This Isn't Exactly What I Had in Mind, God: How to Get Your Life Back on Course

This Isn't Exactly What I Had in Mind, God: How to Get Your Life Back on Course

by Hal Larson


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ISBN-13: 9781879904170
Publisher: Halo Books
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.46(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1So Here We Are: But Weren't We Going Somewhere Else?
We Are Not Alone
Rate of Change
TV Is a Culprit
Words Mask Reality
Bottom-Line Pressures
Loss of Civility
God and Man
Loss of Tradition
Less Social Interaction
Problems of Transience
Throw-Away Culture
Single-Parent Children
Society Takes a Toll
How Much Is Lost?
What of the Dreams?
Everything Was Possible
A Few Wrong Turns
We Were There
Help is Here
Commonsense Ideas
Chapter 2The Past is How We Got Here: and We're Not Too Crazy About it
Secret of Life
Our Essential Purpose
No Laughing Matter
Clinging to Ideas
Time of Discovery
Shades of Grey
Ego Fights Change
The Shadow
The Marshmallow Test
Security Blanket
Fear of Being Alone
Early-Life Trauma
Hard to Explain
Life-Limiting Behavior
Concept of Limits
A Finite World
Deliberate Failure
A Form of Rebirth
Chapter 3And Now For Some Good News: News That Can Change Our Lives
Historical Miscalculations
Darwin's Disservice
Unfortunate Consequences
Descartes's Dualism
Freud Says No
Hobbes's Choice
Einstein's Revolution
New Age of Reason
Ancient Traditions
In the Beginning
Live With Nature
The Wisdom Within
Turn Inward
The Good Mind
Objective is Balance
Sense of Unity
Take Time to Be
Collective Unconscious
New Branch of Medicine
Belief Creates Biology
Vast Implications
Memory Causes Stress
Thoughts Alter Chemistry
Quantum Physics
Collections of Energy
Earlier Connections
Everything is Related
To Learn Afresh
The Limits of Words
Chapter 4Problems and Other Opportunities: Outwitting Troublemakers Like the Unexpected
Welcome Mistakes
Neutralize Ego
Hello, Problem
Maintain Perspective
Outwit the Unexpected
Make It Manageable
A New Friend
Watch the Expected
Let It Come
Things We Avoid
Talk It Out
Being Someone Else
Like Their Parents
Our Real Self
Never Too Late
A New Peace
The Buried Trauma
Quieting Our Mind
No More Denial
A Big Rush
Fear and Anger
Name the Demon
A Short Madness
Substance Abuse
Catch Them Early
Giving Up?
Fear of Abandonment
Our Body Knows
Low Self-Esteem
Practice Being Alone
Keep the Wonder
Chapter 5Love and Intimacy: The Great Reward: The Gift We Get for Growing Up
Road to Nowhere
A Divine Madness
Love is Absolute
Not Domination
Jealousy Happens
Liberation From Self
Childhood Moralism
Running on Empty
Humor Conveys Balance
Learn to Live Love
Chapter 6The Nagging Feeling That Something Is Missing: Filling in the Hole in Our Soul
Connection to Eternity
Primacy of the Observable
Principle of Indeterminacy
Endless Universe
Dance of the Divine
Certainty of Magic
An Ignored Gift
More to Life
The Great Peace
Not the Destination
Community of Faith
Our Inner Voice
Condition of Becoming
An Emptiness in Life
Spiritual Nourishment
Suspended in Time
In Touch with Tao
Awareness of Nothingness
Why Am I Here?
Dimension of Soul
Chapter 7We Can Be Happy If We've a Mind To: How to Let the Sun Shine In
Puritan Ethic
Want/Guilt Paradox
Love is Healthy
Attitudes Follow Behavior
Religion is Kindness
Happiness is Unlimited
Walk the Puppy
Treadmill to Oblivion
Fun-House Mirror
Mistakes Can Grow
Enlarge the Positive
Yin and Yang
Half of Reality
Friends With Infinity
Time is Neutral
People Happen
Not a Rehearsal
Gladness of Heart
Permission for Happiness
Just Be
Only One You
Learn to Live

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