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Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death

Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death

by Julie Wray Herman

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As a pre-wedding present to his fiancee, Dennis McFaile hired Three Dirty Women to landscape his future bride's yard. However, while working in the dirt, the three women, Amilou Whittier, Korene McFaile, and Janey Bascom uncover the corpse of a man in the midst of the garden. The deceased turns out to be Amilou's spouse Greg who supposedly ran off with a younger woman last month. Janey's husband J.J. heads the official investigation. His first reaction is that Amilou might have killed her husband in a fit of rage. He has not ruled out that Greg's last known lover might have killed him in a fit of homocidal anger. Amilou's partners wonder if Susannah, the mother of the future bride killed Greg her former lover in a fit of anger. As two dirty women try to prove the innocence of the remaining dirty woman, they learn how difficult that can be especially when the person they want to rescue refuses to cooperate. Three Dirty Women And The Garden Of Death is an entertaining regional mystery that will thrill sub-genre fans. The story line is fun as the audience observes the aftermath of the womanizing Greg on much of the townsfolk who simply detested the deceased. The three women are intriguing charcaters, but at times trip over each other and clog the plot. The secondary cast adds a southern small town feel and insight into Greg's trifling with too many hearts. Julie Wray Herman writes a warm mystery that will provide much enjoyment to readers.
—Internet Book Watch

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Overmountain Press
Publication date:
Three Dirty Women Mysteries Series
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5.90(w) x 8.81(h) x 0.51(d)

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