This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

by Patricia A. Saunders


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ISBN-13: 9781504984935
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/17/2016
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

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This Too Shall Pass

By Patricia A. Saunders


Copyright © 2016 Patricia A. Saunders
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-8493-5


    My Last Breath

    While on this earth I hope I am remembered for being kind, being a
    good person, and being loved.

    I am on this journey called life, not knowing at times which road to take.
    Would my life have turned out differently if I had done this versus that?
    As one approaches a milestone birthday, you get less excited.
    You start to reminisce
    You're sweet 16, you're adorable.
    Aw! You turned 18. Did you sign up for the draft to serve your country?
    You are 21; let me see your ID.
    Oh my! You're 30; you must be married, have kids and accomplished
    by now.
    You're 40; the new BFF is Miss Clairol.
    You're 50; you look at the world differently.
    Start making different decisions
    Let me hurry up and invest in my retirement.
    Let me plan my will.
    Lordy, you are 60. You look good for your age.
    Are you forgetful or are you starting to get dementia?
    Are you traveling more or less?
    You're slowing down.
    You notice health issues are appearing.
    You need to exercise more so that you stay limber.

    You're conscious of your breathing.
    You don't take everything so seriously.
    You're at peace.
    You know when the time should come that you don't awake,
    You've taken your last breath.
    You have lived your life.
    You have loved.
    You are loved.
    You take a long breath in.
    You exhale.
    Your spirit soars.

    I Melt

    When I see your eyes
    I fall in love all over again
    Never thought I would feel like this
    Though I carried you
    Saw you grow within me
    Seeing you lie on my chest
    I Melt

    When you open your eyes
    Looking at me as you nurse from my breast
    I smile because I love you
    You are my legacy
    You are my world
    I Melt

    The blessing of the birth of a child
    Some take for granted
    Some don't want to go through it
    I look at you and I can't imagine
    Your tiny fingers touch mine
    And I ...
    I Melt


    Mother Earth is tired
    Tired of people polluting
    There are earthquakes
    We prepare for that
    There are tornadoes
    We run for cover
    Run to the store and get all your supplies
    Ration your water
    Man can't live by water alone
    The body is made up of how much water?
    I'm thirsty
    I can't take long showers
    Don't take a bath
    What is the world coming to?
    Let it rain
    Let it rain
    Not enough is the forecast
    California, State of Emergency
    We are in a drought!

    Who Has Been in My Bed?

    I don't know who you are
    You have changed
    We have gotten so comfortable
    Where is the love?
    We are just roommates
    This is how it feels
    Who has been in my bed?
    I want the man who courted me
    Took me for strolls along the beach
    The man who held my hand
    Whispered under the stars that he loved me
    The man who said I do
    Who has been in my bed?
    I want him back
    I want the new one to be evicted
    Come back to me
    Love me
    Make love to me
    Kiss me
    Snuggle with me
    Who has been in my bed?

    Chasing After My Dreams

    As a child, I had a vision
    I knew what I wanted
    I had passion for it
    As I grew, I studied
    I got the degrees
    I got the credentials
    I'm getting closer to my dream
    I can see it in color
    It's hard to recognize the dream from reality
    I have my Nikes on
    I'm stretching
    The race has started and I am pacing myself
    Hand me the baton
    Chasing after my dreams

    You're the Only One

    You're the only one
    I want to spend my life with
    You're the only one
    I want to lie in your arms
    You're the only one
    When your heartbeat stops, I can't breathe
    You're the only one
    When I feel like I am suffocating, you bring me back to life
    You're the only one
    When I am scared, you tell me to relax: you got it
    You're the only one
    As the sun rises, I want to feel you stir and snuggle close to me
    And when the sun sets, I want to feel your arms around my waist
    As we look out at the horizon
    We know there is no limit to what we can do together
    Baby, you are the only one!

    Lay Your Hands on Me

    I close my eyes
    Lie flat on my stomach
    I hear you rub your hands together
    As you breathe in
    You place your hands on my back
    You exhale and your hands canvas my curves
    Your voice softens
    I relax and exhale
    You squeeze some warm oil into the palm of your hands
    You place your hands on my calves and work yourself to my feet
    As you lay your hands on me, I feel myself floating
    All the stress is gone
    My imagination is going all over the place
    I am in Tahiti
    I am in Mexico
    I am in China
    Just keep gliding your hands over my skin
    Work each knot out
    Lay your hands on me

    A 5-Year Sentence

    You had the cancer scare
    You had it cut out
    You had treatments
    You learned how to breathe again
    You were exercising
    Being healthy is what you always were
    Doctor said you have a 10% chance it can come back
    5 years is what they told you
    Let's count together 1-2-3
    So as your friends were dying off
    From different types of cancer
    Your mortality was in question
    You started saying you lived a good life
    You needed to finish everything you put on your bucket list
    You were scaring your spouse
    Where was your faith?
    A tear ran down your cheek
    You said, "I have 5 years!"

    All I Ever Wanted

    You thought it would be money
    You thought it would be the house on the hill
    You thought it would be the luxury cars
    You thought it would be to travel the world
    You thought the expensive gifts would do
    All I ever wanted was ...

    Because of You

    Because of you, I appreciate the little things
    Never taking anything or anyone for granted
    Because of you, I look for the good in people
    Remembering the homeless mother and child living with us
    Because of you, I learned how to make a feast with little
    Because of you, I learned that no matter what have faith
    Don't let anyone tell you no!
    If it is meant for you, it will happen
    Because of you, I learned to adapt to my surroundings
    Because of you, I applied myself and let the words flow

Open Letter to You

Dear Momma,

It's been more than a couple of years since you left. I think about you around the holidays, when I want to make a special dish and realize you are the only one who had the recipe. Today I saw a beautiful elderly woman with a crown of gray hair. She was sitting and smiling at me. Our eyes locked and I felt warm. I knew she wasn't you, but maybe it was your spirit touching mine. I am thinking about how your smile lit up a room: How people admired your appearance, How you called each one of your children, your favorite, and how each one of us believed you. I want to see you back at the old house, in the kitchen cooking for the family and anyone who stopped by. I want to see you give Daddy a kiss. I want to hear you laughing that robust laugh that came from the bottom of your stomach. I want to see you talk on the phone to your siblings who have also passed away. I want to go back in time when everybody is alive, happy, healthy, and I feel that love. I realize Mother's Day is approaching and I want you back so I can spoil you again. I want to hug you around the neck, kiss you on your soft skin, and tell you everything that has happened.

Until I see you again, just know that I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

I love you more than these words can express.

Signed, Me

    The Look

    The look you give him when you know
    He's been out late
    He had to work extra hours
    He went to have drinks with the boys
    When he comes into the house and won't make eye contact
    He smells differently than when he left
    You wash his clothes and see lipstick on his collar
    You go to bed and his back is toward you
    You touch him and he moves away
    If you make love, the dance that once was in sync is now off
    You look at him and you know
    Your heart is broken
    You wipe the tears
    You remember the vows 'til death do you part
    He has no idea that you know and if he did, he would find a way to
    blame you
    As he walks out the door
    Something made him turn his head back around
    And he saw your look

    Bang, Bang!

    As kids we played cowboys and Indians
    Got older and it was cops and robbers
    Bang, Bang! was so innocent
    Parents would buy toy guns
    Boys would pretend to shoot, get hit, fall down and die
    Some things changed over the years
    The games became reality
    Guns are brought to schools
    Drive-by shootings are killing little babies
    Bang, Bang!
    Someone call 911
    There are killings taking place everywhere
    Churches, movie theatres, college campuses, Shady Hook, Planned
    Unarmed or armed
    Bang, Bang!
    You're dead!

    One Night

    Just give me one night
    One night to sit under the moonlight
    Gaze into the deepest of your eyes
    Stop the clock so you can focus just on me
    One Night
    There's not a phone ringing
    Just the giggles of two love birds filling the air
    One Night
    Not putting others before us
    All I ask for is one night of your time

    What a Difference a Day Makes

    A split second
    Heart stops
    I am gone
    I hear a small voice
    Open your eyes
    That moment was peaceful
    It made me reflect
    I came back and did inventory over my life
    I am at peace
    I called my family and explained that I am living my life
    Not leaving everything until later
    I want to enjoy what I have worked for
    I tell my friends either you love me or hate me
    I can't play games with haters
    I tell my lover that we need to live in the moment
    Let's jump the broom
    Let's spend the rest of the sunsets together
    Everyone is saying you're different
    I turn and sing from Diane Washington's song, "What a Difference
    a Day Makes"
    My yesterday was blue, dear
    Today I'm a part of you, dear
    My lonely nights are through, dear
    Since you said you were mine

The Other Woman

Infidelity is rampant in the media circuit. People are hosting viewing parties to watch the television show, Scandal. "I want to be a gladiator!" Is this what we are saying every Thursday night? I want to have the high power job, travel all over the world, speak different languages, and have an affair with a married man.

In today's society, committing adultery is accepted more than before. On social media, you see pictures and hear stories of couples, who starred in movies together, becoming an item. The man leaves his wife of many years, and the other woman hopes he comes to be with her. Having an affair with politicians, actors, and presidents is not always glamorous.

They're sneaking off to a discreet location, ordering room service so that they're not seen. No holidays are spent together because they have to be with their family. No calls on the weekend because they can't say they are working long hours to be with you. Do you want to share a moment without a commitment? Do you want to have false hopes that he's leaving her? Do you want to continue to sell yourself short?

When you're the other woman, you can't talk about it with your friends. You have to keep the secret and when you do share; your friends are encouraging you to leave the situation before you fall in love. By then, it's usually too late. You're addicted to him. You can't leave because if for those moments in time he's yours, then that is what you will have.

Is that really true? If he was to leave and come to your Maine as in the Scandal story line, would you trust that he's not sneaking off with someone else? If you were to be foolish enough to slip and get pregnant in hopes that it would expedite the time and so he could choose you, what happens when he requests that you end the pregnancy, forget it ever happened, and tells you it's too complicated to leave?

Is it really worth being the other woman?


Excerpted from This Too Shall Pass by Patricia A. Saunders. Copyright © 2016 Patricia A. Saunders. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, v,
Introduction, ix,
My Last Breath, 1,
I Melt, 5,
Drought, 7,
Who Has Been in My Bed?, 9,
Chasing After My Dreams, 11,
You're the Only One, 13,
Lay Your Hands on Me, 15,
A 5-Year Sentence, 17,
All I Ever Wanted, 19,
Because of You, 21,
Open Letter to You, 23,
The Look, 25,
Bang, Bang!, 27,
One Night, 29,
What a Difference a Day Makes, 31,
The Other Woman, 33,
Goodbye, 35,
How to Know Love, 39,
Sunset, 41,
Become As One, 43,
Where You're Supposed to Be, 45,
Poppa Don't Take No Mess, 47,
Death Like a Thief in the Night, 51,
Remember When, 53,
Where I Am at Peace, 55,
Take Me Over the Moon, 57,
Mattress, 59,
Fantasy, 63,
Sunrise, 65,
PUSH, 67,
Strong Hands, 69,
Who Will Come?, 71,
Lady in the Red Dress, 73,
Bull's Eye, 75,
There is a Rainbow, 77,
A Call from Heaven, 79,
The Calling, 81,
I Love You, 83,
Slow Dance, 85,
Cold Night, 87,
Born to Be, 89,
You Lift Me Up, 91,
Wannabe, 93,
Don't Cry for Me, 95,
In Love, 97,
Don't Look Back, 99,
This Isn't Supposed to Happen, 101,
The End, 103,
That Tongue, 105,
Superwoman, 107,
A Letter to My Younger Self, 109,
I Need You, 111,
SEX, 113,
Robin, 117,
Sacrifice, 119,
My Son, 121,
Got to Praise, 125,
This Too Shall Pass, 127,
References, 129,

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