This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine

This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine

by Eliza Lo Chin
Pub. Date:
Oxford University Press, USA
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This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine

Throughout history women have practiced the art of medicine and healing. Yet they have always faced difficulties in the medical profession--not only have they struggled to gain acceptance from their male colleagues, they have also struggled to find a balance between being a doctor and being a wife and mother.
Here, in This Side of Doctoring Eliza Lo Chin offers a penetrating analysis of what it's like to be a woman in the highly competitive field of medicine. Written over the last century and a half, this collection of personal stories, poems, essays, and quotations reveals the intimate lives of over a hundred female physicians. There are touching testimonies from early 19th-century medical pioneers like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to graduate from medical school and Harriet Hunt, who had her own practice that catered to women and children yet was never formally trained, to modern-day medical students and doctors.
Poignant and compelling, these narratives offer insights into the struggles and triumphs of women in medicine. Much like an American quilt, this book is a unique and richly textured patchwork of each woman's extraordinary life and career. This assemblage of so many different voices exemplifies the varied paths that women have created within the medical profession. Together they stand as an enduring tribute to the dedication of all women physicians to both their patients and their families.
"These accounts of doctoring and family concerns are universal enough to transcend gender in relationships with patients and colleagues, balancing work and family, and finding meaning in one's profession.... For those looking for a compendium of experiences that document the lives of a diverse cross-section of women in US medicine, This Side of Doctoring is a fine addition to the literature."--The Journal of the American Medical Association

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ISBN-13: 9780195158472
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 05/15/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 1,030,651
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 5.20(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

1.Historical Perspective1
2.Early Pioneers11
Glances and Glimpses11
Letters from Elizabeth Blackwell12
In the Words of Mary Putnam Jacobi13
The Fortress14
Some of My Life Experiences14
From More Than Gold in California16
From Mine Eyes Have Seen17
Petticoat Surgeon17
From A Child Went Forth18
Fighting for Life20
From Bowery to Bellevue21
A Woven Fabric23
Woman at the Gate25
A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life26
The Antique Roadshow of a 90-Year-Old27
Sound Investments29
The First Women at H.M.S.29
I Will Not Pass Away33
The Beginnings of Women's Health Advocacy34
From Chivalry and Off-Color Jokes to Acceptance and Respect32
Medicine and Motherhood36
Medical Internship40
3.The Formative Years45
A Youthful Encounter45
From Kitchen Table Wisdom48
Anatomy Lesson51
Cold Hands54
Here Is What I Learned56
From the Deccan Plateau63
Song of the Dying Ova64
How I'll Become a Good Physician67
A Gift68
Thirtysomething Meets ER70
Summers With My Aunt74
The Discovery Clinic76
4.Life in the Trenches: Internship and Residency79
Unknown Alpha79
How I Survived Residency85
Necessary Journeys86
We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Men as Medical Mentors90
Whine List94
The Only Night I Cried96
A Long Road97
A Time for Change: Innovative Pathways for Residency Training100
Lamentation of the Female Academician102
But I Do Care106
5.On Doctoring109
In Between Before and After109
My Patient, the Doctor, and Me115
Heart Doctor118
Common Ground119
Life Force127
A Doctor Alone With Her Decision128
Through the Eyes of a Physician130
Why You Came to Me132
Finding Beauty in Annie142
A Visit to the Doctor144
Job Description147
6.Mothering and Doctoring151
Mutual Benefits151
Doctor's Daughter152
Conversation Hearts157
Monday Morning158
A Mother's Prayer164
On Being a Medical Mom170
Tsunami Baby171
A Patient's Wife174
The Transition Game175
Interview for Clinician-Educator Position176
Breast-Feeding: Straddling the Fence Between Work and Home181
A Reminiscence183
The Second Road184
Patients as Patron Saints185
Mother's Day188
"To Love and to Work"189
Numbing Down192
Maternity and Medicine196
Parenting Without Pregnancy196
Body Snatcher198
Redefining Motherhood200
Taking Children Seriously202
7.Making Choices205
Finding the Balance Point Between Overdrive and the Mommy Track205
Between Lawn Cuts207
Not Having Children210
Missed Opportunities214
Taking Stock214
Life Choices215
Composing a Life in Medicine215
On Packing for the Information Superhighway217
Thoughts on Time Management219
Glass Ceiling222
Why Don't You Quit?223
Woman in Orthopedic Surgery Stories223
Life in the Boys' Club226
The Feminization of American Medicine230
An Interview Tale230
Not Easy to Please231
On Reaching Visible232
Triple Jeopardy232
A Minority Perspective234
My Path Through Medical School236
The Life of Women in Medicine237
Emotional Conflicts of the Career Woman239
Kath's Graduation242
An American Experience242
A Warm Gesture243
A Lesbian Voice: What Does It Mean to Be a "Dyke Doctor"?246
The Doctor in the Family251
Tobacco, Tulips, and Terminal Care255
The Friendship of Women260
A Doctor in the Family262
The Two-Casserole Test264
The Cafeteria267
Memories of Our Mother268
August 1994: Letter to My Student272
Balancing, Juggling, and Other Feats273
Juggling the Personal and Professional Life274
Workday Mornings--Three Weeks274
Where Is the Self?275
The Multitude of Little Things275
Is It Worth It?276
Can It Be Done?276
A Few Thoughts on Part-time Faculty: The Push for the Summit and the Long Climb Down281
Centered in the Deep Connections283
An Independent Scientist286
How to Do It All at Once290
Late Lunch292
Balancing Family and Career: Advice From the Trenches294
One Page at a Time297
To Rachel299
Pregnancy and the Professional Woman299
The Changing Role of Physicians as Working Mothers300
Reflections on Balance303
Notes From a Personal Journey304
11.Our Families' Perspectives307
From Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer308
Our Medical Marriage309
From Her Infinite Variety310
What's a Mother For?312
Life With Mother, the M.D.314
What We Have Fashioned Together315
I Remember as a Child316
Renuka Gera317
The Feminization of Medicine319
Double Helix320
Identity Crisis321
A Personal Journey321
My Experience as a Woman in Medicine323
Scopes, Hopes and Learning the Ropes326
Defining Ourselves329
Looking Good329
What It's Been Like330
Reminiscences of My Medical Career330
Enjoying the Moment333
Navigating the Maze of Academic Medicine335
From Teacher to Psychiatrist With Family336
Generation to Generation: Mother-Daughter Physicians337
Resources for Women in Medicine355
About the Editor357
About the Contributors359

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