Three Two-Act Comedies: 'the Little Greenie,' 'Hellcat Kate', 'Come in, Hypno'

Three Two-Act Comedies: 'the Little Greenie,' 'Hellcat Kate', 'Come in, Hypno'

by George J. Flynn


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Three Two-Act Comedies: 'the Little Greenie,' 'Hellcat Kate', 'Come in, Hypno' by George J. Flynn

Three new modern comedies have been published in the book Three Plays: "The Little Greenie", "Hellcat Kate", "Come in Hypno". All three comedies have been successfully produced for short runs at a theater on Long Island, and are suitable for all audiences. Subject matter treated by the three plays varies widely, from the problems of a butler who's been cut out of a will and seeks satisfaction, to the romantic perils of life in New York City, to the complications that arise when computers start to talk and listen to people.
The butler of "The Little Greenie" tires to solve his de-willed problem by enticing a young law student into marrying the daughter of the rich family he works for. An agreement is signed whereby the butler is to get 10% of whatever the student latches onto. The girl's mother becomes suspicious and brings in the family lawyer, and together they engage a private detective. Meanwhile the maid of the house is trying to get the butler to marry her, while the boyfriend of the girl thinks he can buy off this latest fortune hunter with a few hundred dollars. This play has been made into a video/movie and is available in VHS or DVD from customflix. com or order from the author at thelittlegreenie. com.
In "Hellcat Kate" an unemployed engineer has to cope with a live-in girlfriend who is a travel agent and goes on a short trip to Brazil with a customer who appears to be excessively amorous. The girl's mother, Hellcat Kate, does not get along well with the engineer and decides that her daughter should marry the man she goes to Brazil with, even if he is married at the moment. Kate works to get the engineer and an old girlfriend of his togetheragain when she learns that she is the wife of the man she wants her daughter to marry. When this attempt fails, Kate even tries to seduce the engineer.
"Come In, Hypno" explores the world of computer programs that understand (in a crude way) what people say, and can talk back to them. Students at a modern college are writing so many talk-and-listen programs that the professor in charge, Ms. Ardis McPherson, is driven to distraction and would love to get rid of some of the hackers. When a student has a fainting spell, he is misdiagnosed by a pre-med student as being dead, and some students are willing to believe that Professor McPherson actually murdered him. One of the programs, Hypno, has been designed to hypnotize people, especially girls. Another program, Feeder, runs to college's food and nutrition program, buying food and watching out for various student allergies. Things can go wrong in a situation of this kind - and they do.

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ISBN-13: 9781412043120
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/28/2005
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

The author has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked as an editor/writer on technical magazines and as a control engineer in industry. He has written a number of skits and plays and has produced and directed several of the plays and skits. He has also produced and directed a video/movie version of one of his plays, "The Little Greenie". He is an amateur musician and an electronic tinkerer.

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