Thought's Ego in Augustine and Descartes

Thought's Ego in Augustine and Descartes

by Gareth B. Matthews


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In his concise and ambitious book, Gareth B. Matthews explores the implications of doing philosophy in the first person. He focuses on the most notable attempts in the history of philosophy to take this perspective: Augustine's Confessions, perhaps the first significant autobiography in Western culture, and Soliloquies, a dialogue between himself and reason; and Descartes's Meditations and Discourse on Method. "By examining the first-personalization of philosophy in these two historical figures," he writes, "we can learn something important about our own philosophical options, and about those of any other thinker who dares, philosophically, to say 'I.'"

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ISBN-13: 9780801427756
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Publication date: 11/01/1992
Series: 5/3/2006
Pages: 217
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