Three Rivers Stadium: A Confluence of Champions

Three Rivers Stadium: A Confluence of Champions

by The Association of Gentleman Pittsburgh Journalists


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Erected on the city's Northside in 1970, Three Rivers Stadium was Pittsburgh's home of champions for three decades. It hosted the first-ever World Series game played at night as the Pirates would win their last two titles there. The Pitt-Penn State rivalry in college football was never more heated than under the bright lights of Three Rivers. The Steel Curtain era of the Steelers brought Super Bowl wins and elevated the stadium to become one of the most feared venues in all of professional sports. Locally referred to as the "House that Clemente Built," the stadium was the site of the beloved right fielder's 3,000th hit. Join local sportswriters as they recall the roaring crowds, rocking stands and greatest moments of Three Rivers Stadium.

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ISBN-13: 9781467145367
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 04/06/2020
Series: Sports
Pages: 256
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About the Author

The Association of Gentleman Pittsburgh Journalists are some of the most preeminent authors and sports historians of Western Pennsylvania, including David Finoli, Tom Rooney, Chris Fletcher, Robert Healy III, Josh Taylor, John Franko, Bill Ranier, Gary Kinn, Jim Lachimia, Frank Garland, Tim Rooney and Lance Jones.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 7

Introduction: My Three Rivers Stadium Memories Paul Alexander 11

North Side Ghosts of Pittsburgh Ballparks Past Tom Rooney 15

We Need a New Stadium: A Decade-Long Odyssey David Finoli 23

1970: The Maiden Voyage Jim Lachimia 31

1971: Our First Season Chris Fletcher 36

Murtaugh's Colorblind Lineup Adds to the Legend of the 1971 Pirates Bill Ranier 40

1972: And in the Beginning David Finoli 43

The Immaculate Reception Was a Monumental Moment Tom Rooney 48

Before Coming of Age: Remembering Clemente's 3,000th Hit Bill Ranier 55

1973: A Tragic Celebration Frank Garland 60

Pittsburgh's First Bowl Game and the National Championship You Should Know About Robert Healy III 65

1974: First Doorway to Greatness Gary Kinn 71

1975: Not Quite the City of Champions Chris Fletcher 76

1976: An Incredible Defensive Stretch John Franko 82

Under the Lights: The Pitt-Penn State Rivalry Comes to Three Rivers Stadium David Finoli 87

1977: Fashion Divas David Finoli 91

1978: Friday Night Fever John Franko 96

1979: When the Road to the City of Champions Drove through Three Rivers Stadium Bill Ranier 102

Mel Blount: A Tribute from Inside the Lines Tim Roomy 108

1980: What a Difference a Year Makes Gary Kinn 112

1981: City Game 2.0 David Finoli 116

1982: The Captain's Final Voyage Bill Ranier 120

1983: The Phenom David Finoli 125

1984: Getting Past the Browns John Franko 129

One and Dumb: The Story of the Maulers Tom Roomy 134

1985: The Gunner's Final Flight Gary Kinn 147

1986: A Gamble for the National Championship David Finoli 152

The WPIAL Goes "Big Time" John Franko 156

1987: Different Directions Frank Garland 161

1988: Coming Attraction Chris Fletcher 165

1989: 92-10 David Finoli 169

1990: Memorial Day Classic Sets Tone for the Bucs Jim Lachimia 172

Three Rivers Stadium Musical Legacy Lance Jones 177

1991: A Double Order of Goose Eggs Gary Kinn 184

1992: All Things Considered-1992 in the City of Champions Robert Healy III 189

1993: Rivals and Missing Friends Frank Garland 195

1994: Upsetting Robert Healy III 199

A Midsummer Breakup Chris Fletcher 204

1995: "Fan Upheaval" and a Fantastic Finish Robert Healy III 207

1996: Conflicts Frank Garland 212

1997: Freaks, Sneaks and a Search for a New Home Josh Taylor 216

Plan B: Pittsburgh Is Alive and Well Josh Taylor 221

1998: The Slash Hullabaloo David Finoli 226

1999: The Unknown Slugger David Finoli 230

2000: Goodbye, Three Rivers Stadium Josh Taylor 234

The Last Waltz: The Implosion Josh Taylor 240

Appendix. The Chuck Cooper Foundation 243

Bibliography 247

About the Authors 251

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