Through the Fields: Poems by

Through the Fields: Poems by

by Maria C. Whalen


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Through the Fields: Poems by by Maria C. Whalen

This collection of poetry invites you to journey through a changing landscape of discovery. Difficult and unexpected experiences bring you to new thresholds. Reflections of the natural world that surrounds us illuminates spiritual clarity. Come, take this walk through the fields, and immerse yourself in a quest for the meaning of self-growth.

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ISBN-13: 9781496936219
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/12/2014
Pages: 66
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.16(d)

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Through the Fields

By Maria C. Whalen

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Maria C. Whalen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-3621-9



Go forward
mind, body and soul,
give yourself to the
tears that swell before
the knowing comes,
give yourself to the
pounding strikes of
your heart that push and
pull the invisible thirst,
give yourself to the
other waiting for
you across the field.


In with my
I breathe out with
the struggling breezes
of my soul.


Thought upon thought
each one stretching
searching to take hold
and grasp the cord within
the one meaning that
will assure survival.

Gilbert Lake

Over a calm lake of blue shimmering glass
no different than countless times before
the sun sets against a burning glow.
On this day purposefully I bring myself to wait
knowing that the journey of a wanting heart
comes moment by moment.

The Music

Sounds of evening summer
rise from the blackness as an
orchestra of nameless instruments ...

Sharp memories vibrate against
a sleepless night waiting for me
to find the music in it all.


The white morning mist
a guest moving in winded trees
quenched thirst from falling rain?

A string of light hugging a spirit.

After Loss

Your heart fights the quiet
that seeps into the skin,
and touches the air
surrounding your every thought,
like the edge of a
puddle slowly clinging
its way to the
next fraction of space.

Feeding The Birds

The tiny creatures of the air
that you beckon with seed
what do you expect from them?

To know you've waited for each
so they could thread the thinning
garments of your spirit?


Filling every breath, thickening smoke
splashes our faces while wordless
screams fill the inner room void of light.

Stumbling and searching for the portal
hearing only silent singing, our past life
ends while the headlights dim.

Your Presence

There are so many moments when living resembles only
commotion, and quiet finds no space in my life ...

Help me to choose my words
as though You are their author.
Help me to discern my thoughts
with the touch of Your grace.
Help me to act justly
knowing Your love will guide me.

Pinned To My Heart

It was early September we
went to the BIG mall,
she bought clothes, and the
ride home I still remember
the silhouette of her smiling
against the passing clouds.
It was a good day.
Her smile stays pinned to my heart
even though her new clothes were never worn.
The cancer took care of that.

Reaching Them

We all wear one
and never take it off
we see their faces
draping over our wrist
and in our hearts.

Waking or sleeping with
a thousand memories
it stretches but
never far enough
to reach them.


Painting the walls
gently and with precision
each visible bristle
resurrects a past memory.

The tears wash over drying paint
stroking the journey
questioning the present
watering the truth.

Dear God

Help me to remember
your shimmering light
through the forest trees

your touch in the wind
as it cradles each branch
your hand in the jeweled
color dew drops.

Help me to remember
when I return to the manmade
noise and confusion of another world
that I do not travel alone

that every breath I take holds
your light
your touch
your sculpturing hand.

Lest We Forget

Just when we think our major life decisions are falling
into place, there it is ... the unplanned and unthinkable
event that shakes us to the core. More than ever this
is the moment, when disbelief roots itself, and it is
unimaginable to find that place within where even the
smallest kernel of hope exists. Yet, against all odds,
there are those who, rather than becoming indifferent
or forever saddened by life, find the courage to discover
that small seed of hope that lives protected in their
hearts. They inspire us, to "never, never, never, give up."

~ Whispering
Wheat ~

Day comes from morning
geese hearing the sound of their wings
the lifting of time.

* * *

Flowers break open
a chance at Spring once more
loving you again.

* * *

Morning doves
shards of singing glass cooing
awake the dawn.

Soft glowing light
shimmering threads of earthen gold
her hair.

* * *

Silence hums
like pictures in a frame
stillness breathes.

* * *

White thimbles
falling from the sky
enough to fill my heart.

Barely a soft breeze
trembling leaves on a branch
thoughts of fear left behind.

* * *

Breathless wind
racing across my path
leaves with little feet.

* * *

Breathing in and out
belonging comes and goes
where I want to be.

Snowflake steps
the honesty of it all
she is gone.

* * *

A soft wind
beneath a canopy of green
no longer quiet.

* * *

In the beginning
where there are no goodbyes
only all of time.

A stillness
drapes the bouquet of flowers
love whispers.

* * *

A blue sky of light
the canvas of the heart waits
brushstrokes of love appear.

* * *

White moonlight streams
under the heavens silence hides
moments swallow every gasp.

Sweet flower fragrance
an effort of our good deeds
mistaken for candy.

* * *

Waterfall of rain
trees with rolling voices
nature applauds.

* * *

Blue heron standing
beside nature's altar
a prayerful priest.

~ Tall Tree
Little Shrub ~

reaching into God's house,
leaving brave enough to go on.

* * *

Service day by day
you have to live with it awhile.
Wisdom is slow in coming
yet the ripples finally reach us.

There are
soft moments
deep within
your soul
to tide
you over
while destiny
has its run
with you.

* * *

Turning back
the hands of time
take twice as long.

We sit here
starring through
the darkness
our being
trembles with
the pain
of dailyness.

* * *

We are not the center
but a point
along the
of time.

How is it
that people
can sit
beside you
tangled in
and yet
each one
written plainly
on their face?

* * *


Our lives
a little
tending to
in a fire.

* * *

The days
when life
is so difficult
to get through
such an
upward climb
yet so flat.

Sometimes we think ...
happiness is in one particular place.

* * *

Sitting here
with pen in hand
the mind searches
the heart pounds
the voice within
finds the courage
that lies in waiting
to risk.

2nd Avenue
And 68th Street

overlooking the entrance
to Urgent Care
I sat alone in the corner.

in the elevator
I stood quietly trying to remember
what life was like before ...
and couldn't.

I walked slowly the long way back
searching for those eyes
that had felt the hurt ...
like mine.

And sometimes
only once so far
you find that other whom without hesitation
returned your gaze to
retrace your steps into your heart.

This Time

the seeds around
I wait
they come
they don't.
I wait
not wanting
to move away.

This time
to listen
unlike times
when I
moved away
not listening
to you.

The Humming Bird's Visit

I sat quietly reading
a summer flower ...
against my bent head
tiny wings
slicing the air.
The pages turned
each petal read of
sweet nectar
sweet nectar.

I Love You

A whole bunch
but one
in particular
with a FANTASTIC view
in a

PS. I love you


The lush forest green
with its centuries of
immeasurable growth
and quiet
whispers to me ...
"Nothing is impossible."

From The Hilltop

And changes come and go
whether we want them or not
some we've made
others made for us
with each blow or impulse
we collect ourselves
and wait
either with doubt or hope
in search of the moment
when change
and discovery together
have finally strengthened our lives.


Excerpted from Through the Fields by Maria C. Whalen. Copyright © 2014 Maria C. Whalen. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Ultreya, 1,
Breathing, 2,
Seeds, 3,
Gilbert Lake, 5,
The Music, 6,
Returning, 8,
After Loss, 9,
Feeding The Birds, 10,
What?, 11,
Your Presence, 12,
Pinned To My Heart, 14,
Reaching Them, 15,
Meditation, 16,
Dear God, 19,
Lest We Forget, 20,
~ Whispering Wheat ~, 23-32,
~ Tall Tree Little Shrub ~, 35-45,
2nd Avenue And 68th Street, 46,
This Time, 48,
The Humming Bird's Visit, 49,
I Love You, 51,
Quietness, 53,
From The Hilltop, 54,

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