Three Hours of Darkness

Three Hours of Darkness

by John Bolten


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This Biblically based story takes place at the time of Christ's crucifixion when three hours of darkness fell upon Golgotha outside of Jerusalem. Martin Luther's appropriate choice of Finsternis, meaning total and complete darkness, is historically confirmed by non-Biblical sources. One wonders what it might have been like to be inside the minds of those people who were there

This booklet is dedicated to all those who have the faith and courage to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord, Lord of all phases of their life.

John Bolten was born in Germany and immigrated with his parents to the United States before WWII when he was nine years old. He graduated from Dartmouth College before making his career in the business world.

Christianity was always a thread in his life in an intellectual way, but he still placed his priorities in this world. Then one day he experienced his own "Road to Damascus" experience and bridged the world's greatest distance; the one between his head and his heart. Seeing the Bible as a Love Letter to us from God, who wants us to know him intimately, changed his spiritual relationship with Christ forever.

He has been involved with Living Bibles International, Haggai Institute, Word of Life, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and other Christian organizations. John resides in Osorno, Chile; continuing to write relevant Christ based articles showing the depth of love that God has for us.

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