Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!: Understanding the Work of God in Your Redemption

Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!: Understanding the Work of God in Your Redemption

by Michael L. Henderson


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Those Who Are Wise Will Shine, is really the emanation of a life that lives within the favor of God. When we live within the confines of the "Joy of the Lord,"...we shine and others know it! There is no better way to shine for the Lord than to know with determined faith, who He really is and where He is taking you! Truly, the work He has done for us, the provisions He has made for our welfare, and our positional standing in Christ are nothing but astonishing! It is a sad fact that so many believers are not made aware of these awesome truths. However, before we can help teach them, we must have experienced and zealously lived them ourselves. To fully understand the implications of these truths we must first understand the nature of the Father as revealed in Scripture. True joy in the Lord must always begin with that. Knowing Him, His purpose, and His promises will allow us to experience the life He desires for all believers.

This volume seeks to take the readers back to the basics of Redemption and Sanctification by unveiling the Redemptive Thread that links the blood lineage of our forefathers to the rise of our Messiah, Jesus Christ and His second coming. Redemption and Sanctification define two of the zealous desires of the Lord. The overall central theme of the Holy Scripture is Redemption. Humanity is fallen and separated from God. The Lord's gift of Redemption reconciles the breach. Sanctification is what follows that. It is an immediate, yet ongoing process of the Lord's work, which will only be completed when we pass from here to eternity. It means to be holy and set apart for God's service. In short, it is God's foundational will. Do not pass that statement by.

Today, Christians in many places are in need of the milk of the word. They lead a very shallow and powerless Christian life. It is one of the reasons the church is so lifeless in many places. It is not enough to know of the elementary principles of Christianity, we must also know what they mean. This volume seeks to lay the foundations that have led millions in the past millennia to go beyond the superficial and stand firmly and boldly on the side of the Lord! A proper understanding of Redemption will only lead you to rejoice with "joy unspeakable" as you stand in unrestricted service to God. He has liberated us to fulfill our redemptive purpose. He truly has set us free!

Hebrews 13:9b teaches us, "For it is good that the heart be established by grace..." The word established comes from βέβαιος which means to be firm or secure, literally propped up, as in a stick holding up a tent. If our heart is truly established by the true teaching of Grace, which comes from the nature of the Father, then when we fall, we still stand. Rejoice in Him...For Redemption provides just that!

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ISBN-13: 9781449709570
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 01/05/2011
Pages: 280
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Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!: Understanding the Work of God in Your Redemption 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mattfivefour More than 1 year ago
There is a famine in the land. A famine for the Word of God. Too many people read about the Word of God, but few actually read the Word itself. And fewer read it with understanding. Sadly, most Christians today know very little about their faith or what Christ gave them at Calvary. If you ask them they'll say "He bought my salvation!" And if you press them further they may answer, "And He bought me eternal life in Heaven!" But, beloved, He paid for a lot more than that at Calvary. Yet few Christians today ever learn of exactly what He did for them and everything He desires to do IN them right now. Many men (and women) have written about God and have proof-texted a Christianity of wealth, and power, and healing. Yes, God does indeed give us all of those things ... spiritually. And He CAN give them materially ... as HE wills. But His greatest purpose in us is to draw us into communion with Himself. This book, while it is a book by a man about God, is one of the few that points its readers directly to the Lover of their Souls, the One who desires to be everything to us and to fill us with a joy that only comes from knowing Him in the fullness He desires. I recommend very, VERY few books. There are far too many people's ideas floating around about what God meant. I would rather tell people to read God's Word prayerfully so He can communicate directly with them. But "Those Who Are Wise Will Shine!" (the title is taken from Daniel 12:3) is one book I *do* recommend. It will lead the reader into a true understanding of God's Redemptive purpose in us and so build up your understanding and faith.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mikhen More than 1 year ago
Why was I not taught this before?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow!!!!!! This book is so packed with wisdom that I was amazed. I am going to share it with everyone i know. It puts the reason God saves Christians into perfect focus and teaches me to focus on the the things that are important to God and His will. In doing so I can better trust that He will guide me in my own life. This is a must read for all believers. As an added bonus the author put a Table of Nations in the back appendix to help me to know who all those people are when I am reading the prophets. Highly recommend this.