Through a Man's Eyes: Helping Women Understand the Visual Nature of Men

Through a Man's Eyes: Helping Women Understand the Visual Nature of Men

by Shaunti Feldhahn, Craig Gross


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What Happens When Women See What Men See?
You already know that your husband, boyfriend, or son is wired differently from you, but do you know what that really means? It means, among other things, that he’s been given the gift of a unique visual wiring—and the challenges that come with it.
In Through a Man’s Eyes, Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross team up to help open our eyes to something we are often blind to. They address questions like:
·         “Why are guys so visual—and what does that mean, anyway?”
·         “How do I help my son navigate this sex-crazed culture?”
·         “How dare someone tell a woman to watch what she wears! Isn’t it a man’s responsibility not to look?”
·         “If he’s tempted by visual images, is there something wrong with him? With me?”
·         “My husband is an honorable guy, so why would he be tempted by porn?”
·         “How can I talk to my husband or son about this? What can I do to support him?”
Through the compassion and candor in this book, we can learn what men have long wished we knew (but didn’t know how to explain)—and see the difference it makes when we do!

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ISBN-13: 9781601425119
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/21/2015
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 445,136
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Shaunti Feldhahn is a social researcher, popular speaker, and the best-selling author of such books as For Women Only, which have sold more than two million copies in twenty-three languages. Her groundbreaking relationship findings are featured in media around the world. Shaunti and her husband and two kids are based out of Atlanta.

Craig Gross is a pastor and the founder of, which is the most recognized voice on the planet on the issues of pornography and sex. Craig is the author of eleven books and has been featured in GQ, Newsweek, Wired, the New York Times, and on Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN, Fox News, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He lives in Pasadena, California, with his wife, Jeanette, and their two children.

Table of Contents

1 What Men See 1

2 Why Men Are So Visual 17

3 Just Because They Want to Look Doesn't Make Them Jerks 27

4 The Internal Outcome of External Attraction 47

5 Different Men, Different Draw 59

6 Nixing the Knee Jerk and Not Missing the Point 79

7 Every Woman's Response 91

8 The Wife's Response 101

9 The Mom's Response 115

10 Living in Hope 127

Frequently Asked Questions 135

Thanks for Taking the Journey 173

Acknowledgments 175

Notes 177

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