Thrice Trumpeted Truths: CLEARLY spoken 3 times

Thrice Trumpeted Truths: CLEARLY spoken 3 times

by J. Mark Holland

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Question: Why three? Answer: Curiosity! My curiosity was generated by numerous multiple repeats in the Scriptures.
(See Genesis 6, 7, 8: Appendix A) The list is fascinating.

“The search began with a question: Are there any significant, uniquely stated triples? We found that triples reverberate throughout the Scripture. More than 100 are identified in this study. It is as if the Lord is saying to the hard of heeding, Did you not hear me? I said it three times!”

—J. Mark Holland

“An interesting and compelling study! Once one starts looking for and finding triplets in God’s Word, their importance and significance is magnified.”

—Bruce Etcheson

“This is a book that accomplishes two things:

First, it challenges a reader to seriously consider God’s use of repetition in His Word to reinforce His truth; second, it leads the reader into knowing why obedience is a proper choice when confronted with God’s repeated truths.”

—David White

“The strong foundational truths of this study have not only taken me on a jet tour through the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it has also been an adventure to search out the golden nuggets of God’s precious Word in triplets. I trust that you will be thrice blessed as well, as you see the powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ interwoven throughout its pages.”

—Sandy Lange (member of the original study group)

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