Three Little Things

Three Little Things

by Patti Stockdale


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One forbidden love. Two broken hearts. Three little things.

Hattie Waltz should forget the troubled neighbor leaving for boot camp in 1917. He forgot about her ages ago. It had always been the Waltzs verses the Kregers, his family pitted against hers. When she hands him a farewell gift, a chemistry lesson unfolds. The good kind.

Arno Kreger can’t leave Iowa or his old man fast enough. He’s eager to prove his worth on the battlefield and stop blaming himself for his brother’s death. Before entering the train, he bumps into Hattie. He’s loved her forever, always from the sidelines, because nobody crosses Hattie’s pa.

One innocent letter soon morphs into many. Arno and Hattie share three little secrets in each letter and grow closer together. But he’s on his way to a war across the ocean, and she’s still in her father’s house. Their newfound love will need to survive dangers on both fronts.

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ISBN-13: 9781645260653
Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing ()
Publication date: 02/04/2020
Pages: 310
Sales rank: 108,215
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Patti loves hope, history, and a good happily ever after. She can't remember numbers, so she married a statistician. Thanks to him, she's lived all sorts of places and worked all sorts of jobs. While employed by the Washington Redskins, she once answered the phone, "Washington Indians." She doesn't work there anymore. For 11 years, she directed the programming at a nonprofit senior center and hosted an annual talent show, rocking a Dolly Parton wig, Annie Oakley boots, and a sweet-although snug-Batman costume. She no longer works there either. These days, Patti writes books and occasionally educational assessments and magazine articles. Please visit her at Don't forget to introduce yourself and tell her, hello!

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Three Little Things 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
EbosAifuobhokhan_28 1 days ago
Three things I loved about this book. 1. The story was stellar. I don't usually read war stories and I don't know why I did this one but it was wonderful. The story of Arno and Hattie will bring tears to your eyes. Their love story was so sweet. I loved their devotion to each other despite the war and distance. 2. I loved reading how they found a way to be together despite the distance and obstacles between them. 3. My heart went out for their pain and loss. I think the hardest person to forgive is ourself. I admired Hattie's patience with Arno despite the fact that she had her own loss and pain to deal with. I loved this love story. I really did. You'd fall in love with Arno and Hattie. I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion.
EbosAifuobhokhan_28 1 days ago
Three things I loved about this book. 1. The story was stellar. I don't usually read war stories and I don't know why I did this one but it was wonderful. The story of Arno and Hattie will bring tears to your eyes. Their love story was so sweet. I loved their devotion to each other despite the war and distance. 2. I loved reading how they found a way to be together despite the distance and obstacles between them. 3. My heart went out for their pain and loss. I think the hardest person to forgive is ourself. I admired Hattie's patience with Arno despite the fact that she had her own loss and pain to deal with. I loved this love story. I really did. You'd fall in love with Arno and Hattie. I received a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion.
sjcooper 2 days ago
Three Little Things by Stockdale is a must read book. Stockdale definitely brings her characters to life in this book. I looked forward to each letter between Arlo and Hattie as they added in each letter three little things about themselves. It was so intriguing to watch their fondness for each other grow into true love. Stockdale definitely has you wanting the story to never end , I look forward to reading more of her books,
Tammy-1979 4 days ago
I was intrigued that this novel originated from the author’s grandparents’ letters to each other and anxiously anticipated finding out what the “Three Little Things” was all about. This historical romance did not disappoint, and I succumbed to the story of Hattie and Arno and how they coped with personal loss and war time, yet keeping their faith. I loved Hattie’s little sassy streaks! I thoroughly enjoyed the “three little things” in each letter and how Hattie and Arno confided in each other their most intimate thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams through their correspondence. I am hoping that Patti Stockdale will be writing another book soon because I will certainly be looking forward to reading it.
Diane-from-Iowa 4 days ago
Three Little Things is a great read! I love historical fiction and great love stories and this book satisfied my desire for both! I am from the Midwest, so I loved the depiction of life in small town Iowa during WWI. This love story touched my heart. Love is the foundation of this story. The story of Hattie' and Arno's budding romance is the cornerstone of this book, but the cast of supporting characters in this book also exemplify the love of family and the devotion of true friendship. I highly recommend this book!
Anonymous 6 days ago
Hattie and Arno’s story charmed me from the first pages. Reading Three Little Things was like being transported to another place and time, experiencing life and love and loss on the American home front during WWI. Inspired by actual love letters passed between a German-American soldier and a young woman doing her part to serve her country from her small Iowa town, the historical authenticity of the story shines through. Patti Stockdale has a distinct writing style with charming turns of phrase that infuses her characters with larger than life personality. This is her debut novel, but from here on out I have a feeling people will be able to pick up one of her books and a few lines in be able to say, “This has to be a Stockdale novel!” Looking forward to more from this author.
Anonymous 7 days ago
"Not once in eighteen years had Hattie Waltz considered praying for a plague. But if a swarm of locusts intervened, she'd not complain." Epic first line. Hooked me straight away. This author knocked this debut novel out of the park. She is on her game. The reader travels to war time in the 1917's. From the crackling of a bonfire, to the touch of pearls, this story will suck you in at Chapter One and keep you entranced until The End.
luvnjesus 10 days ago
A charming love story between Arno and Hattie during World War I. I absolutely loved the author’s debut novel. “Three Little Things” was inspired by her grandparent’s letters that they each wrote to one another during World War I. Hattie and her friends wanted to support the soldiers and spent time together knitting for the them. Loyalty, hard work and love of family are woven throughout the story. You will fall in love with Hattie and Arno and their happy ever after love story. I had never heard of the author, but glad I read the book and I am looking forward to another book by the author. “I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.”
jess_baker_614 10 days ago
I love to read stories about love during times of war, especially when letters are involved. For me, the notes between Arno and Hattie are what really made the book special. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing both sides of the story, seeing their intimate thoughts when they are separate, and really get to know their characters. BUT there is just something about letters that get to me in a story. I think it just makes it more personable, and more real. Stockdale did a wonderful job in transporting me back in time - a time when things were tough, people suffered pain and loss, and yet among that was this tiny sliver of hope. Not only did Stockdale mange to grab my emotions, but she brought me into the story. I didn't feel as if I was reading a book, I felt like I was living it. That's no easy task, especially for a debut novel! She also did a great job of reminding me Who is in charge of it all, and Who we can rely on in the midst of a battle. Her writing is just so vivid, heartwarming, and beautiful. I highly encourage you to set aside a big chunk of reading time before diving in! Three Little Things is a beautiful, poetic, and heartwarming story that will captivate readers. I look forward to seeing what Stockdale has in the future. I know I'll be adding the next book to my TBR pile :)
Anonymous 13 days ago
Three Little Things was the perfect book for my list-loving heart. To carry on the theme, here are eight things I loved about Three Little Things. 1. I loved the writing style and voice. I often found myself smiling at the author’s turns of phrase. 2. The characters—even the “villains”—end up coming across as real. 3. I liked the humor sprinkled throughout the novel. 4. The cover is amazing. 5. I loved the letters between Hattie and Arno and the ongoing theme of three little things. 6. I enjoyed the historical details and learning more about World War I. 7. After having read nonfiction about the renaming of anything that sounded German and some of the anti-German attitudes, it was interesting to experience this through the eyes of fictional characters. 8. I adore that this was inspired by the author’s grandparents! I often found myself wondering where truth ended and fiction began. I would love a newsletter or something contrasting the truth with the fiction. Although this book is an excellent representation of the home front, I will say that if you are looking for a World War I book that features actual battles or many scenes from the front, you may want to look elsewhere. Much of the hero’s time is spent in camps in America. I didn’t see this as a con, although if someone is looking for a battlefield-centered book, they might be disappointed. Personally, I enjoyed that it was centered around average people living their lives in the middle of a war. The book didn’t have an extremely fast-paced plot, but I liked how the letters provided a framework for the story. In a way, it reminded me of a classic novel, and I loved that it felt like I was reading a book that could have been written in that era rather than a modern book that just happened to be set then. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about World War I on the home front, readers who enjoy classic writers such as L.M. Montgomery or Elizabeth Gaskell, and people who enjoy a sweet love story.
CherryPie0420 14 days ago
When I first realized this was the author's debut novel I was in shock. The writing is wonderful and the world building superb. I haven't read much about the first world war but reading Three Little Things gave me quite a taste of the trials of war during that time period. The blossoming love between Arno and Hattie is central, but there is so much more that surrounds their relationship, including a cast of well-developed characters that have been skillfully brought to life, and scenery so picturesque you are truly transported in time. The banter between characters, especially between Hattie and Arno, is entertaining and quite charming, but what truly stole my heart were the letters written between the two, each including three little things, which were loosely based on the actual letters sent between the author's own maternal grandparents, making this tidbit all the sweeter. Wonderfully written with such heart, Three Little Things was a sweet joy to read! *I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author and/or publisher through JustRead Tours. All views and opinions are completely honest, and my own.
KendraNeal 15 days ago
Historical Fiction is a favorite genre of mine. Add in Romance for Historical Romance book and WOW!! Historical Romance books really take you back in time where LOVE was on a different level and felt more authentic then LOVE does nowadays. Three Little Things is the debut Novel by Patti Stockdale and I am very impressed with the book! The story is set in WWI times. Hattie and Arno are childhood friends and their relationship grows even stronger when Arno is away at War. The write letters back and forth and the LOVE blossoms through those letters and miles apart from each other. The letters were filled with so many great thoughts that they never really expressed to each other face to face. I really got into the book from the beginning and then as it deepened, I couldn't put it down. I continued reading because the author did a great job at keeping it interesting and very suspenseful as to what will happen next in the LOVE story! Did the LOVE story of Hattie and Arno survive the distance and months apart? Grab a copy of the book and find out! I truly enjoyed this book! Very authentic and a beautiful storyline!! FANTASTIC book! I hope to see more books from the author Patti Stockdale!
Phyllis_Bus 15 days ago
"Three Little Things" is a historical fiction romance story about two young people, Hattie and Arno, who grew up together and grow to love one another through the letters they exchanged while Arno was serving during WWI. I really loved this sweet story which gives a glimpse of both the home front and the war abroad. And what makes it extra special is that the story was inspired by letters that the author's grandparents exchanged during WWI. The characters – the young couple, their parents and many friends and neighbors - are all well-developed and appealing. I really enjoyed Ms. Stockdale’s writing style which kept me interested and anxious to read on as the story and Arno's and Hattie's relationship developed. I also appreciated how well edited and proofed this debut novel is. I’m anxious to read more by Ms. Stockdale.
Darci_R 16 days ago
I want to go on record as saying I have never written a review before but without question, this book warranted a 5-star review! From the very first page, I was drawn in! I loved the characters. I loved the story. I love the descriptions! I see a sequel!! I want to know what happened next. Again, book reviews are not my thing but if you want a very enjoyable story and read, get this book. You will love it!
Anonymous 16 days ago
There is no doubt this story was written with love, not just the love between the heroine and hero, but love from the author as well. Reading the account of the author’s process for research and writing was nearly as stimulating as the book itself. Three Little Things is a love story that is born during World War I. However, the story encompasses so much more than the central relationship of Arno and Hattie. We watch affection develop between the two as they correspond and share three things that are important to them. In our days of telephone, texting and internet it can be hard to imagine writing letters and the excruciating wait for mail. Arno and Hattie were not only tested by distance, but also by the disapproval of Hattie’s father. These obstacles only matured their love. While Arno and Hattie learn about each other and fall in love, the reader has an in-depth soldier’s view of the training for war and of war itself, and how the expectations didn’t match the experience. We also learn what it was like to be the ones left behind. The last few scenes in the book are especially touching. Three Little things is well researched and well written. I felt as if I was part of the scenes at bootcamp and could really picture the surroundings and activities. And I loved the mention of Fort Dix since that’s where my brother started his military life. If you enjoy historical fiction that is based on a true story, or if you like stories about the lives of people who lived through WWI, Three Little Things is perfect for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a new time period to read about and love small town life. Give this story a read. I loved it.
Caitlyn_Santi 16 days ago
What a lovely debut novel! I loved these characters! Arno and Hattie were both very sweet and admirable characters, while also being flawed and relatable. I enjoy reading novels that are set during WWI, and I think this is the first one I've read set in the U.S. during that time, so it was fascinating to learn a little about what was happening on the American home front during WWI. I have been knitting since I was a young child, it's one of my favorite hobbies, and so I absolutely loved that Hattie was a knitter as well! One of my favorite things about this book was the letters Arno and Hattie wrote to each other, absolutely delightful! I also absolutely loved the ending! The final page of this story is one of the best I've ever read and put a huge smile on my face! I so enjoyed this story and am so happy I read it! I'm looking forward to this author's next book, and I'm really hoping Wilhelm will get a story since he was my favorite secondary character! Highly recommended! I received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher which did not influence my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.
KellyJGoshorn 16 days ago
This. Book. I absolutely adored Patti Stockdale's debut historical romance. Set against the backdrop of WWI, the hero and heroine write letters back and forth sharing three little things about themselves -- their hopes and dreams, their fears and life's disappointments. The letters serve to deepen the attraction of these childhood friends and help them deal with the war, anti-German American discrimination, and family opposition to their romance. Stockdale laces her prose with plenty of whit and historically accurate slang. Based on the real WWI era love letters between the author's grandparents, any fan of inspirational romance won't want to miss this one.