Threat of Darkness

Threat of Darkness

by Valerie Hansen
4.6 10

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Threat of Darkness by Valerie Hansen

As a nurse and special advocate for children, Samantha Rochard is used to danger in small-town Serenity, Arkansas. But when she suspects a little boy is in jeopardy from his powerful father, the danger turns on her. Her only source of protection? The handsome police officer who broke her heart five years ago. Yet after John Waltham comes to her rescue in more ways than one, Samantha must trust in him—and the Lord—to watch over her…and save one sweet little boy.

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ISBN-13: 9781459230989
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Series: Defenders
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 129,507
File size: 365 KB

About the Author

Valerie Hansen resides in the rural Ozarks where she writes the books of her heart, primarily for Love Inspired Romance and Suspense. She is married to her childhood sweetheart and has worked as a teacher's-aide, EMT, fire dept. dispatcher, dog breeder, commercial artist, dulcimer builder, Veterinarian's asst., 4-H leader, Sunday School teacher, antique restorer and certified Storm Spotter, etc. See for more!

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Threat of Darkness 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
DaleneH More than 1 year ago
I chose to read this book as I have read several before from the Love Inspired Suspense collection of Steeple Hill. This book was definitely a quick read from beginning to end. I liked the suspense part of the story the best. There were several twists to the story. Not knowing what the suspects were looking for I kept reading to find out where the story was going. I did have the twist figured out before the end, but it was still a good read as there was much more going on than just that specifically. It was interesting to learn about volunteer case workers that work in the interest of an abused child. Samantha was a great character and her caring for Danny and his mom. She really supported them more than I think I would have if in that situation. Of course, her having been in that specific situation as a child would definitely make her understanding a lot greater. The romance part of the book was okay for her. It definitely was not your sweet or sweeping romance. It was very different. I would recommend this book to readers who have read from this collection before or those who enjoy christian fiction.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
5 STARS Samantha Rochard is a nurse is in ER when she hears sounds coming from the curtain area so she looked and saw thin boy with a gun doctor on the floor. Samantha called 911 and dispatch new her voice. She went into the room and new the boy and talked him into trusting her to help the little boy. Give her the gun. The cop that came was her old boyfriend that has been gone for the past 5 years. He wanted her to go with him. She wanted him to stay here with her. Lots of hard feelings. After working till midnight as she was walking to her car her purse was snatched and told where is the package that the gunman gave her. John was waiting for her to get off work so they could talk and chased the mugger and got her purse back. Then eveytime she turned around something else happened to her or her property. Even with the cops around and in police parking lot. They did not know why things kept happening to her and who was doing it. Besides being a nurse she was also childrens advocat and turned suspected child abuse in. One case that she was worried about was a 7 year old boy. Who the doctor did not believe his friend would do that. Also the police did not think he would. The second time he was brought in the doctor admitted him and they were working on getting paperwork to keep him from going home right away. The father and the doctor were arguing in the childs hospital room when John stepped in and as he protected Danny from a hit he was knocked out and his gun stolen from him. The story was good. It did talk about prayers being answered and praying for help. No swearing or sex scenes but their was violence but not a lot of gory details. I would like to read more books like this one. It kept my attention, had lots of action & drama. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Posted on Romancing the Books blog / Reviewed by Lisa / Review Copy From Netgalley / Samantha Rochard is a determined young woman trying to make ends meet. She works as a nurse and as a CASA volunteer. John Waltham has recently returned to Serenity in hopes of being hired by the Sheriff’s Department. When their two worlds collide in the emergency room of Serenity Medical Center, they realize that nothing will ever be the same. The love that Samantha and John once shared still burns but do they have the courage walk in faith. Hansen’s second book in The Defenders series tackles problems that face society today such as abusive relationships and crime. The character of Samantha is extremely well written as to experience of being a victim of abuse and now as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. The knowledge and sensitivity of this character is touching especially with the interaction between her and Danny. The relationship between Samantha and John is complicated but gradually begins to simmer. Hansen fleshes out the characters in such a way that it is difficult not to become emotionally invested. Threat of Darkness is a Christian romance novel with elements of suspense, mystery and faith. Hansen uses the element of faith to further develop an underlying theme of compassion and forgiveness. The plot allows for a quick read that has plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. This was an enjoyable book and I look forward to more from The Defenders series. Favorite Quote: “Yes, me. I would have gladly taken you away with me. I don’t know why you have so much trouble believing that, Sam. It isn’t that the Lord failed to rescue you, it’s that you refused His help when He sent it.”
cr1 More than 1 year ago
Good intrigue without sex, which is hard to find anymore.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Threat of Darkness by Valerie Hansen Book 2 of the Defenders Series Samantha Rochard worked as a nurse. She was alone in the world except for her dog, Brutus. She had rescued him as a pup 10 years ago. She worked with CASA helping kids in abuse situations, something Sam was personally aware of from her own childhood. Life was good until one night everything changed. An emergency at the hospital with a sick child and an addict with a gun, topped off by a man who broke her heart six years ago when he left town. If that wasn’t enough she was attacked in the parking lot and her house and car were violated….the worse was yet to come. John Waltham had left town six years ago for his dream of working in law enforcement but not in this small town. He couldn’t convince Sam to marry and go with him. Her welcome back for him was not as he hoped. But she did need him when one thing after another started happening in her life. Could love be reunited after he had unknowingly shattered her heart? Valerie is an extremely talented author. I have enjoyed many of her books, mostly the ones in multi-author series. She keeps the facts and stories flowing well, even within those books. Bonus Novella: Small-Town Romance by Arlene James Becca Inman was extremely shy, single at thirty-three and had been carrying for her invalid grandmother since she was eighteen. Life changed for her when she was practicing to play the piano in place of her sister. She began to sing along as she played….not knowing she had an audience. And that one was young, handsome and single. Davis Latimer had never heard such a voice. He was instantly enthralled. And when he saw the pretty woman, he knew that she was special. He would get her to be play piano for his fledgling church, he wanted to keep her nearby. This was just a short but packed full of romance. Davis sees Becca past all her insecurities and encourages her at every turn. **Book received from NetGalley for review.
fuzzmom More than 1 year ago
Samantha thought her life was settled. She felt like she was helping those least able to help themselves. Then Bobby Joe, a childhood acquaintance, showed up in the ER with a comatose child and suddenly her well ordered life was falling apart. Who shows up in response to the 911 call? John Waltham, her former boyfriend who had left her years ago to be a detective in Dallas. The last time they had seen each other she had been begging him not to leave. Well, she had no intention of doing any begging now! Circumstances conspire against her as someone comes after her! Destroying her car, dognapping her old, treasured dog. Then a little boy in danger draws her even deeper into danger. John is there fighting her tooth and nail to let him help and protect her. Will his efforts be enough? I won't spoil the end, but it won't be what you expect!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just reread this book. It was even better the second time. Valeri has a writing skill that keeps you reading. Her use of adjectives and discriptons enhance the story line. It is a clean read and of course a child, a dog and a hero!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
This is the second book about mystery, romance, and CASA, Samantha Rochard, in the small town of Serenity, Arkansas.  But Serenity is anything but peaceful when nurse & CASA, Samantha, finds herself in the crosshairs of someone who is determined to 'get their package' or kill her trying.  Samantha doesn't have the package, but her life is in constant danger just the same.  Her old boyfriend & policeman has returned to town, and is assigned to protect her. While all this is happening, 7year old Billy has returned to the hospital, having been beaten once again by his father.  Samantha's CASA role kicks in to get protection for this child.   This story masterfully follows the characters through danger, many prayers sent heavenward, budding romance, and trials with a small child & Samantha's faithful old dag.  Those who enjoy Christian mystery & romance will thoroughly enjoy this fast passed story.  And once again, the addition of CASA ( Court Appointed Special Advocate) makes this book especially unique!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago