This Is How We Roll: A Coach's Guide to Transforming Conflict into High Performance

This Is How We Roll: A Coach's Guide to Transforming Conflict into High Performance

by Nadia Kyba


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Conflict for the win!

Who knew the way to the championship was moving through conflict? It’s what most dread, and it’s the only way for teams to make it, to grow together, to become stronger—and to win.

Bring out your inner social worker.

In This Is How We Roll, athlete, coach and social worker, Nadia Kyba, brings you easy-to-understand social work concepts and tools that you can apply now to transform conflict on your team to growth and performance. Full of stories and examples, this is your guide to the often difficult conversations required for true, lasting conflict resolution.

Your team brand speaks for you.

This Is How We Roll is a light, fun journey through the process of creating a unique team brand that will set your team apart in every practice, game and tournament. Both on and off the court, ice or field, witness your team transform through the conflict resolution method of champions.

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ISBN-13: 9781999250904
Publisher: Now What Facilitation
Publication date: 11/12/2019
Pages: 260
Sales rank: 380,500
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About the Author

Nadia Kyba is a lifelong athlete with a deep love of sport. She believes a single positive experience in organized sport can be life changing for the young, the old and the in- between. Working in the field of alternate dispute resolution in the child welfare system for 22 years, Nadia has developed tried-and-tested techniques and unique methods of conflict management that can be effectively applied in coach-athlete-parent-trainer dynamics in all individual and team sports.

Nadia currently applies her skill as a trainer at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and other agencies where she trains social workers, and in sports leagues where she helps teams take advantage of differences rather than falling into the many traps of divisive behavior.

Nadia's company, Now What Facilitation, assists athletic organizations in simplifying their work by developing their capacity to manage and resolve conflict. She focuses on essential policies, protocols, training and techniques for effective decision-making. Her clients have included provincial sport administrators and coaches, as well as athletic teams ranging from the high school to the collegiate level.

Nadia has also learned much from her husband, Jim, and daughters, Lucy and Abby, all of whom are multi-sport athletes and coaches. They have provided invaluable and up-close insight into the foundation of her approach to conflict resolution in sport.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Conflict Is Not Only Inevitable; It’s Necessary

The B Word

How Is Conflict a Good Thing?

Conflict and the Stages of Team Development





Chapter 2 Understanding Perception

How We Make Assumptions

The Circle of Inference

Common Decision-Making Traps—And How to Avoid Them

How Do Values Fit?

How to Work Through the Circle

Chapter 3 How—And Why—To Create an All-Win

Positions and Interests

Moving Beyond Positions

The Five Steps to Conflict Resolution

All-Wins in Action


Chapter 4 Catching Conflict Early

The Red Flags: How Does Conflict Start?

Non-verbal Communication


Verbal Communication...In the Age of the Kk!

It’s All in the Mush: How Conflict Escalates

Practice Your Detective Skills

Conflict > Conversion > Cohesion

Conflict Styles Matter

Be Transparent

Chapter 5 Peer Leadership

How Do You Spot a Leader?

Why Is Peer Leadership So Important?

Peer Mentorship

Developing Leadership

How Can You Cultivate Peer Leaders?

Define Team Roles

Chapter 6 Team Planning Meetings

How to Use Your First Meetings

A Forum for Mitigating and Resolving Conflict

How to Set Up and Run TPMs

Room Setup


Introduction of the Facilitator and Icebreaker

Group Guidelines


Document the Plan Summary

Facilitation Tips

Pitfalls to Avoid

Chapter 7 Team Goals and Values


Shared Goals

Team Values

Chapter 8 Tricky Conversations: Conflict Conversion 1-1

Practicing Empathy

Six Essential Questions Before You Email (or Text or DM or Tweet)

How to Set the Stage for a Face-to-Face

Tricky Conversation Starter Script

During the Conversation


Chapter 9 Your Team’s Brand

Brand Appeal

Brand Blueprint

Transition Plan

Additional Brand Considerations

Fortify Communication


Chapter 10 In the Game

Brands in Action

Individuals Together: Candice Drouin

Team...Team...Team: AJ Sander

Beyond the White Lines: Joni Frei

Final Thoughts


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