This Is Personal: The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

This Is Personal: The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

by Brennan Dunn
This Is Personal: The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

This Is Personal: The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

by Brennan Dunn


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Sending highly relevant, personal, and timely messages to your email list is essential for winning new customers and keeping current ones happy.

This Is Personal offers a paradigm-shattering marketing model for meeting customers where they are.

Most companies send “one-size-fits-all” communication to everyone in their audience, leading to low engagement on their social media channels and emails left unread in their customers’ inboxes because it’s unclear to recipients how this information helps them. But all businesses, from banks to local butchers, depend on their latest promotions and product announcements reaching and personally resonating with their customers.

This Is Personal helps companies better understand the individual needs and identities of their audience, no matter the size, enabling businesses to send better, more relevant emails that generate more opens, more clicks, and, ultimately, more sales.

Author Brennan Dunn shares the key strategies for maintaining high-touch, personalized sales relationships and doing so at scale. As a speaker, consultant, and founder of RightMessage, a software company focused on infusing mass marketing with personalization, he has been dialing in on and refining these strategies for years so that you can immediately implement them in your business. He’s discovered that the best tool for this moment is email.

Dunn showcases a range of companies who are using personalized email to better connect with their audience, including bakeries, bariatric surgeons, the State of Washington’s tourism board, business coaches, fitness instructors, a heavy metal band, and more. You’ll learn how these businesses have made this transition in their communication strategies and visualize your potential success in theirs.

This Is Personal enables you to learn about your customers in a systematic way in order to communicate your specific value to them via one-to-many emails that feel one-to-one, resulting in better engagement and higher sales.

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ISBN-13: 9781637742006
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 10/17/2023
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 466,283
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

For the last ten years, Brennan Dunn has been building "email-first" businesses. He owns and manages two companies: RightMessage, a software company that builds personalized marketing software, and Double Your Freelancing, an online community offering courses, events, and other resources to 60,000+ freelancers and agencies.

Despite studying Western literature and philosophy at St. John’s College, Dunn ended up writing code professionally in his twenties before founding Double Your Freelancing. This combination of liberal arts, software development, and entrepreneurship led him toward helping others achieve their own entrepreneurial visions by improving the way they communicate with customers.

Dunn started his second business, RightMessage, to make personalization accessible to businesses of any size—not just tech giants like Amazon. Since then, he’s been invited to speak and keynote at marketing and business conferences around the world and to be interviewed on dozens of podcasts, websites, and industry publications. Judging from the enthusiastic response from entrepreneurs and small businesses, RightMessage sent the right message. He currently splits his time between Northern Virginia and the midlands of England.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

This Is Personal lays out the perfect framework for meeting your ideal customers where they are today, and then using the magic of email automation to bring them to the point of being ready to buy from you. For anyone who's looking to sell more using email, this book is for you.”
Nathan Barry, Founder & CEO of ConvertKit
“This book is practical and instantly implementable. Brennan lays the foundation of doing email the right way while also giving advanced strategies to be able to do more. I’ve already seen results since applying his strategies and I have so much more work to do. ”
—Cathryn Lavery, Founder of BestSelf Co.
“Brennan has created a framework that is both extremely modern but also evergreen for years to come . . . I don’t know of a more powerful way to tackle the opportunity that email marketing represents. Everyone who is trying to sell something online effectively needs to pick up this book.”
Tiago Forte, bestselling author of Building A Second Brain
Brennan has long been known by email marketers as THE authority on email personalization. His experience and success in the field have helped deliver results exceptional for creators like me. And now, with This Is Personal, he's delivered a comprehensive guide on how you can see these business-changing results, too. If email is part of your strategy (and it should be) this book should be required reading.”
Jay Clouse, Founder of Creator Science
“While email has become a ubiquitous tool for creators, using email automation to create ‘human level’ personalization, as Brennan teaches, is not easy. Which is why 99.9% of creators do this poorly (or not at all). This book is a blueprint for better email that's more personal.”
André Chaperon, Sovereign World Builder, Creator, and Writer
“In a world where everyone sends the same messages to everyone, you will go far by engaging them as the real people they are. You’ll write better emails and build a better business. This book will guide the way.”
Arvid Kahl, Author and Serial Entrepreneur

This Is Personal is a mandatory read for anyone in business today. Automation and machine learning seem to be dominating the spotlight while the importance of the human connection is being forgotten. Brennan nails exactly how to approach marketing, the right way.”
—Pat Flynn, Founder of SPI Media

“Brennan Dunn is a veritable Nostradamus of digital marketing. This Is Personal leaves no stone unturned in the conversation around the future of email. Not only does this book include actionable strategies and a wealth of real-world examples, it also takes the jargony abstract concept of segmentation and breaks it down beautifully for the average business owner.”
—Chanti Zak, Quiz Funnel Strategist and Copywriter

“Buy this book right now. Any single chapter makes it worth it. I love Brennan Dunn's approach to Shadow Newsletters, which makes so much sense you wonder why you never thought of it before. Throughout the book, it's the simple and straightforward explanations (like the explanation of Immersion Sequences) that makes you feel like Brennan isn't just explaining things but cheering you on.”
—Chris Lema, CEO of Motivations AI

“Brennan Dunn gives you the blueprint to implement everything he’s learned in an easy-to-follow process. These aren’t growth hacks or fly-by-night tactics. His system is a timeless, evergreen approach that anyone can learn from."
Chennel Basilio, Writer and “Reverse Engineer”

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