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Thriving in Love and Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and Yourself

Thriving in Love and Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and Yourself

by Shaunti Feldhahn, Jeff Feldhahn

Multimedia(DVD - NTSC)

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Over 90 percent of couples experience some level of tension around money. So many books try to fix the surface problems, such as how to budget and what to prioritize when it comes to finances, but the issues go much deeper than just a simple spreadsheet.

How do men and women view money differently? What do most couples fight about? How can they get on the same page? Thriving in Love and Money is based on original research that gets to the heart of these issues.

This discussion kit that accompanies the book includes a 6-session DVD led by Shaunti and Jeff, as well as a discussion guide filled with questions and prompts that will help you think through your own underlying attitudes about money. But it doesn't stop at just understanding your partner; this curriculum will give you practical steps toward coming together as a couple around money.

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ISBN-13: 9780764235948
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/17/2020
Product dimensions: 5.45(w) x 0.62(h) x 7.53(d)

About the Author

Both with graduate degrees from Harvard, Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn are bestselling authors, popular speakers, and internationally renowned social researchers. Their books have sold three million copies in twenty-five languages. Shaunti has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Jeff is an attorney and entrepreneur. They live in Atlanta with their two teenagers. Follow Shaunti at

Table of Contents

1 It's Not About the Money 13

How we woke up to what really matters-and you can too

2 A Daily Problem, a Simple Solution 29

Why talk may be cheap-but is also the most valuable thing you can do

3 Can't Buy Me Love 49

Why my reasonable wants and your ridiculous wants often leave us wanting

4 Things That Go Bump in the Night 79

How we use money to fight our fears and worries-and end up spooking our partner instead

5 Show Me the Money-and Then Let Me Handle It 123

Why our tendency toward independence may not be so liberating after all

6 What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate 157

How different ways of thinking and listening cause conflict instead of connection

7 I'm Right, You're Wrong, What's the Problem? 189

How our knee-jerk reactions keep us from seeing the truth

8 The Best Return 221

How your investment in understanding will pay off

Acknowledgments 231

A Love and Money Conversation Model 237

Appendixes Dr. Charles Cowan, published online at

Appendix 1 Methodology: How We Did the Research 241

Appendix 2 A First Look at What Most Prevents Money Tensions 243

Notes 245

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