Three is a War

Three is a War

by Pam Godwin


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ISBN-13: 9781975660277
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/25/2017
Series: Tangled Lies , #3
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.67(d)

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Three is a War (Tangled Lies, #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
This series had me all kinds of emotional. Definitely worth the read. Danni didn’t end up with the guy I wanted, but in the end I feel good about it. The author did was she thought was best for her and I do reluctantly agree. It’s funny how sometimes in fiction you find yourself caring about these made up people, and that’s how I feel about Danni, Trace, and Cole. I loved every book, highly recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Love isn't a choice" in awe right now, and wrecked, as the pile of tissues beside me is a testament to. The next morning, I am still in a serious book hangover as the story dominated by subconscious instead of resting. To me, that is the sign of an amazing book, not only one that grabs you at the moment, but hangs on and lingers. There is no doubt that the ugly crying this one indicted was worth every second Like the previous book, this one picks up where the cliffhanger left off. This is not a stand alone story line, but each previous book is a complete story, and the build on each other pushing the story forward. This is the end, it is all going to come together in this book, and even while reading it, I had no idea how or why. The emotion, it is there, and the last third will gut you, but before that, it is fun, it is confusing, it is quiet, and it is loud. It is sexy to a degree that is off the charts throughout it all There are three very determined people, each out to win the battle for their life. While Danni has yet to realize love isn't a choice, she thinks she holds the power. Both Cole and Trace have realized this, they want what is best for her and are convinced it is him. They stop battling each other and focus on proving why they are the better choice. In the end, they all know only one man will be chosen, but in the moment, it all fits so right I didn't know how this was going to work out, but when it finally did, it made so much sense, I wondered how I didn't see it all along. This book ends with a happily ever after and a broken heart, but it doesn't end with heartbreak. It ends as it began, as it was through the whole series, with deep and unfaltering love
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series, ended just like I hoped!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this series. Couldn't put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read loved the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I want to read the next one pleaseeeee!
Robyn_Nichole More than 1 year ago
Three is a War is the conclusion to the series Tangled Lies. You must read book 1 and 2 before you even think about reading this book. Don't worry you will love them so much!! This book will have you switching sides back and forth on who Danni belongs with Cole or Trace. ( apparently they can't share :( sad face). I don't want to spoil anything but just know this, action, drama, tons of emotions, and some hot hot scenes are ahead for you in this read! Also Don't judge a book by its cover.
lisaher More than 1 year ago
As always Pam Godwin delivers, but not before having you questioning your choices along with the characters. I thought for sure of my decision at the end of book one and it didn't change, until the last quarter of this final book, in this amazing series. While I'm still torn as I never like to see any character I like hurt in anyway, but it proved Ms Godwin is an evil genius. Danni, Trace and Cole's story was meant to test the resolve of your heart and soul. As I said I was fairly certain how I wanted it to end, but what I didn't expect was for my love to change just like it did for the characters. Sometimes you don't fall out of love, but your love changes and for me that was the biggest surprising thing. The series has had me holding my breath throughout, the twists, the passion, the love of reality. It wasn't always easy reading, but it was real and intense with gut wrenching honesty.
shabbyarora More than 1 year ago
An epic ending to the Tempestous Tale Of Love. The story will increase your heart rate and throb your senses . It's a catastrophic solution no matter which way Pam spins it , you can't look away and you can't watch !  Three beautiful  people , brought together by Destiny , yet together would crowd a bed.  Pam etches these unforgettable characters -Trace , Danii And Cole . Their world becomes yours, their dilemmas frustrate your brain, their pangs of love warm your heart and then their broken, divided love pulls your soul in different directions. At the end of book 2 , Danii has blacked out . I almost wish she'd stayed that way. Who did it ....why .... how ? All those questions get answered , but there are bigger problems at stake here  . The more they try to make sense the more they get senseless. The more they try to escape, the more they are slammed back together in the complex relationship. The more they try to wiggle out of picking a side , the more their heart is divided. I was as conflicted as Danii, going out of my mind with craziness and couldn't pick , since both Trace & Cole are true loves of her life, two parts of her Soul and two rhythms that her heart beats to. She and I could sway towards Dimpled charm and smirking sexiness of Cole one moment, then naturally submit to Trace and his powerful & magnetic commands.  They both hold Danii and me captive with their steamy kisses and sexy spells. I moved and danced with Danii , my heart was right there with her going mad with passion and eavesdropping and trying to make sense of her She's in a Dreamlike scenario of being worshipped by two handsome men and yet that's her bane, she's being pulled in two different directions and it's tearing her apart!. I fell in love with two men and lost myself. I’ll stay in love with one and find myself again. Easier said than done though .  Pam won't let you off so easy, would she !.  I wish I was Danii, beautiful and sensuous, she holds two perfect hearts in her hand. It looks like a dream scenario from the outside. Two powerful men,  on their knees , vying for her love . What makes her so worthy of this uphill task ? “I’m afraid one day you’ll realize I wasn’t worth it.” “I’m afraid one day you’ll ask me to leave" Cole is a handsome rogue who drove on a bike, straight through Danii's heart 5 years ago . I fell in love with Cole in book one and dammit when he flashes those holes in his cheeks my heart just sinks in them. He's a flirtatious, handsome chap and I swooned when he smiled. Danii too trips on his dimples and is trapped in his soulful gaze. Their passion is sky high . Her First Love, her First Soulmate. They share a chemistry, body trampling, soul igniting fire that envelops them as soon as they are in  proximity .  Danii cannot resist him so they should be a logical choice , isnt it? (YES) Because a woman can never forget her first love ever !! Right?(YES) He’s not the first man I loved or the first love I lost. But his is the love that cuts the deepest and does the most damage. And then Pam focuses on the other angle of this triangle.  She writes Trace with such magnificent Demeanour, Danii kneel naturally for him . Their bodies slot and hearts sync perfectly. so that love should be perfect. He commands and demands from her, gives her life back and breathes love into her emaciated soul when she's grieving for Cole. She derives purpose of life from him.  That should be a natural choice woul