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Through the Eyes of Ernest: A Memoir to Honor Elephants

Through the Eyes of Ernest: A Memoir to Honor Elephants

by D. McFee

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Ever wonder what happens to the zoo and circus elephants after the all the people go home for the day? Ernest knows… Ernest is a captive born elephant with no connection to his wild relatives. He has had no chance to experience the wild, and this is, perhaps, his greatest tragedy. He doesn’t know what he is missing, but he’s about to find out. Ernest is one of thousands of elephants kept in zoos and circuses for the amusement of humans. Throughout the day, humans stare at him and make silly faces. At night, he’s confined to a tiny paddock. He has no idea about life in the wild, where close-knit families of elephants live as long as humans—presuming humans let them. His first elephant friend, wild born Frankie, tells Ernest all about the pleasures of living wild, and the family he misses so much. When humans send Ernest to the circus to perform, he meets other wild-born elephants, including wise old Mary and majestic, motherly Eve. Ernest learns more about what he’s been denied even as he discovers the rigorous, sometimes brutal world of circus training. A somber but ultimately hopeful tale told from an elephant’s point of view, Through the Eyes of Ernest: A Memoir to Honor Elephants asks us to consider why we keep such intelligent, social animals in captivity.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781463004095
Publisher: Book Country
Publication date: 01/08/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1
Sales rank: 1,004,068
File size: 590 KB

About the Author

Animal advocate D. McFee currently lives in Hampton, Virginia. She loves all animals, but finds elephants especially intriguing due to their intelligence, complex social structure, and gentle, loving ways. After researching elephants for several years, including a trip to Africa to observe them in their natural habitat, D. McFee wrote Through the Eyes of Ernest to raise awareness for captive elephants. All proceeds from Ernest's story go to help elephants.

An English major and former high school English teacher, D. McFee always wanted to write a book. With Through the Eyes of Ernest, she gives a voice to the elephants who cannot speak for themselves.

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