Those Who Are Alive and Remain: One Son's Perspective of the End of the Age

Those Who Are Alive and Remain: One Son's Perspective of the End of the Age




The Word of God clearly reveals a great spiritual battle that has been taking place in the invisible realms of the heavens between God and Satan throughout the ages of time for the hearts and minds of humanity. We are on the precipice of the revealing of Jesus Christ and His subsequent return to earth to rule and reign as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Scripture has much to say concerning the condition of the world just prior to the return of King Jesus and His saints.

Those Who Are Alive and Remain is an overview of some of those conditions and signs that precede the Lord’s return. It will both enlighten and equip those saints at the end of our present age to overcome the many perils and pressures that will fill the earth in the last times. Greg Bogart sounds the alarm to the church to make proper preparation for the return of their King. The reader will be challenged to think deeply and to objectively examine their eschatological understanding with a fresh perspective. Prudence prepares, and this book is a prudent preparation manual for every believer to ensure they are properly positioned in Christ as they wait for His glorious appearing.

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ISBN-13: 9781942056430
Publisher: 5 Fold Media, LLC
Publication date: 04/28/2017
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Gregory Bogart has an evangelistic passion to call the western church out of spiritual Babylon and to return to Jesus Christ their King and Savior and to live faithfully as citizens of the kingdom of God in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ. He has served as a pastor, as an evangelist, and as a teacher. Gregory served on the mission field in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and northern Canada among the native peoples. He holds a bachelor's degree in theology from the Institute of Strategic Christian Leadership. Gregory and his wife, Debra, currently reside in Brandon, Florida.

Table of Contents


Preface 9

Foreword 11

Introduction 13

Chapter One: The Mysteries of God’s Will Revealed 19

Chapter Two: Mystery Babylon the Great 33

Chapter Three: The Mystery of Iniquity 55

Chapter Four: The Mystery of the Resurrection and Translation: The Purpose 73

Chapter Five: The Mystery of the Resurrection and Translation of the Saints: The Timing 91

Chapter Six: The Mystery f Resurrection and Translation: A Closer Look 105

Chapter Seven: The Great Apostasy and the Son of Perdition 133

Chapter Eight: A Consideration of Revelation 4:1 and Revelation 3:10 161

Chapter Nine: The Horsemen of the First Four Seals 175

Chapter Ten: The Fifth Seal: Persecution and Martyrdom 199

Chapter Eleven: The Sixth and Seventh Seal 213

Chapter Twelve: The Trumpet Judgments 227

Chapter Thirteen: Watch and Pray Always 245

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