Three Women (Lesbian Pulp Classic)

Three Women (Lesbian Pulp Classic)

by March Hastings
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Three Women (Lesbian Pulp Classic) by March Hastings

The easel stood in its place and Paula set the largest of the pads on it. "Going to pose for me?"

The old grin spread across Byrne's features. "Are you braver tonight?"

"Oh, much," Paula nodded with enthusiasm.

Byrne dragged a chair across the room and sat down, turning her profile to Paula.

Paula hesitated. She stared at Byrne for a while, waiting for some inspiration to move her pencil. "I liked it better the other way," she said in a small voice, not daring to look at Byrne.

She heard a laugh rumble out of the woman. It seemed to lap around Paula, dissolving her conviction--and her confidence.

"Well, it's true," Paula's voice shook. "Don't you want me to draw properly?" Her cheeks flushed with passion.

"Don't get excited," Byrne replied mildly. "If you prefer the other way, I have no objections."

With deliberate movement, she stood up. Slowly, she kicked off one shoe, then the other. A hint of cynicism flitting across her lips, she pulled the sweater over her head. The warm odor of her perfumed body floated on the air?

Paula, a young and inexperienced woman, believes she is in love with Phil. When he proposes marriage she eagerly says yes. Phil takes Paula to meet his Aunt Bernadette, known as Byrne, and life for Paula changes forever. Paula falls hard for the older woman and soon the shy young girl gains confidence as she pursues Byrne with a relentless determination. Before long, marriage to Phil becomes relegated to the back seat--so much so, in fact, that Paula realizes it will never take place.

Unconventional behavior certainly is not rare in Manhattan art circles. But what was going on in the ménage a trois of the Byrne woman raised the eyebrows even of the most broadminded. She was supposed to be loving and cherishing another artist, Greta--a woman with whom she had a long and torrid past. Yet she welcomed the advances of the bewitching and young Paula.

Of course, love between women can often be complicated and? challenging. In Paula's case, however, it can also come with a great deal of guilt. For Paula has not only a woman to love, but also a man. Phil Carson tried with all his strength and virility to rescue Paula from her "unnatural" desire, but true love is hard to fight against? especially when the woman you love is always in the arms of the woman she loves!

About Lesbian Pulp Fiction:

In the early 1950s new sub-genres of the vintage paperback pulp novel industry emerged--science fiction, juvenile delinquent, sleaze, and lesbian fiction, for instance--that would tantalize readers with gritty, realistic and lurid stories never seen before. Mysteries, thrillers and hardboiled detective pulps were already selling quite well. Publishers had come to realize, however, that sex would sell even more copies. In a competitive frenzy for readers, they tossed away their staid and straightforward cover images for alluring covers that frequently featured a sexy woman in some form of undress, along with a suggestive tag line that promised stories of sex and violence within the covers. Before long, books with these sensational covers had completely taken over the paperback racks and cash registers. To this day, the "good girl art" (GGA) cover art of these vintage paperback books are just as sought after as the books themselves were sixty years ago.

With the birth of the lesbian-themed pulp novel, women who loved women would finally see themselves--their experiences and their lives--represented within the pages of a book. They finally had a literature they could call their own. For lesbians across the country, especially those living in small towns, these books provided a sense of community they never knew existed, a connection to women who experienced the same longings, feelings and fears as they did--the powerful knowledge that they were not alone. We are excited to make these classic lesbian pulp novels available in ebook format to new generations of readers.

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About the Author

Writing in New York City in the 1950s and 60s, March Hastings was one of the most prolific authors of the lesbian pulp era. Her books, now widely sought after by collectors, include The Unashamed, The Demands of the Flesh, Veil of Torment, and The Heat of Day. She lives in Florida.

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Three Women 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great authentic lesbian pulp. The stories actually written in the 1950s are the best. It really gives you a look at life for the gay community then.