Three Nights with a Rock Star

Three Nights with a Rock Star

by Amber Lin, Shari Slade



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Three Nights with a Rock Star by Amber Lin, Shari Slade

When Hailey crashes a Half-Life after party, she expects to find the bastard who knocked up her little sister. Instead she meets the sexy front-man who agrees to give her access to his crew if she gives him access to her body.

All Lock demands in return is three days of complete control over the Sunday School teacher. With a contract, because he's been burned before. One misstep could send the band-and his tenuous sobriety-up in flames.

Hailey and Lock push each other's limits... Against the penthouse window. Backstage. In the limo and on the elevator. But as the contract counts down, neither are ready for the party to end.

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ISBN-13: 9781499719574
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2014
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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Three Nights with a Rock Star 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the book but I wasn't a big fan of the man on man part. Honestly it confused me but it was a very small part. overall the book was really good I didn't want to put it down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you want a walk on the wild side this book is for you. I felt a whole lot naughty reading this book, I loved it. Not for the faint of heart. I think there is still steam coming off my e-reader.
KFischer More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a spicy rockstar story, this is it. Hailey is a preschool teacher who is determined to find out which roadie in the Half Life band crew got her sister Chloe pregnant. Chloe refuses to reveal the father's identity. In order for Hailey to get full access to the band and crew, she has to sign a 3 day non-disclosure contract for the band's lead singer, Lock, because he wants full access to her. Lock has learned the hard way to protect himself and the band. Hailey spends an eye-opening weekend with Lock as she searches for her sister's lover. A video of Lock and Hailey's elevator escapade is leaked and threatens their reputations. When Hailey walks away from Lock at the end of the weekend to deal with this disaster, Lock is forced to confront his feelings for Hailey. This is a steamy romance with interesting characters and unexpected twists that balance out the storyline. I love the different personalities of the Half Life band members and how they interact with each other. The chemistry between Lock and Hailey is sizzling and the adventurous love scenes are smoking. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to the next one.
CDKeith More than 1 year ago
I loved this book!  Hailey and Lock are hot, hot, hot.  The main characters are all introduced and their stories introduced.  I can't wait for the next book I series. Thank you Aspendawn Books and NetGalley for ARC.
Laura_Downside_Vamp More than 1 year ago
*I received an ARC of this title courtesy of Aspendawn Books, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review* 4 1/2 stars Hailey has always been the responsible one, the good girl. Raising and providing for her sister Chloe when their mother proved they didn't matter to her. Internally fighting to never resemble her, Hailey keeps herself tightly under wraps and never explores any desire she may find deep inside. All that changes when Chloe returns from traveling with the band Half- Life and confesses she's pregnant but the father isn't in a good place right now to be just that, a father. Hailey won't take that for an answer when both they both know what it's like to grow up with missing fathers. The problem is Chloe isn't giving up his name. With an inadequate plan Hailey decides to infiltrate the band and find the father herself. Going straight to the man in charge she heads to the hotel to find Lock. The scene that greets her proves she is way out of her league. However, among the passed out and plant fertilizing men she finds her redemption in a drop dead gorgeous man who thankfully, appears to be sober. As luck would have it he happens to be just the man she was looking for. What she wasn't planning on was finding herself in a contract to spend the next three days in his bed. So what happens when Hailey lets herself break free from her good girl shell and enjoy life? She just might be risking it all. Three Nights with a Rockstar was a fast paced and sexy ride. There was adventur but nothing over the top outrageous to try to get the reader's attention, just honest good writing with great characters. It was almost like watching a really personal documentary or reading a biography, the world of rock & roll brought to life through the words on each page. I was hoping for a good book but what I wasn't expecting is to get hooked on the main couple and a few supporting characters so quickly. Lock, Hailey, Krist, Chloe and a few others had me reading until the early morning hours, Lock specifically. Sure, this isn't my first tattooed sex & music god I've read but there was something about him that stayed with me. He was delicious yes, there of course is that. More so he carried a level of dominance and swagger but broke down his walls with Hailey and there was a deep connection in that vulnerability. A real person, not just everyone's persona of a fantasy. I was worried when I discovered how much of a good girl Hailey was. *Cue the look of horror thinking I was reading another blushing "virgin".* Thankfully once the cardigan came off she became a confident women who wasn't afraid to enjoy what she wanted. As excited as I am for Krist's book I'm almost sad that I can't selfishly have several books with the two of them. I was actually a little surprised that TNwaR was written by two authors. The chapters flow so smoothly. It's descriptive but not excessive. Imaginative but not outrageous. Just the right mix to get lost in your fantasy but not get vertigo when you finish the last page. This is a series that I will be marking release dates in my calendar and stalking the author's facebooks for!
slsNY More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Determined to find the roadie who got her sister pregnant, Hailey shows up at the band's after-party. Sunday school teacher in a groupie disguise, she gets access to the floor the band is partying hard on. Hoping to speak with the lead singer, Hailey encounters a sober man who takes her up to the penthouse. Said man happens to be Lock, the singer, and he sees through her disguise and offers her a deal. A contract for three nights with him in exchange for the ability to question the crew. Plenty of descriptive sex and a surprising menage scene. It's all fun & games until Hailey & Lock are nearing the end of their time together... and a video is leaked.
lhines1971 More than 1 year ago
DNF! I stopped at 62%. The book just didnt work for me. It wasn't believable and I felt like it jumped around too much. The synopsis made no mention of the m/m situation and that is not my thing. There was not much development of the characters which left me feeling confused at some points. Free copy given to me via NetGalley for an honest review.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Three Nights with a Rock Star, Amber Lin and Shari Slade Review from jeannie zelos book reviews well – being an ex Sunday School teacher myself in my teens and like Chloe pregnant and unmarried, this book struck a chord with me. I’ve also a weakness for the Rock Star romance bit too so... Big sister Hailey is determined to make whoever got her little sister pregnant take responsibility – she’s not after him to marry her, just do his part as a dad and be there for Chloe and the child..she’s not thought it through though, travelled on impulse and ends up totally out of her depth. She’s a quiet girl, looked after Chloe since she was 18, took a job with the church to support them both instead of doing college, and has gone out of her way to ensure the sisters aren’t tarred with the same brush as their mother, who everyone knew was a drunk who used men to pay for what she wanted. She feels like she’s been so serious all the while that fun has avoided her, so when Lock comes up with his three day control proposal she can’t resist the chance to let go. She hasn’t told Chloe what she’s doing though, and Chloe is holding another big secret that could have made a huge difference... Hailey and Lock are scorching together, a new experience for her and Lock keeps telling himself its novelty he’s feeling, turning the good girl bad and nothing more. He’s kidding himself though and the heat between them gets hotter and hotter, especially when band member Krist joins them one night! Of course something that hot has to explode – and it does. Well, this is a fun read, and very erotic and sensual. I enjoyed the real “touring” feel to the novel, having read some rock and film star ones recently where the characters lived the part in name only, and filming/touring wasn’t part of the action. I like to feel the whole life of the characters, to be there with them, to live the drama as they do and it worked well here. Stars: Five, a great read. ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers
ReaderWriterLK More than 1 year ago  I read Three Nights with a Rock Star in an afternoon.  Amber Lin and Shari Slade rocked this one (pun intended).  I literally couldn't put this book down.  From the beginning, you're sucked into the life Lock, the lead of the Half-Life band.  What makes this story so amazing is it's experienced through the amazed and determined perspective of Hailey, who has spent her entire life doing everything in her power to be good.  When we read in Lock's point of view, he spends most of his time trying to figure out this Sunday School teacher and the rest wondering why she intrigues him so much.  Between them, the bond that makes this story so compelling, is a three-day sex contract she signs with him to gain total access to the band and its road crew so she can find the man who got her little sister pregnant.  What a ride!  Don't miss this one!
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ Stars WOW!  Three Nights with a Rock Star is an erotic, no holes barred romance that will take you for a spin; grabbing hold of you and never letting go.  A true rock star fantasy with so many levels of pleasure and pain that it will make you feel like you are the one it's happening to. Lock is the naughty lead singer/guitar player of the band Half-Life.  He is a tumultuous character who always gets what he wants.  He lives his life on the threshold of crazy, working hard and playing even harder.  When he comes across this woman who rocks his world, he begins to see things a little differently.  A recovering alcoholic, Lock finds that his newest addiction is a mouse of a girl who drives him to the edge and teaches him a thing or two about a life that he secretly longs for, a life with one girl in particular...his Hailey. Hailey is a volunteer Sunday School teacher and paid preschool teacher at her church. She has always walked the straight and narrow, never deviating from the important things, like taking care of her younger sister since her mother left them years ago.  Until she found out that her little sister is now pregnant;  she has to make it right, has to find the father and get him to own up to his obligation of caring for a child.  So she does what any rational person would do and goes to the hotel where the band Half-Life is staying to find the person accountable for her sister's situation.  A band member or roadie, or groupie, she's not sure who it is, but she's determined to find out.  Little did she know that the chance meeting with the lead singer of the band, would forever change who she is and what she'd always wanted out of life.  The characters are very well formed with such depth that I couldn't stop reading until I was finished!  I could totally relate to Hailey and her situation.  Wanting to always do the right thing, no matter the cost, but at the same time longing to have more for herself.  I also could feel the pain and determination that Lock possessed.  Yes, he is a mega star with such power and presence, but at the same time in need of being loved for himself, not for what he could give someone.  The two clash with a loud bang and their lives are forever be intertwined.  I really loved everything about the story.  From the sexy rock star's dominating person, to the longed for threesome, and the wayward beauty of how love can supersede everything in its wake!  If you want to know how it ends and delve in the the most sensual and seductive story around, READ THIS BOOK!  Well played, Amber Lin and Shari Slade!  Gr¿ta Hero -   "Lock" Keaton Shaw 4.5 stars Heroine -  Hailey 4.5 stars Steam Level: 4.0 stars Plot: 4.0 stars Cliffhanger: No Would I recommend this book: Yes! Would I read other books by this author: Yes! ***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
Improbable as it may seem, we have a Sunday school teacher hunting down who got her 19 year old sister pregnant. She thinks it had to be someone connected with the Rock Band her sister spent the Summer working for. Without a word to her sister (who refuses to divulge the name of the baby's father) Hailey leaves town and heads to Chicago where the band is meant to perform and stay for the next few days. So begins one of the most improbable stories ever, but nonetheless very entertaining. Hailey's world is turned upside down... and so the band's, her sister's. and their church. A truly romantic book with a wild rocker and HOT bedroom scenes!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
I have read and enjoyed many of Amber Lin's books and found them to be full of angst. This one isn't as angsty and has exchanged deeply conflicted emotions for raw and gritty sex. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it though. I found myself quickly caught up in the whirlwind weekend of hedonistic interludes between the reliable and caretaking good girl Hailey and rock god Lock who's trying to put his self-destructive past behind him. While most of their interactions are of the sexual variety we get to see moments where they connect and share on a deeper level, where we see each of them filling a void in the other's life. Hailey and her sister Chloe have had to live with the backlash caused by their mother's addictions and promiscuity. While Chloe seemed to rebel and take on a party girl persona, Hailey became the reliable one who lived a very vanilla existence while acting as Chloe's mother. When Chloe comes home pregnant from touring with rock band Half-Life Hailey makes it her mission to find the man responsible and make him pay. Things don't go as planned though as she ends up selling her body and soul to get to the truth. For so long Hailey has denied herself the right to have fun, to let go of the pressures of being a caretaker, but with Lock she can finally let loose. And she definitely lets loose in numerous hot and heavy sexual encounters that change her life forever. I liked Hailey and saw a lot of myself in her and could understand her desire to cut loose. I found myself cheering for her as she was a breath of fresh air in Lock's life of superficiality and untrustworthiness and is just what he needed to continue walking the straight and narrow. Lock is still doing penance for the damage he did to his band through his alcoholism, blatant sexuality, and taking advantage of bandmate Krist's feelings for him. He's kicked booze and learned to choose his sexual partners carefully by having them sign confidentiality agreements which leads to very unemotional and cold couplings. He at first sees Hailey as a challenge, is drawn to her caring nature and her being unimpressed by his lifestyle. She's a woman who actually wants him for himself. He's scared to get too close though as their time together winds down. He doesn't want to admit to a connection for fear he'll screw it up as he so often does. He too is tired of the obligations forced upon him and sees her as a way to get away from it all. She opens his eyes in so many ways, especially when it comes to the future and also the unrequited feelings Krist has for him that become heated here and feel unresolved at the end of the story. Lock continues to fight his past throughout this story but it wasn't dealt with as much as I'd hoped. By dwelling so much on the sex I felt like I was missing out seeing into his soul and longed for a story that put me through the emotional wringer. I still found myself drawn to Lock but wanted to know oh so much more about him. This is a very scorching story with numerous sexual encounters that overwhelm the story at times. Hailey and Lock didn't really talk about their lives until almost the end which led to a quickly wrapped up ending full of misunderstandings and doubts. Along with the sexy encounters between the h/h we had a ménage and a light bit of m/m between Lock and Krist which I hope to see dealt with more fully as the two of them will have to deal with their complicated connection in the next book in this engaging
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sexaaay! I loved this book. The detail and descriptions of scenes was amazing. I felt like I was watching these intimate moments take place. I blushed a little of course during some scenes. Lock and Hailey were wonderful together. At one point I was confused on what would happen next. Who would actually end up together?! There was a lot of sex for most of the book, very fast paced. It began to slow down and become more romantic and sweet. It was a great book, and it was very sweet and a bit edgy! -KatieSalers
bethlattanzi09EL More than 1 year ago
I have to say this was an okay read for me! I felt a little confused because at different times I had to try and figure out whose perspective I was reading because it was told from four. Although, I love getting an alternate perspective I felt that at times this was just a little too much. I found myself having to read the first couple of sentences to figure out whose perspective I was in at that given time. I love stories about rock stars but at times I didn’t feel the connection between Hailey and Lock, aka Keaton. I definitely felt a stronger connection between them towards the very end than I did in the beginning/middle of the story. (I don’t want to tell that part to give anything away but if you have read the story then you know what I am talking about) Part of me felt there were more emotions shown in the interactions between Lock and Krist than between Hailey and Lock (which was a whole other part of the story that I felt left hanging). I loved what Hailey was willing to do for her sister. I feel like she was making a sacrifice to try and help Chloe. When you have been deprived your childhood because you are taking care of a sibling you understand the rebel side where sometimes you want to experiment and do bad things. Which brings me to Chloe’s situation…. CRAZY! I wish more than anything that these two stories could have been divided out to bring more attention to each. I felt like there were two major stories occurring and they were trying to be smashed into one novel so both were lacking some more details. I think they could have made a novel for each individual situation. Now, this story was definitely hot and sexy, there is no doubt about that. I just wanted to feel more connection between the characters outside of the bedroom/hotel room.
MeganRC More than 1 year ago
Okay any book that has me laughing one minute and then hunting for a fan from all the sex going on deserves a medal. I seriously read this in one sitting…that’s right; glued to the glider in the living room, screw everything around me, don’t you dare talk to me while I’m reading kind of book. Lock and Hailey….woah! Those two have no inhibition and it was seriously hot. On the surface they appear to be complete opposites but it didn’t take long for me to see but that is definitely not the situation. Lock frees Hailey from a life she doesn’t truly want and Hailey keeps Lock grounded. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other. I loved their personalities. This is book is not full of deep meaning (as in pages of angst) however it was fun and refreshing and truly enjoyable. If you’re looking for a seriously hot rocker book then look no further. I highly recommend picking up this book and I can’t wait to read book 2! 5 out of 5 stars!