and a future neither expected. I highly recommend This Earl of Mine to other readers and look forward to reading the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Crystal61 15 days ago
This story definitely started off on a different step. I loved how Georgie tried to get control of her life. As her plans unravel, I enjoyed the journey. Ben was an interesting pairing, and I loved them together. Danger, secrets, and humor carried the story to the end. I recommend this story. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
PegC51 15 days ago
Georgiana Caversteed is very wealthy and is accustomed to and adept at fending of fortune hunters. When her noxious cousin attempts to compromise her in order to marry and access her fortune, she has reached the limit of her patience. Her plan is quite daring, rather, quite desperate. She will marry a condemned prisoner and then live as a widow. When the prisoner chosen for her dies before the wedding, the guards force his cellmate, Benedict Wylde, to take his place. The problem? Benedict is not really a prisoner, but the second son of an Earl and an undercover agent for Bow Street. The other problem? He can’t get out of marrying the girl without blowing his cover. He will have to try to straighten it all out later. Believing her plan has succeeded, imagine the shock of seeing Ben at a ball several weeks later. Once the shock wears off and she learns the truth, they decide they Ben will court her, they will marry publicly, and then go their separate ways. Now, you know about best laid plans, right? The characters in this story, with the exception of slimy cousin Josiah, are intelligent, independent, caring, and a bit cautious. Georgie runs the shipping company her father left her competently and expertly. She takes care of the business and the people who work for her. She loves and cares for her family. Ben served the country in the war in France. He is courageous and intelligent. He and his brother, the Earl, were left impoverished by their father and are working hard to make the estate sound and profitable again. Ben is unfortunately quite poor, but he is not a fortune hunter. He is honorable and perfectly agreeable not to make claim on Georgie’s fortune. The couple spends a great deal of time together and start down the road to a possible happy future. Several things help this along, Georgie’s curiosity about Ben’s case, her desire for adventure, and her overwhelming need to satisfy their physical attraction. This is a great start for the new series. The story is compelling and somewhat different. Ben and Georgie are fantastic. The chemistry between them sizzles. I love the side story of her sister’s romance, the way she made sure cousin Josiah would no longer be a problem, and the two absolutely awesome surprises at the end. A great read! I enjoyed and recommend it. I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
andreajanelreads 15 days ago
I was provided with an ARC of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Georgie is trying to escape the grasping marital clutches of her revolting cousin and keep control of the shipping empire her father left behind. She comes to the conclusion that the easiest way to accomplish her goals is to marry a convict sentenced to transportation. She'll then have the protection of her married status with none of the interference or headache. But her chosen quarry has been imprisoned under false pretenses - and he doesn't disappear. Instead he shows up at the edge of a ballroom, intent on claiming his bride. Georgie is forced to renegotiate their deal. Together, Georgie and Benedict embark on a grand adventure to rescue England from Napoleon's machinations, and fall in love despite being kidnapped, shot at and subjected to the worst poetry imaginable. The lightning fast repartee, the hilarious innuendos, the steamy intimate scenes, and the effortless character portrayals reeled me in completely.
silvatrend8553 15 days ago
WILL A FALSE MARRIAGE LEAD TO TRUE AND LASTING LOVE? Shipping heiress Georgiana Caversteed is done with men who covet her purse more than her person. Even worse than the ton’s lecherous fortune hunters, however, is the cruel cousin determined to force Georgie into him. If only she can find a way to escape his machinations. Benedict William Henry Wylde, scapegrace second son of the late Earl of Morcott and well-known rake, is in Newgate prison undercover, working for Bow Street. No wonder that Georgie doesn’t realize who he is when she marries him. She most certainly never expects to bump into her very-much-alive, and very handsome, husband of convenience at a society gathering weeks later. The start of a new series can define how the expectations of the books to follow. That being said I look for more and better in this series. This is book #1 in Bow Street Bachelors series.This book is filled with humor, danger and romance. The plot is a very good if unexpected one and I loved these characters. Georgie is my kind of determined heroine and Benedict is an unusual and enchanting hero. This is my first time reading this author's work as Kate Bateman but I believe I may have read at least one of her K.C. Bateman titles. This book is escapist and entertaining historical romance at it's best. It is the kind of book I would put on my keeper shelf to re-read. I gave this book a solid 4.0 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization. Even the scruffy street rat type of characters make a lasting impression in this convoluted tale. I received a complimentary ARC of this book to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.