This Loving Feeling

This Loving Feeling

by Miranda Liasson


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Samantha Rushford’s future looks bright: the high school art teacher is getting ready to leave Mirror Lake and move to Boston with her ambitious boyfriend, and she hopes a diamond ring is just around the corner. But her past still has a hold on her—especially the bittersweet memory of her rebellious ex, who kissed her passionately before he left town without a word.

Since then, Lukas Spikonos has parlayed his rebel ways into life as an up-and-coming recording artist. When he shows up for a surprise gig at the high school prom, Sam is more dumbstruck than starstruck—he used the words of a poem she wrote about their breakup to create a number one hit. But Lukas hasn’t returned just to impress students; he’s facing some real-life responsibilities and needs Sam’s help. But she has her own unresolved issues about the life she wants to lead. Will the music—and the pull of true love and family—put their hearts back in harmony?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781503937307
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 07/19/2016
Series: Mirror Lake Series , #3
Pages: 275
Sales rank: 984,957
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

While growing up, Miranda Liasson was a willing courier for the romance novels her mother traded with their next-door neighbor, as it gave her a chance to sneak a peek at the contents. Today, Liasson writes award-winning romances herself. She has received the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award for Best Contemporary Series Romance. She enjoys writing about courageous but flawed characters who find love despite themselves. She resides in northeast Ohio, where she shares her home with her husband and three children, and her office with Maggie, a yellow Lab, and Posey, a rescued cat with attitude.

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This Loving Feeling 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
koala571 More than 1 year ago
This was my first book of Miranda Liasson's and it will not be the last. Second chance romance is one of my favorites as I get a glimpse of the past and hope for the future with a HEA. Samantha is an art teacher who loved Lukas Spikonos when she was nineteen, but he left her without a word. Lukas was from the wrong side of the tracks and would never be worth anything so he left town. Years have gone by and Lukas returns to Mirror Lake to perform at the high school prom. He is now a fast upcoming recording artist and wants to make Mirror Lake his home again now as he has his nephew to take care of. Sparks fly as Samantha and Lukas eyes meet at the prom and feelings are awaken again. However, Samantha is involved with Harris, who wants to be a politician and cares more about that then Samantha until Lukas comes into the picture. Who will win Samantha's heart Harris or Lukas? I have to say Lukas won my heart as he shows how deeply he loves Samantha. Hard choices must be made whether to stay or leave and continue the career path one is on. Can Samantha and Lukas get their HEA? If you love second chance love stories, this one is for you and I highly recommend this book. Series: A Mirror Lake Novel - can be read as a standalone Characters: Easy to relate to Writing: Smooth and realistic 5 Koala Paws
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
I remember Lukas & Sam from This Love of Mine and that I couldn’t wait to find out how they come back together again. And Liasson delivers a winner. It’s quite a few years later and Sam’s ready to start a life with someone else … then Lukas comes back into town. Even though she’s tried very hard to move on, having Lukas nearby is throwing everything into turmoil. Lukas has worked very hard to be successful. A foster kid who never really knew love or family, he doesn’t believe that he’s got what it takes to be in a relationship. He’s convinced that leaving was the best thing he could do for Sam. Until he sees her again. I adored these two together. Sam tries so hard to be the good girl but she’s hiding her spirit and trying to fit into what she thinks she should want, not necessarily what she does want. Having her sexy and oh-so-tempting ex around, showing her what a great man he’s grown up to be, definitely isn’t helping things. And while Lukas may not think he has what it takes to be a family man, especially with the crazy life of an up-and-coming rock star, his actions definitely speak loudly. He may not have had the best childhood but he’s turned into a kind and caring man. He just has to learn to believe in himself. It is so great seeing these two come together again. While they have a few bumps getting there, they manage to figure out what works for them and throw everything they have into making it work. Knowing that things will work out makes it easier to sit back and see them work through their issues. Those growing moments just grabbed my heart and didn’t let go. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is the best kind of second chance romance because it features a plucky heroine, a reformed bad boy, and a cute nephew. Lukas is a rock star who returned to Mirror Lake to learn how to care for his nephew. He asks his first love Samantha for help. She is in a committed relationship and is preparing to marry and leave town. Samantha reluctantly agrees to help Lukas. He is determined to win her back, but she is committed to her life plan... Who will Samantha choose her safe but boring boyfriend or her reformed bad boy with a heart of gold? This is the third book in the Mirror Lake series and each book draws the reader into the charming town. I liked the leading characters and appreciated how well they were developed. I recommend this book to fans of small town romance. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
LuckyDevilReviews More than 1 year ago
Samantha Rushford thinks she has finally found the right guy, an uptight political type named Harris, so she's dismayed to find out her old boyfriend, Lukas Spikonos, is in town. Lukas is now an up-and-coming rock star, so he could have his pick of anyone, but he's still stuck on the 18 year old girl he fell in love with years ago. Sam obviously still has feelings for him too, she just doesn't trust him after he left her twice with no explanation. Lukas also has a new responsibility: raising his brother's son. As Samantha and Lukas get reacquainted, she has to decide if the safe, steady path with Harris is the right choice, or if she should take a chance on an old flame. I liked Lukas a lot. He was a popular rock star, but he didn't act like one. He didn't seem to think he was better than anyone and the fact that he was determined to raise his nephew as his own was incredibly sweet. Samantha was a little frustrating at times. She kept telling herself she wasn't going to get sucked in by Lukas' charms, however she kept putting herself into situations where she would have to be around him. I think deep down that's what she wanted anyway, and I know she felt like she was in an impossible situation. She clearly never got over Lukas, but Harris had been there when she got her heart broken and had stood by her for years. Even though he was a bit of a jerk. Honestly, I think my favorite character was probably Samantha's grandma, Effie. She was so upbeat, ornery, and often the voice of reason for her granddaughter. I loved that she added a bit of humor to the scenes she was in. I do not like the cover of this book at all. The couple just looks awkward, not at all like people who have any sort of chemistry together. The guy doesn't fit how Lukas is described in the book; Samantha mentions that his hair is at least long enough to fall in his eyes, it's supposed to be "gypsy black", and his skin is described as "golden". I mean, he is of Greek descent. I remember Samantha also saying he looked like "John Stamos circa 1993". The guy on the cover doesn't fit any of those parameters. Usually I don't even comment on covers, but I felt like this one missed the mark enough to warrant a comment...or three. I'd be lying if I said this novel won me over right away. The first few chapters contained an annoying amount of instances where Samantha lamented the presence of "Lukas Spikonos". It wasn't the fact that she was upset about his being in town that irritated me, it was the constant use of Lukas' last name. I just didn't feel like it was necessary; I don't go around complaining about my ex's using first and last name, not even in my head. Of course it needed to be disclosed at least once, and some other instances where it is warranted, but not every other sentence at the beginning of the book. In the first chapter, I counted at least 11 uses of "Lukas Spikonos" instead of just "Lukas". After I got past the first few chapters though, I started to enjoy the book more. It kept up a pretty good pace and the author did a great job of giving enough of the couple's backstory to make you understand what went wrong, but not so much as to annoy you with constant flashbacks. There aren't really any twists or turns to speak of; everything unfolds pretty much how you would expect it to. Even so, it was a nice, light read that I think romance fans will enjoy. *I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I love this series and I think this might be my favorite of all. It can easily be read standalone but if you love small town romances you will want to read all of them. This is Samantha's story. She's ready to move away from Mirror Lake with long time boyfriend and hopefully soon to be fiance Harris. So what if he doesn't make her heart sing and her body sizzle. He's kind, dependable, and safe. She's had her bad boy and all that go her was a broken heart. Lukas Spikonos left Mirror Lake in his rear view long ago. Now he's back. Not the wrong side of the tracks bad boy but a well know rock star and the talk of the town. He needs help though. Help only Samantha Rushford can give him. He's raising his nephew on his own and has no idea about what that entails. He knows he hurt her when he left but he wants to make that up to her now. Will she let him? Will that same attraction and sizzle still be there? Could they ever make it work considering the craziness of his life? You want to grab this one and find out, it's an excellent story and one I highly recommend.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Like everyone else Sam just wants to be happy. The problem? Figuring out what she has to do in order to become that way. Ms. Liasson has a knack for intertwining the reader with the story, at least in my case. Her characters are so life like that it feels as if they jump off the page and pulled me inside. Lukas and Sam face some tough choices on the road to forgiveness if a second chance is even possible. I received an ARC of This Loving Feeling in exchange for an honest review. It takes more than love to make a relationship work, it takes dedication and maturity as well. Ms. Liasson at her finest.